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Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2009 Fall Conference Implementing Imaging 11/24/2009.

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1 Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2009 Fall Conference Implementing Imaging 11/24/2009

2 General Announcements: Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered at the conclusion of the presentation Thank you for your cooperation 11/24/2009

3 Introduction Carl A. ONeil Assistant Director of Development Operations The University of Scranton 11/24/2009

4 Agenda Overview Documents Equipment Software Staff Space Problems Q&A 11/24/2009

5 Analyze Gather Information Visit organizations Presentations 11/24/2009

6 Documents What do you need to Image? How do you find out? Develop policy on hard copy retention Legal responsibilities Name the document types appropriately 11/24/2009

7 Document Types Correspondence Acknowledgements General Gift/Pledge Pledge Agreement Scholarship/Endowment Agreement Reminders/Statements Gift Backup Stock, Checks, Gift-in Kind, and Letters 11/24/2009

8 Document Types (continued) Stewardship Annual reports Activity reports External events Dedication events Planned Giving Anything legally naming the University as a beneficiary 11/24/2009

9 Document Types (continued) Prospect Research Anything (personal) donor related Miscellaneous Designation Forms Campaign 11/24/2009


11 Equipment Scanner Flatbed (HP Scanjet 8390) Multi Function Product (MFP)(Lanier LD325) Computer 11/24/2009

12 Scanner Comparison Scans per minute Flatbed 35 SPM 200 DPI 20 SPM 300 DPI 5 SPM 600 DPI MFP 52 SPM 200 DPI 50 SPM 300 DPI 32 SPM 600 DPI 11/24/2009

13 Scanner Comparison (continued) Image quality Standard features System requirements Security File size 11/24/2009

14 Software Application Extender Image Capture Document Manager Web Extender Technology Department 11/24/2009






20 Staff Who will do the imaging? Indexing Verification Historical Documents Cleaning Files Levels of Use 11/24/2009

21 Roles/Levels Viewer View or print Scanner Add page, Scan, Index, Display, and Print User All the above plus Delete pages, Annotate, and Redact documents Lead All permissions. 11/24/2009

22 Space General work space Dedicated room 11/24/2009

23 Problems Adding a field to the indexing form Server Test and Test again! 11/24/2009

24 Open to the Floor Questions Comments 11/24/2009

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