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Ottoman Empire- 1914 British Empire 1914 Sharif Husayn bin Ali.

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2 Ottoman Empire- 1914

3 British Empire 1914

4 Sharif Husayn bin Ali

5 Sir Henry McMahon

6 Amir Faysal


8 The Damascus Protocol- Arab Caliphate

9 Greater Syria

10 Sykes-Picot Agreement

11 Balfour Declaration

12 Mandates

13 Iraqs Ethnic and Religious Groups

14 d= Beginning to 12:30. and 15:00-19:12

15 Assignment: - Using historical data and evidence, support the following thesis: - After WWI, the Middle East was recreated to fit the French and British imperialist needs without any regards for the self- autonomous aspirations of the Arab and local populations in the region. - At least 2 topic sentences (But a topic sentence for each new idea) - 15 pieces of evidence (material from sources) with 15 pieces of analysis (explanation for why that evidence supports your thesis and topic sentences). - must use two outside source and cite ( one has to be from google scholar or questia) - Complete Sentences Required points - A-Day- Wednesday, January 30th B-Day- Tuesday, January 29th

16 Thesis Topic Sentence (how does this sentence support the thesis?) Evidence: Analysis (how does that piece of information pertain/support the topic sentence?) Evidence: Analysis Topic Sentence Evidence: Analysis

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