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National Representative 2012 – 2013 Ways to Engage & Increase Male Membership.

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1 National Representative 2012 – 2013 Ways to Engage & Increase Male Membership

2 By the end of this workshop you will know: The need for male engagement in childrens lives. Barriers for father involvement. Ways to engage males and increase PTA male membership. How the PTA M.O.R.E. Alliance can help your PTA grow male membership and engagement.

3 Ways To Engage & Increase PTA Male Membership

4 Male Engagement By the Numbers

5 In 2010, 33% of U.S. children live in homes where biological fathers are absent. 20.3 million children lived with no father (biological, step, or adoptive) in the home. In a study of 3.7 million unwed mothers, reports show roughly 40% of fathers had no contact with children during the previous year. A father absent from the household sees his child an average of 12 days per month. The Importance of Male Involvement By the Numbers – In the Home

6 Fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school. Students living in father-absent homes are twice as likely to repeat a grade in school. 50% of all children with highly involved fathers in two-parent families report getting mostly As through 12 th grade, compared to 35.2% of children of nonresident father families. The Importance of Male Involvement By the Numbers –Education -father-absent-statistics

7 Role modeling Making choices Improved problem-solving abilities Providing financial support Providing emotional support Improved student performance The Importance of Male Involvement The Impact of Positive Male Engagement

8 Identifying Barriers for Father Involvement

9 Getting fathers into the school building Institutional practices Language and cultural barriers Disconnected community-based organizations Education No time Not knowing what to do Unsafe Neighborhoods Spousal or adult support Separation or Divorce Male Involvement Barriers Possible Reasons Fathers Are NOT Involved

10 Engaging Males in Your PTA

11 1.Educate dads on the importance of their involvement 2.Emphasize getting involved doesnt necessarily mean a large time commitment 3.Design invitation messages specifically for dads 4.Sign-up male and female PTA recruiters 5.Actively seek male membership in the community 6.Publicize mens involvement in your PTA 7.Communicate effectively with men 8.Ask men to join Engaging Males in Your School & PTA How to make your PTA male-friendly

12 Male Engagement Tips

13 Promote events with sports themes Host scheduled Father-Child events at school Use male-friendly language in messaging Stay in contact with participating men Encourage males to become PTA leaders Show men you seriously note their suggestions Promote male only Mens Talk events Male Engagement Tips Ways to Get Increased Results

14 PTA M.O.R.E. Men Organized to Raise Engagement

15 PTA M.O.R.E. Alexandria, VA Founded by National PTA Helps PTA Leaders & Units work with schools and communities to provide programs that engage fathers and positive male role models Acts as a resource for fatherhood issues Increases the visibility and outreach of the quality programming of the coalition members

16 Meet the PTA MORE Alliance Members

17 All Pro Dad Tampa, Florida Founded by Tony Dungy and a program of Family First Dedicated to strengthening the family and male involvement Hosts several father engagement events such as: All Pro Dads Day, NFL Father & Kids Experience, and Play of the Day Provides easy to use materials for hosting father involvement events

18 The Black Star Project Chicago, Illinois Helps to improve the quality of life in African-American and Latino communities by eliminating the racial academic achievement gap Provides pre-K through college educational services to help students achieve success Fathers are encouraged to take their children to school on the first day of school Have hosted over 200 Million Father Marches in various U.S. Cities

19 National Compadres Network Hacienda Heights, California Helps to strengthen, rebalance, and redevelop the traditional Latino extended family system Encourages and supports positive involvement of males in families and the community Engages Latino men in nurturing, guidance and development of their children, families, and communities

20 National Fatherhood Initiative Gaithersburg, Maryland Works to improve the well being of children by increasing responsible father involvement Develops leaders of fatherhood initiatives through training and technical assistance NFIs Golden Dads campaign rewards everyday fathers for spending quality time with their children FatherSOURCE administers NFIs workshops to reach fathers and assist local organizations in operating effective fatherhood programs

21 National Partnership for Community Leadership Washington, DC Strengthens the capacity to work with low-income parents and youth Committed to reducing child poverty through building strong family engagement Offers assistance with grant proposal writing to fund programs to help strengthen families Offers training and technical assistance on a variety of services including: working with men and fathers, relationship building skills, family and fatherhood forums, and parenting education.

22 Strong Fathers – Strong Families Fort Worth, Texas Training and facilitation organization focused on strengthening children by strengthening fathers and families Conducts training for campus or district teams, conduct regional and state workshops, and Conducts training for PTA regional or state conventions on effective father involvement Works with over 10,000 fathers per year

23 WATCH D.O.G.S. WATCH (Dads of Great Students) Shawnee Mission, Kansas Program of the National Center of Fathering Focused on prevention of violence in schools Provides unobtrusive presence of fathers and father-figures in schools and adds enhanced sense of security for the school Serve as positive role models for students Men gain awareness of positive impact on students academic performance, self-esteem, and social behavior

24 Your Next Steps Engaging Men in Your Community!

25 PTA Case Studies Participant Activity

26 Questions?

27 (800) 307-4PTA (4782) For a copy of this presentation, visit

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