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Panchayati Raj Department

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1 Panchayati Raj Department
CEMENT CONCRETE ROAD Panchayati Raj Department Government of Odisha

2 Overview One of the most popular schemes, demand for construction of Cement Concrete Roads in every village and every hamlet. Cement Concrete Roads being taken up under various schemes in order to improve the quality of life and hygienic conditions. Panchayati Raj Department has Kms of roads under its jurisdiction, which includes over Kms of internal village roads. 17035 Kms of roads have been converted into Cement Concrete Roads so far. In the last 6 years, projects covering Kms of CC roads have been taken up under major schemes of the department spending a sum of ` Crore.

3 New Scheme – CC Road Considering the large scale demand of CC roads in the State, the department has launched a dedicated scheme called “Cement Concrete Road”. A budget provision of ` 100 Crore in the current year. Focus on construction of CC Road in SC/ST/ PVTG habitations. A village is entitled to get an amount between `3 to Lakh depending upon its population. In , 1166 nos. of projects were taken up out of this fund.

4 CC Road under GGY Gopabandhu Gramin Yojana provides development assistance to 11 non-BRGF districts. Budget provision of `148 Crore during the current year only for CC Roads. A village is entitled to get `3 to 15 Lakh depending upon its population. 31262 nos. of projects have been taken up since inception under this scheme

5 CC Road under BRGF BRGF is being implemented in 19 districts of Odisha. Construction of Cement Concrete Roads is a major activity being taken up under the scheme. During the current year ` Crore has been earmarked for construction of Cement Concrete Road under BRGF. The minimum amount given to a village is `2 Lakh. 11001 nos. of projects have been taken up under the scheme so far.

6 CC Road under Finance Commission Award
PRIs receives funds under Finance Commission Grant for operation and maintenance of water supply and for improving sanitation in villages. Construction of CC road with drain is a major activity which is taken up in the villages for improving sanitation. Funds are available under Basic Grant and Performance Grant with additional allocation for Scheduled Areas. A Panchayat will get between `2.62 Lakh to 3.20 Lakh depending upon population during the current year. In , ` Crore has been allocated for CC Road out of total allocation of ` Crore. Total allocation available with the State in 5 years ( to ) for CC road and drain is ` Crore.

7 CC Roads under major schemes (from 2006-07 to 2010-11)
Sl No. Scheme No of CC road Length (in Kms) Expenditure (` in Crore) 1 CC Road 1166 244.42 39.04 2 GGY 31262 517.61 3 BRGF 11001 376.34 4 FCA 8083 229.26 Total 51512

8 Budget : 2011-12 ` in Crore Sl No. Scheme Total allocation (2011-12)
Current year allocation for CC Road Released so far Unspent balance of as on 1st April for CC road 1 CC Road 100.00 32.44 2 GGY 165.00 148.00 55.00 67.28 3 BRGF 321.00 128.40 101.00 31.49 4 13th FCA 404.52 200.20 - 45.75 Total 990.52 566.40 256.00 176.96

9 Budget : ` Crore approximately is allocated for Cement Concrete Road during the current year under 4 major schemes. In addition, the unspent balance for ongoing projects which are to be spent during the year will be around ` Crore. A sum of approximately ` Crore are available during under CC Road, GGY, BRGF and FCA. Approximately 4130 Kms of cement concrete road can be covered as per the prevailing rates `18.00 Lakh per KM.

10 CC Road under other Schemes
CC roads are also being constructed under various schemes belonging to different departments like RLTAP, Biju KBK/ Kandhamal/ Gajapati, MLALAD, MPLAD, WODC, IAP, ITDA Grants, FDR Grant etc. The amount available under these schemes together will also be substantial.

11 CC Road : Standard Specification
DRDAs have been following standard specification of 3 meter width and 7 inch thickness (4” metal and 3” chips cement concrete) for construction of this road which costs `18.00 Lakh per Km. as per the prevailing prices.

12 Maintenance of CC Road Maintenance of quality for ensuring durability of CC road is a challenge. These roads are being constructed either by Gram Panchayat or Blocks under the supervision of Junior Engineers of the Block. The work is measured by Junior Engineer and check measured by Assistant Engineer. The quality of material used, maintenance of appropriate thickness & proportion of cement, sand and concrete, maintenance of camber, proper curing are issues with confront us on regular basis. Close technical supervision is needed to ensure quality.

13 Suggestions for ensuring quality
For better implementation of the schemes all CC Road works under the schemes ought to be executed by the Villagers/ Village Committee. The technical field staff should have close monitoring over the works from time to time during the period of execution. Senior Officers should have field visits at least once for the work for supervision of the works. Proper Social Audit should have been conducted soon after the execution of the work before payment. Transparency pillar explaining the quantity of material and specification will help.

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