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Zareena Jedaar (UHW ED)

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1 Zareena Jedaar (UHW ED)
6 months of EM in ACCS

2 What to expect in this session
The role of the CT1 and 2 in EM Induction Registration with the College of EM for EM trainees Training agreement ACCS Workbook WPBAs Educational opportunities Structured training report and ARCP Who’s who of ACCS training in Wales EM

3 What to expect in EM

4 However, ....

5 The role of the CT1/2 in the ED
Progression from Foundation to Specialty training Active participation in the varied activities of the ED: work, learn, lead, teach and audit – all largely unavoidable! Achieve EM skills and knowledge Become confident in assessing and treating a range of acutely ill or injured adults and children Assessed by WPBAs and MCEM exams for EM trainees Assume leadership role, incl. resus (under supervision) Teach and advise less experienced staff (about stuff you know) Provide medical student teaching

6 Induction Registration with the College of EM for EM trainees
First of 3 Meetings with educational/clinical supervisor Documentation on e-portfolio for EM and AM trainees; hard copy format for Anaesthetic trainees Training agreement AWSEM training agreement Personal development plan Workplace based assessments Attendance at teaching/regional teaching for EM trainees Participation in Audit/Teaching E-learning modules to supplement WPBAs


8 WPBAs Summative assessments vs Formative assessments
2 Major Presentations: summative Mini-CEX or CBD 5 Acute Presentations (EM specific): summative Mini-CEX or CBD 1 ACAT-EM: up to 5 additional Acute Presentations 5 DOPS (using specific DOPs forms to include Airway, Wound management, Primary Survey in trauma, Joint or fracture manipulation + one other practical procedure) 10 additional assessments of acute presentations using a combination of e-learning, reflective entries, teaching and audit assessments, additional ACAT-EM 1 MSF (minimum of 12 to include 3 Consultants)

9 Educational opportunities
Departmental teaching Regional teaching: 10/09/13 at Royal Gwent Audit and Teaching (consultant completes WPB assessment forms for these) E-learning (e-LFH,,, Mock Exams (MCEM and FCEM: 8/10/2013) AWSEM training day (Posters and presentations by trainees) Simulation training days and Airway training Day (3/12/13) Check s and respond when necessary

10 Structured training report and ARCP
STR completed by trainee and educational supervisor Records WPBAs and achievements and documents strengths and weaknesses/areas for development Summarises the evidence of competence required at the ARCP to determine progression or not Complete at least 1 month before end of placement/ARCP to allow time to complete assessments or address potential areas of concern “Procrastination is the thief of time, collar it” – Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

11 Who’s who Leads within each ED responsible for ACCS training:
In Bangor – Rob Perry In Cardiff - Zareena Jedaar In Newport – Tim Rogerson In Swansea - Dindi Gill In Wrexham - Robin Roop ACCS lead and training programme director for EM – Zareena Jedaar Specialty lead (Head of School) - Amanda Farrow

12 “Nothing that we do, is done in vain
“Nothing that we do, is done in vain. I believe, with all my soul, that we shall see triumph.” ― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

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