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Teacher Home Visit Program (THVP) Status Report January 2010.

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1 Teacher Home Visit Program (THVP) Status Report January 2010

2 Through relationships developed through two teacher home visits each year to students homes, the program aims to: improve academic achievement and test scores, decrease discipline referrals, increase student attendance, increase parental involvement, (including parent/teacher conferences) increase homework completion, and improve behavior and attitudes about school. 2

3 Two teacher trainings Two home visits conducted by pairs of teachers Two family events at school Teacher participation in the Teacher Home Visit Program is voluntary. 3

4 Currently implemented at four SLPS schools: Buder, Dunbar, and Henry Elementary Schools, and Stix Early Childhood Center. The first home visit (first semester) establishes a relationship between the teacher and family. The second home visit (second semester) focuses on academics and school-related behaviors. 4

5 Number of Participants HenryDunbarBuderStix Mother Only71558458 Mother & Father435442 Father Only63155 Other Family/Guardian 2519159 Mother & Other Adult 8373221 Father & Other Adult 1080 Parents & Other Adult 00922 Did Not List Adults Present 3132 Total # of Visiting Teachers 20172627 A total of 632 first home visits were completed as of 12/31/09 5

6 Enrollment/FRL/Attendance School1/6/091/6/10INCREASE / (DECREASE) ENROLLMENTFRLATT%ENROLLMENTFRLATT%ENROLLMENTFRLATT% Buder35023286%37233893%221067 Dunbar26623977%22322187%(-43)(-18)10 Henry21917280%27425298%558018 Stix43926472%46733395%286923 2/14/2014 St. Louis Public Schools 6

7 School1/6/091/6/10INCREASE / (Decrease) Infractions Total Buder3828(-10) Dunbar209171(-38) Henry21(-1) Stix174932 7

8 Teachers completed forms after the first home visit documenting the results of the visit. will complete an on-line survey in February assessing their impression of the program and perceived impact. Parents completed 153 surveys assessing their satisfaction with the visits, current relationship with the school, and current practices at home related to academics. 8

9 Students will complete a survey in the Spring to obtain their perspective on the effects of the program. School-level Data including grades, standardized test scores, disciplinary referrals and attendance will be collected and analyzed. 9

10 It was exceptional; I love knowing that staff and teachers care as much about my daughters education as I do. The visit gave my child the opportunity to have her voice heard in her own daily environment; this also gave the teachers a chance to get to know her. I appreciate the home visit program …this is a wonderful step by the St. Louis School District. 10

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