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Library Review – Heath Park and All Wales Review (Phase 2) Prof. Simon Smail, CBE Emeritus Professor, Chair of Review Committee.

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1 Library Review – Heath Park and All Wales Review (Phase 2) Prof. Simon Smail, CBE Emeritus Professor, Chair of Review Committee

2 Phase I Review – Key Themes Evolving Hybrid Model Access rather than ownership Collaboration and Cooperation Information Commons Art of the Possible Addressing Inefficiencies and cost ineffectiveness Responding to themes in survey of users

3 Phase 2 - Remit Consideration of the functions and scope of the Universitys healthcare library service Maximising access to electronic resources for both University and NHS members. How should Cardiff University be involved with the NHS and other partners in delivering Wales-wide health information on an outreach basis. Review of the Library estate at UHW and the hospital sites at Whitchurch, Velindre, Landough and Caerleon. Review of funding and staffing issues. Review of international developments in health information. Surveys (qualitative and quantitative)

4 Focus of the Review UHW, Velindre, Llandough, Caerleon UHW

5 Local Postgraduate Libraries Ysbyty Gwynedd

6 Libraries

7 Glan Clwyd

8 Work Streams Evaluate current position: strengths and weaknesses. Undertake interviews with key stakeholders, Design and run web-based questionnaire Carry out visits to key opinion leaders within Wales. Clarify funding issues for library services across Wales (University/NHS funding). Assess estate issues at the Heath Park and other hospital sites within Cardiff and Vale and Velindre. Carry out a literature review of health information provision outside Wales (including England and Scotland, and particularly Australia). Assessment of issues arising from the technology interface between the University, NHS and Health Solutions Wales.

9 Evaluate current position: strengths and weaknesses. PEST analysis Political – external changes, structural changes, Devolution, problematic links with England Economic – Costs, complications of funding Sociological – User behaviour, Space, Staffing and staff roles Technological – moving with the Net Generation.

10 SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

11 Interviews Stakeholders – Heads of Schools, Librarians, Students, Trust Staff. Issues – Access, Computing problems, e- journal problems, configuration problems Opinion Leaders External Advisor (Dr Judith Palmer), Sir Muir Gray, CMO, Jackie Barker, etc. Strong theme of rapid evolution of library services, needs organisational and institutional support

12 Questionnaire 400 responses from users 54% of respondents classed themselves as UG students at the University. 20% were teaching / research staff at the University. About 20% of the respondents were NHS staff (with/without University contracts). The vast majority were from Cardiff & Vale, Velindre and Gwent Healthcare. Nearly 50%of respondents access CU electronic resources from home as their preferred method. (Q4)


14 Literature Review Review undertaken – bibliography created (Bernadette Coles) CILIP review Future-proofing the profession OCLC (Online Computer Library Centre) Environmental Scan – Pattern Recognition

15 Funding and Estate issues Complex Funding model – but not great room for change Estate Issues at UHW – possible merger of Duthie and NHCS libraries: Dental provision should remain in Dental School Relocation of Whitchurch library to Llandough, as clinical services in psychiatry are reconfigured

16 E-Resources ? Rationalise procurement of e-journals and e-books for NHS/HEI staff Aim: to simplify licensing arrangements for groups of staff and students, diminish inequalities Make better use of public funded resources Discussions with Value Wales

17 IT and Computing Access Resolve the two network problem? Wales-wide problem – needs Wales-wide approach Improve Wi-Fi access Joint working party set up by Cardiff Partnership Board

18 Key issues Configuration Electronic services predominate Link libraries more effectively with learning resources, continue to provide social space New roles for Librarians, especially educational focus Better links with e-learning policy and practice Improve links with AWHILES libraries Best use of Financial resources E-journal procurement Improve Computer access Estate issues need new approaches, with NHS Trusts – particularly Cardiff and Vale

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