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Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire British Empire 1914.

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2 Ottoman Empire- 1914

3 British Empire 1914

4 Sharif Husayn bin Ali

5 Sir Henry McMahon

6 Amir Faysal


8 The Damascus Protocol- Arab Caliphate

9 Greater Syria

10 Sykes-Picot Agreement

11 Balfour Declaration

12 Mandates

13 Iraq’s Ethnic and Religious Groups

14 Beginning to 12:30. and 15:00-19:12

15 Assignment: Using historical data and evidence, support the following thesis: After WWI, the Middle East was recreated to fit the French and British imperialist needs without any regards for the self-autonomous aspirations of the Arab and local populations in the region. At least 2 topic sentences (But a topic sentence for each new idea) 15 pieces of evidence (material from sources) with 15 pieces of analysis (explanation for why that evidence supports your thesis and topic sentences). must use two outside source and cite ( one has to be from google scholar or questia) Complete Sentences Required. 40 points A-Day- Wednesday, January 30th B-Day- Tuesday, January 29th

16 Topic Sentence (how does this sentence support the thesis?)
Evidence: Analysis (how does that piece of information pertain/support the topic sentence?) Evidence: Analysis Topic Sentence

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