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Magnet School Placements/ Student Registration

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1 Magnet School Placements/ Student Registration 2009-2010
Submitted By: Amy Phillips Administrator on Special Assignment to the Superintendent Deanna Anderson

2 Overview The purpose of the presentation is to provide an update on the student registration process and the current magnet school placement data as it relates to the student enrollment.

3 Proposal (In place for the 2009-10)
All NEW student registrations will take place at the Recruitment and Student Placement Office. New students who register will be given an entrance survey to assist in gathering data for recruitment purposes. All returning student enrollments will take place at the assigned school. Monthly updates will be provided highlighting number of students enrolled at each site. Data sheets and specific details outlining the registration process will be distributed electronically to schools as soon as the process has been approved. Clerical training will take place in early summer reviewing the enrollment process. Banners indicating that schools are now enrolling have been ordered for every school and will be hung as soon as they arrive.

4 Current Situation Intent To Return Process
Intent to return Forms were distributed on March 27th with a deadline for return of April 15. Currently 261 students have identified their intent not to return for the academic year. Follow up with these families will take place by the end of the month. St. Louis Public Schools 3/28/2017

5 2008-2009 Magnet Placement Data 2009-2010 Magnet Placement Data
Total District Enrollment currently is 27,095 We received 5314 applications We were able to place 3517 There were 2368 open seats There were 1797 students on the waiting list Projected District Enrollment is 24,898 We have received 4586 applications so far We have been able to place 3012 so far There are 850 open seats There are 1382 students on the waiting list

6 Current Situation 898 students 1064 Students (So far!) 2008-2009
1064 Students (So far!) Number of NON SLPS students applying for magnet schools

7 Summary student registrations and enrollments are currently underway. Centralized registrations will allow us to track trends in student mobility and gain immediate access to data related to how we can best market our schools in the future. We have been able to place 1523 more students so far this year than we did last year in total. There are currently 850 open magnet seats. The students who remain on the waiting list are primarily special ed students, preschool students and high school students (who high schools have not completed their acceptance process for). Propose that deadline for high school acceptances be changed to April 30. The majority of the open seats (60%) are in high school. The high schools have until June 29th to reach their floor numbers, otherwise we place students in order that they appear on the waiting list until the floor numbers are met. We have received 166 more applications from NON SLPS students so far this year than we did last year in total.

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