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AWHILES Conference 2007 Carol Leonard Julie Humphrys Richard Parfitt.

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1 AWHILES Conference 2007 Carol Leonard Julie Humphrys Richard Parfitt

2 The integration of People, Processes and Technology to enable a World Class Environment at Cardiff University To support the Universitys goals in: 1.Collaborative research of international standing 2.Learning and Teaching excellence 3.A modern and distinctive Student Experience 4.Lean administration with high quality management information Modern Working Environment

3 MWE structure and governance MWE Steering Group Chair: Dr David Grant Independent Reviewer Fiona Peel Portal Services Implementation Groups MWE Programme Office Programme Management, IT Standards, Change Control, Financial Management Technology Realisation Architecture Design, Procurement, Technical Knowledge Transfer, Product Release Management Modern IT Working Environment Research PSIG Chair: Prof. Peter Blood Learning, Teaching and Student Experience PSIG Chair: Nigel Palastanga Administration PSIG Chair: Louise Casella Business Change Communications, Awareness Raising, Requirements Gathering, User Acceptance Testing, End-User Training D E L I V E R Y T E A M S

4 Internet / Remote Access Campus Access IDENTITY MANAGEMENT Single point of secure access Common and personalised view of all resources Seamless access to authorised services regardless of location Finance HR Payroll Student Records Library Resources (Voyager, E Journals, etc) Blackboard File and Print EMail/ Collaboration tools Web Services Personalised view of all Resources relevant to your role Staff Partners Students (Current and Potential) Students Staff Institution to Institution Modern Working Environment: High level Vision Researchers Alumni

5 enables Single Sign-on User User IDENTITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM My integrated Reports/KPIs My Personal Information My Files (Documents, etc) My Personal Development My Search Tools My Internet and Intranet Content (e.g. UniWeb, WWW) My e-resources (e-journals, etc) My RSS Feeds LOCAL and GLOBAL INFORMATION My e-mail My Calendar Instant Messaging Desk-to-Desk Video Conferencing My University/School Notices My Podcasts COMMUNICATION Virtual Workspace Web Conferencing Online Meetings Desktop Sharing Threaded discussions COLLABORATION My e-learning (Blackboard) My Alerts/ Tasks My Online Library Services My Personal Development My School software/tools My Office & Info Mgmt Tools My IT Help Services SERVICES Paperless: Recruitment Process Enrolment Process Roombooking Purchasing Appraisal Process etc INTEGRATED BUSINESS PROCESSES / DATA Structured & unstructured data Documents, PDFs Images Videos Messages MWE Vision – the Users view

6 Alert Portlet Instant Messaging & Presence Awareness Calendar & email PortletNews and Events Portlet Graphical Representation of data Modern IT Working Environment MWE - What might it look like?

7 Modern IT Working Environment The MWE website is now available for staff and students and Linked from INSRV homepage Community-based information Minutes from Steering Group and PSIGs

8 NHS - HE Forum To achieve good inter-operability between NHS and HE networks that enable secure anytime, anywhere access by medical, nursing and allied profession students, clinical teachers and researchers

9 Membership, Categorisation and Entitlements Driven by Shibboleth Who is a member of CU? Non-standard staff and students Training Grade Doctors Honorary Title holders NHS Consultants in a Teaching Role Educational Supervisors Clinical Teachers Many others

10 NHS Consultants in a Teaching Role Educational Supervisors Teaching role for training grade doctors Intrepid database Blackboard access only No access to e-learning resources

11 NHS Consultants in a Teaching Role Clinical Teachers Teaching role for undergraduate medical students Honorary Title Holders CU/NHS Liaison Unit database Subject to agreement on funding and development work –Access to e-learning resources –Access to Blackboard

12 Citrix Status Printing Terminals configured Server still needs rebuilding Servers Internet access from Citrix – proxy server MWE – redeployment from RLINK to CLINK

13 Citrix Update Developments Further rollout Prince Philip Dental practice in Wrexham GP practices GP pilot project Powys Pembs E-Mail & MWE

14 AOB? General Q&A session.

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