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Mr. Armstrongs Amazing Mind Reading - Block 4 Even (Here we go again!)

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1 Mr. Armstrongs Amazing Mind Reading - Block 4 Even (Here we go again!)

2 I bet my good buddies the real Vinnie and Angelo would be interested in selling this little baby on their lot! Youre selling this thing over my dead body!

3 I look up to Mr. Armstrong SO much I made a white spot on my face to look like the white spot he has on the back of his head! What do I have behind my back? Uh - its the souvenir I bought for Mr. Armstrong over spring break, yeah thats it...

4 Haaarrr Matey! If ye dont let me use the drill press, Ill make ye walk the plank!

5 Do you think my shirt looks like the guys from Blues Clues? Oh I LOVE that show!

6 I need to get to the chiropractor soon. My neck is stuck like this! Okay, you can move our S.P.R.I.B.O.T.S. now, the gripper is pinching me!

7 Isnt it convenient how Mollie is always absent when we take pictures...

8 Im a little teapot short and stout here is my handle here is my spout! Here we go again, he does this everyday around this time.

9 … and THATS how I eat my lunch with the gripper we made! I cant believe you actually ate the cafeteria food!

10 I know, I cant believe I threw it either. I should know better than to fool around in tech class, I feel like a real loser! Yes, its true, you are a loser. You should be more responsible.

11 GGGRRRRR! Dont take my picture yet, I didnt get a chance to fix my hair!!!!

12 Im not going to pose, I have a car to build here! Dude, do you see how good my new haircut looks? Im definitely going to pose!

13 Im telling you, this shock therapy is really working great! Testing, testing 1, 2 … can you hear me?? Is this screwdriver on???

14 Were SO clever! I told you he wouldnt be able to take our picture! Our plan worked to a tee! Its a good thing they dont make cameras with zoom lenses! Hes gonna get em!

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