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Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2006 Self- Service Leave Lookup on the Web: Two Approaches.

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1 Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2006 Self- Service Leave Lookup on the Web: Two Approaches

2 Announcements: Please put cell phones/pagers on vibrate Please avoid side conversations during the session -- raise your hand and share with all of us Questions will be answered at the end of the session unless instructed otherwise

3 Entering Time into Banner Bucknell University uses Web Time Entry for hourly employees. Swarthmore College uses both timesheets & a timeclock system for hourly employees. Before time sheets are sent to payroll, both have an approval process. Bucknells is through Web Time Entry Approvals Swarthmores is still mostly paper It is necessary for approvers to know if their employees have enough leave before they approve leave.

4 Why provide a web leave lookup function? To eliminate guessing To eliminate phone calls To eliminate paper reports To eliminate docked pay To encourage folks to take their accumulated vacation time (i.e. get a life)

5 Before Web Leave Lookup Each pay period HR ran departmental employee leave reports for supervisors. HR personnel received many phone calls from supervisors to make sure employees had enough leave before approving timesheets.

6 Types of Leave Reported on Web Bucknell – Sick, Vacation, Comp Time, Floating Holiday, Special Time, Personal Hours Taken Swarthmore – Sick & Vacation

7 Why have Leave Lookup as part of Self-Service? Convenience! At Bucknell, time entry and approvals are already on Banner Self Service. At Swarthmore supervisors are already familiar with Banner Self Service.

8 Leave Lookup Security… Who can see whom? Bucknell designates an approver by person/department. Forms used to setup an approver: – GOAEACC Enterprise Oracle Access Table – GSASECR Oracle/Banner Security Maintenance – PTRUSER User Code Rule Table – PSAORGN Organization Code Security Access List Rule Table – NTRRQUE Routing Queue Roles Repeating Table Swarthmore defines supervisor by position – NBAPOSN

9 Bucknells Web Leave Lookup Approvers select department to view from the list of departments they can approve. An approvers proxy can also view a department Super Users can see all departments. Results can be sent to Excel





14 Swarthmores Web Leave Look-up Only supervisors can access Web Leave Lookup. Access is defined by position. Created a hierarchy so that supervisors can see all employees under them, no matter which level, in alpha order. Once the reports to position was set up in NBAPOSN, this hierarchy was achieved by using a SQL Connect By clause: Select MyColumn(s) From MyTable Start with MyCol = aNumber Connect By Prior MyCol = MyOtherCol Position data was loaded from an Excel spreadsheet --this was the most time intensive task.


16 Results of SQL Connect By


18 2555

19 After Leave Lookup HR does not have to run/distribute reports or take phone calls. Supervisors / Approvers like the fact that they can look up leave on the web from any location.

20 Maintenance At Bucknell, Approval queues are modified when there are supervisor position changes. At Swarthmore maintenance is by position where changes are made less often than by employee. Whenever a new position is created or changed, the reports to field must be populated. Thats it.

21 Other Considerations? At Bucknell a nightly cron job ensures the right folks are in the right HR Web roles. Implementation of Web Time Entry for Students may change Bucknells approach to setup up the approval queue by position instead of by orgn code. Present a topic at PA-Bug – youll learn more than you expected!

22 Similar Applications Swarthmores Exception Leave Reporting Bucknells Performance Management System

23 Swarthmores Leave Exception Reporting for Exempt Employees Written in perl & uses MySql database Steps – Add username to PTRUSER – Add username to GOBEACC – Add username to PSAORGN – Add Supervisor to NBAJOBS – Notify IT of Security addition – Email sent to Payroll






29 Bucknells Performance Management Uses a similar security logic (who can see whom). Replaces the form PEAREVW so Banner INB access is not necessary. Created a channel in Luminis for easy access that includes sample performance review documents.

30 Performance Management Channel

31 Select Staff Member

32 Update Employee Evaluation

33 Want the code? Leave your business card or email: or

34 Any Questions?

35 Thank you & have a great day!

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