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–1–1 State Societies: What Members Need Bruce Kasanoff

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1 –1–1 State Societies: What Members Need Bruce Kasanoff

2 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 2 2/13/2014 20:40 Today The Learning Relationship Leading change A framework for understanding member needs

3 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 3 2/13/2014 20:40 The Learning Relationship Save me time Member talks with you You tailor your service to their needs The more effort member invests, the greater their stake in making relationship work. feedback

4 –4–4 How you do this depends on your size, budget and situation.

5 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 5 2/13/2014 20:40 Learning Relationship examples Remember answers to survey questions Trigger actions when conditions a member specifies are met Identify segments of members with unmet needs

6 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 6 2/13/2014 20:40 Benefits of this approach Better member loyalty Expanded relationship with members Relief from pressures to keep dues artificially low Higher member satisfaction

7 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 7 2/13/2014 20:40 But first, a little inspiration Taddy Blecher co-founder CIDA City Center

8 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 8 2/13/2014 20:40 Nadan Nilekani CEO Infosys But first, a little inspiration

9 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 9 2/13/2014 20:40 Carly Fiorina CEO Hewlett Packard But first, a little inspiration

10 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 10 2/13/2014 20:40 Meeting Member Needs Education Legislation Annual meeting Clinical meetings Newsletter Web site Services Adult or pediatric? Anatomical specialty Treatment specialty Career stage Urban or rural? Technology usage Members

11 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 11 2/13/2014 20:40 Adult or pediatric? Anatomical specialty Treatment specialty Career stage Urban or rural? Technology usage Members IdentifyDifferentiateInteractCustomize

12 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 12 2/13/2014 20:40 Identify Differentiate Interact Customize dont remember members treat every member the same talk at members one size fits all remember transactions differentiate members by value talk with; forget details members get some choice remember member history use value and member needs talk with; remember details customize for some members remember member preferences try to enhance member needs ongoing feedback loops treat different members differently What are your organizations capabilities today? Self- Assessment

13 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 13 2/13/2014 20:40 ? Imagine all information about a member is freely available. What information do you want? You can have any piece of information, as long as you can explain what you will do with the information and how it will benefit the member.

14 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 14 2/13/2014 20:40 Enhanced Need Set: Related services Value streams Alliances Product-Service Bundle : Payment Delivery Packaging Billing Communications Support Enhanced Need Set Basic Service : Price Features Referral services, easier ways to share members opinions on legislative issues, legal representation and/or insurance at reduced rates, practice management support, contract review services, reimbursement assistance, technology support…

15 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 15 2/13/2014 20:40 (Low-tech) Enhanced Needs example The Utah Hammer Stalker

16 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 16 2/13/2014 20:40 What is the Real Benefit of a Learning Relationship? Attractiveness to member is key Proportional to the complexity of an individual member needs

17 – 17 One last word about member needs… LESS

18 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 18 2/13/2014 20:40 use less of your members TIME

19 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 19 2/13/2014 20:40 ask them for less INFORMATION (and help reduce the piles on their desks)

20 Copyright 2003 Bruce Kasanoff 20 2/13/2014 20:40 require less EFFORT of your member

21 – 21 Thank you! Bruce Kasanoff (203) 341-9448

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