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17.32 Environmental Politics 1 Global Environmental Problems.

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1 17.32 Environmental Politics 1 Global Environmental Problems

2 17.32 Environmental Politics2 International Environmental Politics Environmental policy is about what government does and does not do to address environmental problems Environmental politics is the clash of values & interests that occurs in the course of formulating and implementing policy What does this suggest about international environmental politics and policy?

3 17.32 Environmental Politics3 Third Generation Issues Global in Scale Long-term in Scope Significant Scientific Uncertainty Large Economic Stakes Complex Institutional Management

4 17.32 Environmental Politics4 Global Environmental Problems Climate Change Ozone Depletion Biodiversity Loss Ocean Exhaustion

5 17.32 Environmental Politics5 WHY NOT IMPOSE INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS? Sovereignty No Supra-National Authority – –U.N. – –World Court

6 17.32 Environmental Politics6 Ozone, CFCs, and Montreal Why was it possible to construct an international regime to respond to Ozone Depletion – –Immediate scope and tangibility of the problem – –Small set of CFC producers Industry interested in product change – –Relatively Low Cost to Industry No net economic impact on states – –Developed-Developing states rift healed by funding

7 17.32 Environmental Politics7 Global Climate Fluctuations

8 17.32 Environmental Politics8 Kyoto Treaty Treaty Text GHG Emissions Reductions – –1990 target year – –Industrial Countries = 5% reduction from 1990 emissions levels by 2012 US = 7% European Union = 8% Japan = 6% Emissions trading allowed – –Industrializing Countries = voluntary reductions

9 17.32 Environmental Politics9 US GHG Problem 90% of US GHG emissions = fossil fuel combustion US reduction strategy must involve – –Energy efficiency/conservation – –Removing subsides from fossil fuel extraction/production (~ $100 billion/year) – –Develop alternative energy sources

10 17.32 Environmental Politics10 Policy Problem Convincing the government there is a problem Devising an effective course of action Getting other governments to do likewise

11 17.32 Environmental Politics11 Bush CO2 Plan CO2 MT per $ million Year

12 17.32 Environmental Politics12 Bush CO2 Plan CO2 MT per $ million Year

13 17.32 Environmental Politics13 Bush CO2 Plan Year CO2 MT Emissions

14 17.32 Environmental Politics14 Biodiversity Loss Continental-Scale Ecosystem Destruction – –Human Population Growth – –Economic Development Mining, forestry, agriculture Ebola virus killing off African primates Climate Change

15 17.32 Environmental Politics15 Biodiversity Loss Consumptive Use Bio-Homogenization – –Economic Globalization – –Alien Invasions Fungus decimating amphibian populations West Nile Virus decimating bird populations – –Plus dozens of other species Sudden Oak Death Syndrome Wooly Adelgid

16 17.32 Environmental Politics16 Ocean Exhaustion Consumption – –Collapsing Fish Populations – –collateral damage Leatherback turtles Pollution – –Eutrophication Dying Coral reefs – –Toxins, Viruses, Bacteria Sea otter decline Habitat destruction – –Bottom trawling – –Coastal wetlands

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