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Learning Management Systems INST 5240 Mimi Recker Utah State University.

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1 Learning Management Systems INST 5240 Mimi Recker Utah State University

2 Learning management systems o ACADEMIC: o WebCT o BlackBoard o Syllabase o ENTERPRISE: o IBM LearningSpace o Saba o YNotLearn o Others? o What do they offer?

3 Overview o Advantages and disadvantages o Levels of LMS o Key features o Issues and considerations o Standards o A guided tour

4 Key Features: Instructor / Designer o Integrated design o Seamless bulk upload and download o Share across LMS o Edit, comment, track changes o Student tracking and grading o Assessment management o Collaborative teaching o Others?

5 Key Features: Learner o Syllabus o Calendar o Communication o Collaboration o Grade book o Content o Assessment o Drop box o Others?

6 Levels of LMS o Access to online catalog, schedule and registration (e.g., -- management o In-depth course websites that augment learning and course management -- teaching o Integrated LMS (content, registration, grades, program of study, catalog …) -- online learning

7 Issues (1) o Evaluation of LMS? o Does LMS help students, faculty, staff? o Content, interaction, assessment.. o Integrate with existing systems? o Registration, course catalog, grade databases, content servers o Integrate with e-commerce? o Textbook publishers, digital libraries … o Standards compatibility? o Exchange content and learner info between LMS

8 Issues (2) o Management/technical issues o Who manages LMS? Platform, cost, technical competency required... o Faculty and student development o Training, curriculum development, support o Security issues o Implications for access, testing... o Policy issues o Policies for grades, credits, class lists, privacy

9 E-learning Standards o Share content (learning objects) across LMS o Share learner information across LMS o Requires standard descriptions and interoperability specifications o Standard bodies: OKI, SCORM, LTSC o How to describe learning objects? o How to describe learners? o ====> metadata

10 IEEE LTSC LO Standard o Specifies syntax and semantics of learning object o LO categories, 84 fields: o General (title, description, language) o Lifecycle (version, date) o Meta-metadata (contributor, date) o Technical (format, size) o Educational (interactivity type/level, age…) o Rights (cost, copyright) o Relation o Annotation o Classificationsee

11 IEEE LTSC PAPI Standard o Specifies syntax and semantics of learner model, which characterizes a learner and his/her knowledge/abilities o Learner categories: o personal information o relations information o security information o preference information o performance information o portfolio information

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