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1 Overview of JAPAN VCCI As an actual example of SDoC WTO ITA Workshop April 23, 2003 Haruyoshi NAGASAWA Researcher METI, Japan (Executive Board Director.

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1 1 Overview of JAPAN VCCI As an actual example of SDoC WTO ITA Workshop April 23, 2003 Haruyoshi NAGASAWA Researcher METI, Japan (Executive Board Director VCCI)

2 2 Computers,PDAs, Peripherals Facsimiles, Modems Copiers TVs, VCRs, Refrigerators, Transformers, Electronic Wires, Fluorescent Lights, others Radios, Mobile Phones Microwave Ovens Each Industry Standard Each Industry Association's Standard Industry Standard Emission Immunity ITE TTE Electrical Appliance VCCI Computers,PDAs, Peripherals Facsimiles, Modems Copiers Transformers, Electronic Wires, Radio Law Radios, Mobile Phones Each Industry Standard Industry Association's Standard Each Industry Association's Standard Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law 1 EMC Control Scheme of Japan Only Industry Guideline for Immunity except for Medical Electrical Equipment Medical Electrical Equipment Pharmaceutical Affairs Law Equipment, X-ray Generator, others JIS T0601-1-2(IEC 60601-1-1)

3 3 VCCI Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment Inauguration 1985 (when CISPR 22 released) By Related Industry Associations - JEIDA (IT) - EIAJ (Electronic Devices, Home) - JBMA (Business machines) - CIAJ (Telecom) Membership Operation No Restriction with Nationality More than 1,200 membership (as of Jan, 2003) Exclusiveness No other bodies controlling EMI of ITE in Japan JEITA (Oct, 2000) 2. Whats VCCI?

4 4 Technical specifications Well harmonized with CISPR 22 and CISPR 16 Self verification test with a filed test site Self Declaration Approach Filing a declaration (conformance report) with VCCI office More than 6,000 reports in 2001 e-filing started since 2002 Regular Market Sampling test practice More than 600 samples tested cumulatively Increasing annual sampling Products

5 5 Membership Ranks A to C for members to market their IT product in Japan A, B, or C depends on selling volume Now Rank A members are less than 3 % of all membership A > B > C in annual membership charge Rank D for members not to market their IT product in Japan Test Laboratory Filing Test lab to be used for VCCI compliance test must be filed to the VCCI prior to starting a VCCI compliance process Technical assessment required for the filing through either VCCI Measuring facility examination (document only), or VLAC on-site assessment (ISO 17025 + VCCI technical specs)

6 6 - Certification through VCCI examination of site report (1993 Apr. - ) Around 1,500 applications (1993 - 1998) - Accreditation through VLAC on-site assessment (1998 Apr. - ) Test Laboratory Filing (continued) Accreditation or Certification is a member-option Since 1998 AprilSince 1993 April Test Laboratory Filing VCCI Lab Accreditation VLAC Lab Certification VCCI

7 7 Conformance Test Product Shipment Test Lab Registration Application Certification Conformance Report (SDoC) Notification Acknowledge Market Sampling Test Filing Selection from the File VCCI Members VCCI Self-Declaration Process Flow example VCCI Sampling from Market

8 8 3. Current Status of Activity

9 9 As of March 31, 2002 Membership detail (Rank Based) JAPANESE D 6% OVERSEA'S B 2% JAPANESE B JAPANESE A 2% JAPANESE C 39% OVERSEA'S 39% OVERSEA'S A 0% OVERSEA'S D 10% 2% 1126 CategoryMembershipRatio (%) JapaneseA232.0 B211.9 C44239.3 D635.6 OverseasA10.1 B262.3 C43338.5 D11710.4 Total1126100.0

10 10 CHINESE TAIPEI KOREA ISRAEL CANADA CHAINA UK GERMANY U.S.A SINGAPORE OTHERS 577 Membership detail (country based) Country Membership Ratio(% ) A, B, CDTotal USA1764722338.6 Chinese Taipei 1612018131.4 Korea68117913.7 Germany911203.5 UK108183.1 Israel94132.3 Canada7291.6 Singapore4150.9 China1230.5 Others1511264.5 Total460117577100 As of March 31, 2002

11 11 Test Site Registration Application total (renewal included) 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800 3000 199319941995199619971998199920002001 Year Conducted Anech 3m Anech10m Open 3m Open 10m Open 30m

12 12 369 369 3 1993199419951996199719981999200020012002 Year renewal net registration

13 13 Product Registration 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 1986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001 Fiscal Year # of Registration Other LAN Equipment Communication Equipment Modem Fax Terminal I/O Display Printer Memory WS Personal Computer Computer

14 14 CHAIRMAN VICE-CHAIRMAN STEERING COMMITTEE ORGANIZATION EDUCATION & TRAINING PLANNING COMMUNICATIONS TECNICAL MARKET SAMPLING TEST INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGISTRATION COMMITTEE MEASURING FACILITY EVALUATION WG JEITA / JBMIA / CIAJ Committees lead policy development and course of action SECRETARIAT OFFICE Subcommittees Committees and Subcommittees consist of 100 or more competent members from VCCI Member Companies, Independent Laboratories, Universities and National Laboratories. Members

15 15 4. Implementation of SDoC and Post-Market Surveillance VCCI A-C Members Marketplace Market Sampling Test (MST) SC Test by Designated Public Test houses Sampling Designation Conformity Reporting Acknowledge MST Results Request Result Reporting Reques t VCCI Conformity Reporting to Sampling Test Product Ship Actions Results Report

16 16 _ Technical Specifications: CISPR 22 / CISPR 16-1 _ Test Lab Registration (Filing): –With No VCCI Technical Assessment for Site Report: 85 - 93 –thru VCCI Technical Assessment for Site Report: 93 - –thru VLAC Accreditation: 98 - _ Self-Verification Tests before Product Marketing _ Submission of Conformance Report (sort of DoC, not test report) to VCCI _ Self Marking on Product/Manual _ Periodical Market Sampling Tests by VCCI Summary of VCCI Compliance Verification Process Time-to-market conscious ! Enhance Post-surveillance !

17 17 Where VCCI Scheme located in the WW Regulations? SDoC zone Provided by VCCI (Reference only) Note: (*) - Certification is awarded through an application document examination by VCCI. - Accreditation by VLAC is only accepted for now

18 18 VCCI Sampling Test Record (7th - 19th)

19 19 5. Awareness Building Actions Results Reach out to Industry Associations ( in Japan and Overseas) Invite a number of competence people into the committee activities Take every opportunity to participate in various Computer and Business Exhibitions Hold annual Technical Workshops / Seminars Run advertisement in Magazines and Newspapers / Ad. Posters VCCI standards incorporated into member companies standards as essential as their quality standards VCCI compliance has become a de facto requisite for trades in Japan The Eco Mark Program adopted VCCI as a condition for PCs and Printers qualification Public recognition of VCCI mark steadily growing

20 20 The Eco Mark Program is administrated by the Japan Environment Association (JEA) under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment denotes: This product is tender to the earth

21 21 Ad. Poster displayed in the car of Tokyo Metro Ad. Poster displayed in the Japan Railway Station AKIHABARA

22 22 ExhibitionExhibition EMC Japan 2002 CEATEC Japan 2002

23 23 6. Advantages of Industry Self-Regulation 1. Economic Advantages The policy of Government of Japan to honor industrys voluntarism in controlling EMC was very successful as consumers and manufacturers have enjoyed saving amounting to as much as: US$ 204M since the establishment of VCCI (1985) (according to our calculation) It was very effective to foster IT industries 2. Technical Advantages Flexible in Operation Fast market access Up-to-date International Standards applicable

24 24 Key Elements COST to Market TIME to Market Compliance Reliability Implementing International Standards timely- basis - Providing Uniform interpretation of rules Creating Mind-set as Our Rule Industry Self-Regulations fulfill all the conditions for regulation

25 25 Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Center (VLAC) established by VCCI in 1998 April Now Independent of VCCI operation Operation complied with ISO Guide 58 Accrediting VCCI Rules / CISPR 22 / CISPR 24 with ISO Guide 25 Anyone can get assessment and accreditation The VCCI recognized accrediting organization Participation to APLAC planned for ISO 58 mutual approval VLAC For Facilitating MRA

26 26 Handling of Immunity or Susceptibility - No plan to implement immunity requirements by VCCI - to be handled as a Quality issue Immunity legalquality Self Verification or SDoC Japan (Medical) EU Japan (except for Medical) US AUS/NZ Chinese Taipei China? Others? Certification Korea--- World Wide Immunity Requirements

27 27 Contact VCCI Web Haruyoshi Nagasawa (Executive Board Director)

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