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Country Response Information System – an overview By Geoff Manthey, CRIS Unit, UNAIDS.

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1 Country Response Information System – an overview By Geoff Manthey, CRIS Unit, UNAIDS.

2 Since 6 th MERG Meeting CRIS Version 1.4b (IND) released globally 60+ countries in 4 regions trained Programming of Project / resource tracking & Research Inventory databases progressing Many countries have established M&E (CRIS) working groups Installation and use of CRIS has commenced in many countries Global CRIS network established including CRIS focal points within cosponsors

3 Indicator Database V1.4b Multilingual capability (EN,FR,RU,SP) PivotTable and charting capability Indicator management, e.g. status Data import/export of data and definitions Comments field to support report making

4 Features of CRIS IND? Allows countries to load all global data Ability to share indicator definitions Demonstrated that minimal training required Immediate use – rapid installation via CD-Rom Leverages the functionality of other information systems through data exchange

5 Lets go live

6 CRIS in action - country examples Zimbabwe – are using the software at subnational level Mozambique – have recruited CRIS officers in there provincial and national offices Thailand – has established at national level, to begin subnational Ethiopia – installed, staff trained

7 Project / resource tracking Database design complete Prototype screens developed Data dictionary being developed Documentation being drafted Compatibility with other groups, e.g. AiDA, SHARED Testing within next 2 months – Ghana and Indonesia

8 Research Inventory Database Evaluating existing systems Database design in progress Compatibility with PRT database Harmonization with existing systems, e.g. NIH, USAID To be released by end of 2003

9 Other developments GRID website development –Summary of resources country level –Data mining tools Financial Resource Flows (FRF) development –Country (PRT module) –Donor (UNAIDS website)

10 Planned training workshops Thailand – July 2003 Indonesia – August 2003 Southern Cone – August 2003 China – October 2003 South Asia + Myanmar – October 2003 North Africa and the Middle East – December 2003

11 Training workshop agenda Follow up to the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS with particular focus on M&E and indicators National M&E Plans Core DoC Indicators Refinement of national M&E plans focusing on relevance of core DoC Review of the national M&E plan focusing on data collection strategy, to include exercise on the development of additional indicators Establishment of the CRIS Next steps for M&E / CRIS

12 Current issues CRIS complements & leverages other information systems – how to better communicate this message CRIS can be used to leverage the establishment/improvement of a basic M&E system – how do we do this? Need for model countries where CRIS / M&E is functioning – which countries and in what time frame? Developing capacity among (cosponsors) country based staff for M&E and CRIS – joint action required

13 Challenges remain Improved understanding of CRIS and its relationship to other information global, regional and national levels National capacity for data collection and analysis leading to improved management of national responses Data collection of indicators – priority Resources – hardware, human capacity

14 Proposal - CRIS in Southern Africa Operationalise agreements of Regional Directors in Maputo Establishment of CRIS in selected countries of Southern Africa by end of 2003 – to develop models Partnership with Cosponsors and bilaterals Document practical steps and resource requirements for these model countries

15 Contact Information UNAIDS CRIS Unit (CRI) Geoff Manthey Contact:

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