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AWHILES – Cardiff 15 July 2009 Robert Kimberley UK Director & Rod Cowley Account Manager.

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1 AWHILES – Cardiff 15 July 2009 Robert Kimberley UK Director & Rod Cowley Account Manager

2 2 Corporate Vision & Mission The Professionals First Choice Provide the information, tools, and solutions to help professionals make their critical decisions and improve their productivity

3 3 On-line and CD based tools for medical research, both students and professionals Ovid Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Text and reference for medical, nursing, and the health professions, both students and professionals Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Information products and tools for pharmaceutical researchers, developers, and marketers Adis Source ® Drug and clinical decision support solutions for the point of care Clin-eguide TM Facts & Comparisons ® Medi-Span ® ProVation Medical UpToDate ® Leading on-line medical search platform for professionals globally Customers in 98 countries Adoption by over 95% of the worlds academic medical institutions Publications with over 60 medical societies Over 220 owned and 1,000 licensed Journals Medical education publications: 30% market share Nursing education and practice publications: 40% market share Health Professional publications in 23 specialty areas Targeted marketing content and custom medical communications Business intelligence & analytics Serving the leading pharma, biotech, and medical device companies Referential and integrated drug information Documentation & coding Evidence-based clinical guidelines & order sets Integrated Clinical Decision Support Customer Units with Leading Products & Positions

4 4 WK-Ovid & NHS Scotland Approach: –Meet the same information needs as in NHS Wales, for doctors and nurses –Meet the information needs of additional communities, e.g. Medicines Information Midwives Social Care –Knowledge synthesis and mobilisation services

5 5 WK-Ovid & NHS Scotland OvidSP resources licensed by NHS Scotland - Databases –The same databases (Embase, Medline, AMED, HMIC, PsycINFO) –Additional databases – EBMR / Cochrane Medicines Information – Martindale, Stockleys, Drug Facts and Comparisons Midwives – Maternity and Infant Care Database (MIDIRS) Social Care – Social Policy & Practice, AgeLine, Social Work Abstracts

6 6 WK-Ovid & NHS Scotland OvidSP resources licensed by NHS Scotland - Books –The same Oxford Handbooks and Textbooks –Additional Oxford Handbooks and Textbooks –Additional core texts in various clinical areas (Oncology, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Anaesthesiology, Public Health etc.) –Medicines Information Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation (Briggs) and other texts –Midwives Obs & Gyn books –Social Care Social Determinants of Health and other texts

7 7 WK-Ovid & NHS Scotland OvidSP resources licensed by NHS Scotland - Journals: ~650 titles –Many of the same journals (LWW titles, plus JAMA, NEJM, Annals of internal medicine, British Journal of Surgery, Nursing Standard, British Journal of Psychiatry, American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing...) –Medicines Information Reactions Weekly, Anti-Cancer Drugs, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Adverse Drug Reaction Bulletin, and numerous other titles –Midwives Advances in Neonatal Care, Infants & Young Children, and various Obs & Gyn and Paediatrics titles –Social Care Health and Social Care in the Community

8 8 WK-Ovid & NHS Scotland Knowledge synthesis and mobilisation services OvidSP the platform of choice, especially for power searchers Ovids development team works with NHS Scotland, making Ovid content available through interoperability and harvesting protocols (e.g. XML, OAI- Harvesting, FTP, Web Services gateways) –Ovid content incorporated into the metadata index and content pool of the NHS Scotland e-Library and presented in the e-Library and portal interfaces –Supplements OvidSP functionality for production of newsfeeds, current awareness and alerting services, personalisation, and user-driven sharing and creation of content

9 9 WK-Ovid & NHS Scotland

10 10 WK-Ovid & NHS Scotland

11 11 WK-Ovid & NHS England Approach: –Meet the core information needs as in NHS Wales, for doctors and nurses –The same databases (Embase, Medline, AMED, HMIC, PsycINFO) –Knowledge synthesis and mobilisation services –Additional content licensed from other suppliers (esp. BMJ, AMA) –Heavier reliance on full-text procurement at regional (SHA) and local (Trust) levels The bulk of Ovid business with NHS England – journals and books

12 12 Ovid - New Developments and Products A plan for NHS Wales? Presenter: Date: QUALITY SERVICE INNOVATION

13 13 Our platform advantage: optimising the user experience an intuitive interface, precision search technology, and time- saving, flexible workflow tools for a simpler, more streamlined search experience, from novice to advanced users

14 14 Check the box to conduct a Universal Search

15 15 View results across all of your content resources

16 16 Ovid Universal Search: Key Points A cross-platform, integrated search solution that allows users to search across multiple data sources with a single search query One familiar, convenient platform – OvidSP - means less training, less hassle, and a more streamlined workflow

17 17 UpToDate An evidence-based, electronic information resource available on the Web, desktop, and PDA.WebdesktopPDA More than 7,700 topics in 14 medical specialties and includes more than 80,000 pages of text, graphics, links to Medline abstracts, more than 260,000 references, and a drug database.7,700 topics Includes treatment recommendations based on the best medical evidence. Recommendations kept current as new studies are released and practices change. More than 4,000 physician authors and editors write topic reviews that cover all the major aspects of a particular condition, including symptoms, tests and diagnosis, and treatment options.authors and editorstopic reviews

18 18 Ovid - New Developments and Products A plan for NHS Wales? Presenter: Date: QUALITY SERVICE INNOVATION

19 19 Primal Pictures leading interactive 3D anatomy tool more than 30 modules available via OvidSP, focussing on: –a specific region of the body –a specific body system –a specific medical field

20 20 Primal Pictures Helps with CPD: –Built-in study guide –Self-assessment quizzes to support and reinforce learning –Illustrate clinical relevancy of anatomy: textual descriptions by leading specialists dissection and pathology slides –Clinical videos aid understanding of procedures and treatments

21 21 Primal Pictures – sample product offerings Specialist titles –Dentistry –Spine Clinical Edition –Spine Chiropractic –Hand Therapy –Acupuncture –Pilates –Anatomy Trains

22 22 Ovid - New Developments and Products Presenter: Date: QUALITY SERVICE INNOVATION Databases, journals and books

23 23 Highlights of some new and exclusive Journal Content Six new AHA Circulation titles Diseases of the Colon & Rectum European Journal of Anesthesiology International Journal of Gynecological Cancer Regional Anesthesia & Pain Management Journal of Neuroscience Nursing

24 24 Highlights of some new and exclusive Midwifery Content Informed Choice – Information leaflets –25 topics –For healthcare professionals and for consumers Midwifery Digest Maternity & Infant Care – Bibliographic database

25 25 Oncology Books More than 150 books on cancer and its treatment –Lippincott Williams & Wilkins –Oxford University Press –Clinical Publishing –Jones and Bartlett –Springer –McGraw-Hill

26 26 Jones & Bartlett ~150 books Various series –Little Black Book of... –Pocket Guide for... –Essentials of... Sample nursing titles: –Creative Nursing Leadership and Management –Critical Care Nursing Handbook –Quick Look Nursing: Fluid and Electrolytes –Nurse-Client Communication: A Life Span Approach –Nursing Care Of Pediatric Surgical Patient

27 27 Journal Archives Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Adis International

28 28 Social Policy and Practice Leading source of evidence-based social policy and practice Vital for improving quality of social care now featuring ChildData Comprises data from: –Centre for Policy on Ageing –Greater London Authority –IDOX –National Childrens Bureau - ChildData –Social Care Institute for Excellence

29 29 Public Health resources Global Health database More than 30 books More than 50 journals

30 30 A plan for NHS Wales? Co-operative purchasing scheme? More Local purchases? Central funding? See the content for yourselves. Free 30-day trials of these and any other resources


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