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2 SLPS Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) requires the district to house students and implement educational programs in efficiently utilized facilities. To strengthen academic and athletic programs. To efficiently reallocate available funds to classrooms and facilities. To assist in reducing the budget deficit. To provide a research-based curriculum that fosters individualized instruction for students with disciplinary issues.

3 Why Did We Make Changes?

4 Community forums were held throughout the district. A web site was created to receive public comments. Media presentations were held in every major news outlet. As a result of all the community input received, several of our recommendations have changed.

5 Our Recommendations

6 Bunche International Studies Students will be relocated to Madison at 1118 S. 7 th. Grade configuration will remain 6th through 8 th. There will be no reconfiguration of Dewey Elementary or Soldan High. No program changes.

7 Three New Alternative Programs Three new alternative programs for chronically disruptive students in grades kindergarten through 12 located at: oFord Elementary Annex oTurner Middle oA yet-to-be determined facility for high school students Schools will not be holding schools but will offer a unique curriculum aimed at reaching these students. Smaller school enrollment will allow for a more secure environment.

8 Big Picture Schools The District is in discussions with Big Picture Company, to develop these new alternative Big Picture offers community-centric schools and include outreach programs that will strengthen the neighborhoods where they are established. Students are provided a rigorous, highly personalized curriculum and opportunities for real-world experiences.

9 Expansion of McKinley CJA We will add only 9 th grade to McKinley for the upcoming school year. We will examine the success of adding additional grades before expanding the program further. McKinley will remain the gifted program and Metro will remain as college prep.

10 Lafayette 9 th Grade Students from Lafayette 9 th Grade Center will be relocated to the Humboldt facility. Humboldt facility is better suited for high school students and instruction. The 9 th Grade Center will continue to be the feeder for Roosevelt High School. Students currently attending Humboldt to be relocated to LOuverture.

11 Meda P. Washington Convert site to Early Childhood Center for children ages 0-5 years Serves as a comprehensive educational environment for young children and their families Offers programs for special education and regular education children House the Parents as Teachers and Even Start programs

12 Kottmeyer Early Childhood Students will be offered seats to attend Wilkinson ECC, Stix ECC, or other pre- school programs in their neighborhood Anticipated to be used for Central Registration, Food Services and Student Support Services

13 Cleveland Naval Junior ROTC @ Pruitt Addition of grades 7 and 8 for upcoming school year – 75 students per grade level. Offers students continuous Junior ROTC education from middle school through high school. Allows for increased enrollment to accommodate more students who want to pursue the Junior ROTC experience.

14 Central Visual and Performing Arts The relocation of Bunche allows the popular high school magnet program to expand. Facility will be shared with a new English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Center

15 ESOL Offices (English Speakers of Other Languages) Expansion of Newcomer/Welcome Center, with emphasis on support services at Bunche location Continued implementation of Newcomer Instructional Center at Sigel Elementary and Roosevelt High, with new center at Blow Middle. Placement testing for students Newcomer Family Literacy Center Bilingual Newcomer Parent Orientation International transcript evaluation

16 School Closings

17 Euclid Montessori (students to Washington Montessori) Lafayette (students to Humboldt) Webster Middle (students to Blewett) Ashland Elementary Annex (students to main building) Turner Branch (students to Sumner High)

18 Anticipated Cost Savings Euclid$482,000 Webster$642,000 Lafayette$596,000 Ashland Annex$100,000 Turner BranchTBD Total Savings$1.82 Million

19 Public Comments Heard

20 Initial Community Forums We held many community forums – six scheduled and announced and many others scheduled in reconfigured schools - concerning the preliminary facility recommendations. As a result of public input, the school reconfigurations were re-worked into this final plan.

21 Recent Forums We held two public forums – one at Carr Lane Auditorium and another at Roosevelt High – regarding our final recommendations. Only 11 comments were received (compared to 243 for the preliminary). As a result of the latest hearings, we have removed Des Peres from the recommendations until we meet with community members in that region. Also removed from the list is the expansion of Clyde C. Miller into the old Carver facility.


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