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National Representative 2012 - 2013 Preventing Theft in Your PTA.

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1 National Representative 2012 - 2013 Preventing Theft in Your PTA

2 Preventing Theft in Your PTA

3 By the end of this workshop you will know: How to define: theft, fraud, and embezzlement How to recognize the signs of theft, fraud, and embezzlement 10 tips for fraud prevention What to do if you suspect theft

4 During this workshop, we may refer to the terms theft, fraud, and embezzlement interchangeably for illustrative purposes. *Note

5 What is Theft ?

6 Theft is, The action or crime of stealing. source:

7 PTA TheftTheft In the News Miramar PTA Treasurer is Latest to Face Theft Charges Glendale Mom Convicted in $6,000 PTA Theft Fraud Source: The Sun Sentinel, 2012 Source: The Arizona Republic, 2011 Video: KKSL-TV, Salt Lake City

8 What is Fraud?

9 Fraud is, Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. source:

10 What is Embezzlement ?

11 Embezzlement is, …Steal or misappropriate (money placed in ones trust or under ones control). source:

12 Withholding or under reporting collected dues is another method of stealing funds at the local, state, and national level.

13 The Impact of Stealing, Fraud, and Embezzlement… Hurts Children!

14 The Negative Impact… Hurts Children! Damaged Reputation and Relationships Loss of Members and Outreach Loss of Advocacy and Grant Dollars

15 The Fraud Triangle Donald R. Cressey

16 Opportunity MotivationRationalization Fraud Triangle

17 Opportunity MotivationRationalization Fraud Triangle

18 Opportunity MotivationRationalization Fraud Triangle

19 Theft Warning Signs

20 Delayed Reports Cash Receipts Multiple corrections to the ledger Lifestyle changes Missing money on Friday, replaced on Monday Signatories are related Checks made out to cash Large checks, pre-signed checks, or bouncing checks Not following internal controls Avoid or delay annual audit

21 Opportunity MotivationRationalization Fraud Triangle

22 Tips to Prevent Theft

23 Conduct annual audits Send to board member without signatory responsibilities for review Have 2 signatories (not related) Do a monthly review of activities Verify cash logs, provide receipts and bank deposit slips Make bank deposits immediately Have 2 people count cash at all times Review accounts payable vendors Secure the checks, dont pre-sign checks, look for missing checks or checks made out to cash Track all bills and use original invoices Ask for proof of tax payments

24 Reasons Why Theft Is Not Reported

25 Negative Publicity Concern for safety if the offender makes threats Legal action by the offender To avoid embarrassing the offender and/or offenders children/family

26 The Downside of Not Reporting Theft

27 Sets precedent for additional thefts Creates an environment that encourages theft Loss of credibility and respect for your PTA among members, the community, partners, and donors Voids bonding insurance policy (if not prosecuted) Encourages perpetrator to steal from other organizations

28 What to Do if You Suspect Theft

29 DO NOT make accusations! (libel or slander issues) Determine suspects access to other PTA resources Gather facts, documents, and interviews Identify all accounts involved and consider freezing or closing them Contact the authorities Contact the insurance company

30 A Brief FAQ Theft and Insurance

31 Fidelity Bonds Q. What does a fidelity bond cover? A. Protects the cash of the PTA unit against theft, fraud, and embezzlement. Q. Who should be covered under this policy? A. Anyone in your PTA who has access to or handles money (e.g., Treasurer, President, Fundraising Chair) Q. How else should a PTA handle its fidelity bond policy? A. Inform the insurer of any changes (people) during the year and cover the position, not the person. See if a blanket policy would be a better value.

32 Questions?

33 (800) 307-4PTA (4782) For a copy of this presentation, visit

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