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National Representative 2012 - 2013 Growing Revenue for Your PTA.

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1 National Representative 2012 - 2013 Growing Revenue for Your PTA

2 Growing Your PTA Revenue

3 By the end of this workshop you will know: Ways to increase your PTA revenue Steps to make your PTA sponsor friendly How to effectively write grants to gain revenue

4 Ways to Increase Your PTA Revenue

5 Ways to Increase Your Revenue 5 Steps to Get You on Target Increase PTA Memberships Increase Non-Dues Revenue Increase Your Exposure Execute Profitable Events Establish Your PTA as Parenting Experts

6 Ways to Make Your PTA Sponsor Friendly

7 Sponsorship Definition Financial or in-kind support by an outside party, usually a corporation or business. It is different from a charitable contribution in that a sponsor desires to receive good-will and public acknowledgment in exchange for its support.

8 And now a word from our sponsor…

9 Is Your PTA Sponsor-Friendly? What Sponsors Look For to Commit Dollars to Your PTA Visibility and Exposure Demographics Exclusivity Relevance to their Brand Expected Outcomes Hospitality Activation Return on Investments

10 Finding Your Best Sponsor How to Target Potential Sponsors 1.Make a list 2.Research 3.Find the contact 4.Cold-calling 5.Schedule a meeting 6.Send a proposal

11 1.Brief intro 2.State your challenge 3.Identify how support helps 4.Identify opportunities 5.Identify your needs 6.Thanks! 7.Keep it short! 8.Spell check and edit How to ASK for Support Writing the Sponsorship Proposal

12 1.Agreement terms 2.Outline the deal 3.Protect PTA name/logo 4.Review and approve 5.Include key clauses 6.Termination 7.Attorney Review How to DEVELOP an Agreement Important Elements of the Sponsorship Agreement

13 National PTA Participant Activity

14 You should be accessible, responsive, and check-in with the sponsor regularly.


16 Its ok to list a few of the sponsors products.


18 Its ok to tell people to buy something from your sponsor.


20 Its good to let the sponsor review content or messaging before sharing it.


22 Its ok to provide value-added opportunities. For example, acknowledging the sponsor of your event on your PTA Facebook..even though it wasnt in the original agreement.


24 In general, dont be flexible or accommodate changes when working with your sponsor.


26 Fulfill ALL agreement obligations.


28 You can include a Thank You recognition for the sponsor on signage, online, in newsletters, on brochures and in other publications which may include the sponsors logo, tagline, URL link, phone number or address.


30 Its ok to provide endorsement language, an advertisement or testimonial for the sponsor.


32 Its ok if you dont send a thank you letter to your sponsor. Correctly fulfilling your sponsorship obligations is enough.


34 Winning a Grant for Your PTA

35 Grant Definition A grant is financial assistance from a federal agency, foundation, or corporation to a non-profit organization to carry out a specific purpose.

36 Grant Writing Process Research Contact Plan & Strategize Gather Info Write LOI

37 Grant Funding Sources 1.Federal Funding 2.Private Funding 3.Corporate Funding Types of Grants 1.Unrestricted & Restricted 2.General Operating 3.Capital 4.Core Support 5.Seed 6.Challenge / Matching

38 Ways to Make Stand Out Your PTAs Grant Application Stand Out

39 How to WRITE a Grant Proposal What to Include 1.Cover Letter 2.Executive Summary 3.Association Background 4.Need Statement 5.Project Goals & Objectives 6.Implementation Plan 7.Evaluation Plan 8.Project Budget & Narrative 9.Attachments

40 How Worthwhile Grant Proposals Get

41 Go Tell Your PTAs Story!

42 Questions?

43 (800) 307-4PTA (4782) For a copy of this presentation, visit

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