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Submitted by: Terry Laster, Chief information Officer 2008-09.

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1 Submitted by: Terry Laster, Chief information Officer 2008-09

2 Information Delivery to System : Current – Multiple Systems functioning independent of each other Future - Creating a Single Version of the Truth where all systems will coexist as a single data repository Types of Data and Information Presented SLPS Portals (Consolidation of Student Demographic with Benchmark, MAP and other Assessment Data) Student Data (attendance, enrollment, discipline, testing, etc) Business Systems (Finance, HR, Payroll, etc.) Kaplan Transition Seamless integration with state core data Levels of Access to Data Executives, Administrators, Teachers will have access to information applicable to their needs (i.e. daily attendance, monthly reports for the SAB and Superintendent and regular standard reports for principals and administrators) Data Reporting Process Ad hoc, district-wide and core data reporting will be through the newly formed Report Team Workgroup, which will receive the requests, clarify the intended information and generate the reports 1

3 DescriptionQuantityDate Completed Unit CostTotal Cost New Desktops for Teachers 25009/09$715.00 $1787,500.00 Computer Loan Program (teachers home use) 509/09$600.00$30,000.00 Interactive Whiteboards (1 per school, 2 large schools) 1109/09$1200.00$132,000.00 Mobile Classroom (portable technology carts) 1109/09$16,000.001.7 million 2

4 3 TopicsDurationDateExtra Service Cost Windows XP½ DayAugust 09$15,720.32 Office 2007½ DayAugust 09$15,720.32 Projector/Smart Board/eBeam ½ DayAugust 09$15,720.32 Information Delivery System ½ DayAugust 09$15,720.32 SIS (attendance)½ DayAugust 09$15,720.32 *Training will start two weeks before teachers return **2 individuals per school TOTAL COST$78,601.60

5 ComponentStudentsProgram cost Revenue Generated Net Revenue New Revenue Projected new SLPS students 2009-2010 Elem 9 High 3 $67,197$104,028$36,831 Non-SLPS High School students on the waiting list 38$234,080$319,922$84,842 Non-SLPS Elementary students on the waiting list 11$59,543$97,609$38,066 Total61$360,820$521,559 $159,739 Continuing Revenue Projected enrollment SLPS full time High School Students 37 ( 11 students new to SLPS 2008-2009) $227,920$311,503$83,583 Projected enrollment SLPS elementary students 56 (37 students news to SLPS in 2008-2009) $303,128$499,464 $196,336 4

6 ProjectStart DateCompletion Date Data Management SystemJanuary 2009September 2009 Work Group Team Data Reporting Process January 2009July 2009 Computer DeploymentMay 2009September 2009 Wide Area BandwidthMarch 2009October 2009 Technology TrainingAugust 2009September 2009 Virtual SchoolsSeptember 2009 Homework Hotline PilotMarch 2009September 2009 Consolidation of Admin SystemsJuly 2009September 2010 Food Services SystemApril 2009September 2009 5

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