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Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2007

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1 Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2007
Getting Started with Self-Service Reporting

2 General Announcements:
Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered at the end of the session Thank you for your cooperation

3 Immaculata University
A private, liberal arts, coeducational Catholic University 375+ acres on a hill overlooking historic Chester County, Pennsylvania; about 20 miles west of downtown Philadelphia

4 Immaculata University
Three (3) Colleges offering associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees: College of Undergraduate Studies – 861 students (for Fall 2007) College of Graduate Studies – 1120 students (for Fall 2007) College of Lifelong Learning – 1991 students (for Fall 2007) Fall st Undergraduate coeducational class

5 Definition of the Problem
Challenges with Baseline Banner reports Student Attributes Primary Attributes & Secondary Attributes Challenges with MS Access reports Complex Development Requirements Need for Subqueries  Max Effective Term Role-Level Security Required Client Install Required; Version & PC Idiosyncrasies Uncertain Needs/Requirements

6 Multi-Faceted Solution
Information Layer Custom Views & Functions Presentation Layer Self-Service Banner

7 Information Layer Core, Custom Views
Consolidates information around common areas of business Simplifies retrieval of data Provides for consistent results Common “Joins” Use of functions that contain IU “Business Logic” Simplifies Security Banner Role-Level Security – as needed for MSAccess Flexible to be used by multiple applications Banner Self-Serve, Banner Population Selections, MSAccess, or any other reporting application Supports All IU Reports (whenever possible)

8 Information Layer… Examples: Core, Custom Views Custom Functions
Encapsulates Immaculata University business logic f_iu_get_primary_attribute() Returns the primary attribute for the specified Student & Term from the Student Attribute Table (SGRSATT) General Person View (GZVCGEN) Student View (SZVSTUD) Enrollment View (SZVENRL) Degree/Academic History (SZVDEGR) Course Catalog View (SZVCRSE) IPEDS View (SZVIPED) Recruit View (SZVRECR) Admission View (SZVADMS) Accounts Receivable (TZVBURS) Institutional Advancement (AZVCONS)

9 Presentation Layer ** Self-Service Reporting ** (“Matrix”)
Core technical competencies Banner/Oracle Web Development using PL/SQL Familiar, easily accessible user-interface Robust, standardized reporting solution 12 “Matrix” Reports serve: 10 Departments (approximate) 50 Key Users (approximate)

10 Presentation Layer… Ctrl-Click to Select Multiple Parameters

11 additional, detail information
Presentation Layer… Information in BLUE hyperlinks to additional, detail information

12 Detail Information Page
Presentation Layer… Drill-Through to Detail Information Page Option to “Download” to a Spreadsheet

13 Benefits of our Self-Service Reporting Solution…
Runtime Parameters One report serves multiple needs Drill-Through Capability Option to navigate from high-level to detail-level Option to Save to Spreadsheet Option to download the report information into a MSExcel spreadsheet (*.csv file) Accessible from any location (with internet connection)

14 Technical Overview Quick Tips BEFORE developing Self-Service Reports
Don’t “Ready, Shoot, Aim” ! A little planning goes a long way… “Banner Web Development” Training (from SunGardHE) Joseph Langevin, SunGardHE Sr. Technical Consultant Adhere to Development Methodologies Define, Design, Code, Test, Implement, Feedback… Adhere to Standards & Naming Conventions

15 Self-Service Report Development Steps
Adopt “Modular Reporting” Model Develop one (1) “Package” Per Report Example: BZSKCANL = Course Analysis Report Utilize “Information Layer”

16 Self-Service Report Development Steps
Create “Download to Spreadsheet” Procedure Create Procedure as “csv” – bzskcanl.csv Format Web Browser – Add BEFORE print logic owa_util.showpage; owa_util.mime_header('text/comma-separated-values'); Print Comma-Delimited Information – htp.print()

17 Self-Service Report Development Steps
Compile Report as Banner User = “baninst1” CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE baninst1.bzskcanl AS … Grant privileges to run report in Banner Self-Service WWW_USER is the proxy user for Banner Self-Service GRANT EXECUTE ON bzskcanl TO www_user;

18 Self-Service Report Development Steps…
Add new, custom report to WebTailor Add ALL Procedures in your new Report Package

19 Self-Service Report Development Steps…

20 Self-Service Report Development Steps…

21 Organize your Custom Reports
Add custom Report to a custom Menu Create new Menu to “WebTailor” – bmenu.IU_Reports Click “Customize Menu Items” to add custom report to custom menu – bzskcanl.P_Display_Canl_Choices

22 Organize your New, Custom Reports…
Add custom Menu as a custom Tab Add to “standalone_role_nav_bar”

23 Future Direction Expand & Enhance Banner Self-Service “Matrix” Reports with Key University Reports Capture Usage & Performance Statistics Self-Service “Matrix” Usage Report Improve Reporting Architecture Move toward a dedicated reporting architecture… …away from a production, transactional reporting architecture (Banner)

24 Future Direction… Additional Reporting Tools  Argos (from eVisions)
Batch, Burst Nightly Reports to Users Longitudinal (Year-Over) Analysis Dynamic Charts, Graphs, & Data Argos Co-Op

25 Thank You ! Patrick Kelly – Director, Administrative Computing
Fred Lukens – Systems/Reporting Analyst

26 Managing Access to Reports
Create a spreadsheet to collect and maintain a comprehensive list of who has access to what. select spriden_id ID, spriden_first_name || ' ' || spriden_last_name Name, twgrrole_role, twgrrole_activity_date from wtailor.twgrrole, spriden where twgrrole_pidm = spriden_pidm(+) and spriden_change_ind(+) is null and twgrrole_role like 'IU%' order by 3, 4;

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