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Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2006 Disaster Recovery.

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1 Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2006 Disaster Recovery

2 General Announcements: Please turn off all cell phones/pagers/fax machines/short wave radios/etc. – I have the attention span of a 6 year old and get distracted very easily. If you must leave the session early, Ill understand Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be taken at any time Thank you for your cooperation

3 Disaster Prevention - Recovery Preventing a disaster is the best way to recover from one Some disasters are unavoidable A good, thorough, TESTED plan may be your best friend in a crisis

4 Disaster Recovery Planning Requires Senior Executive Management Support Managers must understand the danger of NOT having a plan Support must include finances Managers do not need to be involved in details Side note: Youll get a good idea of how important your processes are to Senior Management based on their support of your plan

5 Disaster Recovery Planning is not a Finite Project Disaster Recovery plans must be maintained and updated Staff members, processes and technology are constantly changing A closed plan is one that will NOT get updated

6 Disaster Recovery Plans Should not be Written for Specific Scenarios Severe Damage to Office Inaccessible Data Computer Crime/Identity Theft Sabotage Loss of Key Personnel Pandemic

7 Documentation is the key to a successful recovery plan Good opportunity to document processes A Business Process Analysis could be performed Having only 1 employee know a process is a recipe for disaster

8 Disaster Recovery Plans Must be Exercised How do you know it works unless you test The time to find out your plan is flawed is not when you need it most Work in conjunction with other offices, not just I.T. shop

9 Disaster Recovery Plans can Stand Alone You should be able to work at any given time directly from your plan Exception – some components you can not control (e.g. servers, physical plant)

10 A Communication Plan How do you contact your key staff members? Who speaks with the press? How is information communicated to families?

11 Mission Critical Services Need to be prioritized Banner Web/Portal Email/Phone Printing Counseling

12 Dont rely on IT Staff Its YOUR office. Its YOUR data. Its YOUR… Depending on your office, they may not really understand what you do

13 Goals During Disaster Protect life Protect data Protect university equipment Minimize damage where possible

14 Timing is Everything An inconvenience in October may be a disaster in April

15 Disasters Can and Do Happen …we havent had a fire in 16 years, so were probably safe…

16 Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2006 Open Floor for Other Questions?

17 Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2006

18 PSU Contact As promised, here is the contact information from the DR person at Penn State: Ken Schroyer – I have not yet verified this address, so you may want to look at to

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