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Population Selections, RORRULEs, and Web Text – Oh My!

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1 Population Selections, RORRULEs, and Web Text – Oh My!
10th Anniversary Population Selections, RORRULEs, and Web Text – Oh My! Using SQL to Create Rules in Banner Financial Aid

2 General Announcements:
Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered ….. Thank you for your cooperation

3 Millersville University
8,300 students About 70% receive aid Banner Financial Aid Version 8.5 Banner General Version 8.2

4 University of Scranton
5,800 Students Banner Financial Aid Version 7.15 Banner General Version 7.5 Banner 8 Conversion set for January 2010

5 What is SQL? Structured Query Language
A way to ask the database questions Some uses in Banner Financial Aid: Population Selections Variables Selection Rules Web Text Rules

6 Where To Start? Define your question:
Who has a given fund code awarded? Who needs to have loan fees posted to their budget? Who is independent only because of a positive response to the emancipated minor question on the FAFSA? Who should be assigned to a given budget group?

7 Translating To SQL What data items in Banner would help you answer your questions? Find the field names of each of these items Place your cursor in the field Select ‘Help’ from the menu bar Select ‘Dynamic Help Query’ The Field is displayed

8 Building a Population Selection
GLRSLCT Enter the Application (FINAID) Enter the name of your pop-sel in the Selection ID Enter a brief description Definition: Select – generally a PIDM From – include names of all tables involved Define your Rules

9 Pop-Sel Example 1

10 Run the Pop-Sel using GLBDATA

11 Pop-Sel Example 2 Using Union/Intersect/Minus
Define the two groups by writing two separate pop-sels Example: Post loan fees to budgets of those students who indicated interest in loans on the FAFSA and who do not already have loan fees included in their budgets Pop-sel part 1 – select all interested in loans Pop-sel part 2 – select all with loan fees on budget

12 Run the Pop-Sel

13 Using a Variable in a Pop-Sel
A variable is a set of rules that pulls a specific piece of data from the database. For example, variables can be written to pull a student’s name, street address, city, state, ZIP, grade level, total aid awarded, etc. They are often used in letter generation. When used in a pop-sel, a variable can help to limit the results to a defined group or to exclude a defined group.

14 Example of a Variable

15 Example of aVariable in a Pop-Sel

16 Pop-Sel Tips Dynamic parameters allow a pop-sel to be used for different aid years, fund codes, etc. Example: RPRAWRD_AIDY_CODE = &aid_year_code When using a variable in a pop-sel, it must be the last condition entered on GLRSLCT and it must be entered as a Value—not as a Data Element. If you make changes to a variable, you must recompile the pop-sel in order for the revised variable to be recognized. When using multiple tables, be sure to join common fields.

17 RORRULE RORRULEs can be written for a variety of purposes but all are written in the same way

18 RORRULE in Simple Mode

19 RORRULE in Simple Mode (Cont.)

20 RORRULE in Expert Mode Access Expert Mode by either performing Next Block from Simple Mode or by selecting Options and then Compiled/Expert SQL Code.

21 RORRULE in Expert Mode (Cont.)


23 RORRULE Tips If your rule is not producing the desired results, examine it in Expert mode. One thing to check is that there may be a join you are not expecting—like to :TERM when you don’t mean for the rule to be term-specific. This can be identified and removed when using Expert mode.

24 Web Text Rules Web Text Rules allow you to write a rules that will, in the end, display text in Self Service for students who meet the conditions of each rule You determine on which tab(s) the text appears There is no Simple Mode—only Expert Mode

25 Web Text Set-Up Define the web text code on RTVWTXT
Write the web text rule and define the text on RORWTXT Define the sequence in which the web text will appear on each tab on RORWTAB (text will not appear unless this final step is completed)

26 RORWTXT – Example 1

27 RORWTXT – Example 1 (Cont.)
SQL from Example 1: select 'X' from RPRARSC where RPRARSC_AIDY_CODE = :AIDY and RPRARSC_PIDM = :PIDM and (RPRARSC_ACTUAL_AMT > 0 or (RPRARSC_EST_AMT > 0 and (RPRARSC_ACTUAL_AMT <> 0 or RPRARSC_ACTUAL_AMT is null)))

28 RORWTXT – Example 1 (Cont.)

29 RORWTXT – Example 1 (Cont.)

30 RORWTXT Example 1 on Self Service

31 RORWTXT – Example 2

32 RORWTXT – Example 2 (Cont.)

33 RORWTXT – Example 2 (Cont.)
Text includes a link You have UNSATISFIED document requirements which are preventing the awarding of some or all of your aid. Please review your <a href=" title="Outstanding Document Requirements."> Outstanding Document Requirements.</a>

34 RORWTXT Example 2 on Self Service

35 RORWTXT – Example 3 select rorsapr_sapr_code
from rorstat,rorsapr,robnyud where rorstat_aidy_code = :AIDY and rorstat_pidm = :PIDM and rorsapr_pidm = :PIDM and robnyud_pidm = :PIDM and rorsapr_sapr_code = (Select RORSAPR_SAPR_CODE from rorsapr where rorsapr_pidm = :PIDM and rorsapr_term_code = (select max(rorsapr_term_code) from rorsapr AL2 where AL2.rorsapr_pidm = :PIDM)) and robnyud_value_22 is null

36 RORWTXT – Example 3 (Cont.)

37 RORWTXT – Example 3 (Cont.)
<span style=color:#FF0000>You are not currently eligible to receive federal or state financial aid</span>. Please review your <a href=" title="status" target="_blank">status</a> and review the <a href=" title="Satisfactory Academic Progress policy" target="_blank">Satisfactory Academic Progress policy</a>. <ul class="bullet"> <li>If you are taking a class(es) to regain eligibility or you have received a late grade, please contact our office after the grade(s) has been posted so that your eligibility may be reviewed.</li> <li>If you experienced extenuating circumstances during the past academic year, you may choose to appeal for reinstatement of your financial aid.</li> <ul type="circle"><li>A <a href=" title="federal appeal form" target="_blank">federal appeal form </a>should be completed and submitted with supporting documentation to the Office of Financial Aid by <span style=color:#FF0000>June 12, 2009</span>. <i>Appeals received after that date will not be reviewed until September 18, 2009.</i> If your appeal is approved, your eligibility for federal aid will be reinstated beginning with the Fall 2009 term.</li> <li>A <a href=" title="state aid appeal form" target="_blank">state aid appeal form </a>should be completed and submitted with supporting documentation to the Office of Financial Aid. Please note that PHEAA makes the final decision regarding this appeal.</li> </ul></ul> <ul><li>If you applied any federal or state aid as credit toward your Summer 2009 bill, be aware that this aid has been cancelled and it is your responsibility to contact the Bursar's Office to make appropriate arrangements for payment of your bill.</li></ul>

38 RORWTXT Example 3 on Self Service

39 RORWTXT Tips When writing your Select statement, do not select a PIDM—you need something that will return the same value(s) for all students Purchase a basic HTML book if you don’t know HTML

40 General SQL Tips Be sure you are typing the name of the table, not the form, when you are entering your SQL (RPRAWRD – not RPAAWRD) Know your data!

41 Documentation Population Selections
Banner General User Guide – Chapter 5 Banner General Population Selection Training Workbook RORRULE Banner Financial Aid Requirements Tracking Training Workbook Banner Financial Aid Requirements Budgeting Training Workbook Banner Financial Aid Requirements Packaging Training Workbook Web Text Banner Release Guide 8.2 Financial Aid Self Service Training Workbook 8.1 General Financial Aid Banner Financial Aid User Guide

42 Open to the Floor Questions Comments

43 Contact Information Tammy R. Bittner Financial Aid Systems Administrator Millersville University John Tabor Senior Application Developer University of Scranton

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