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PABUG 2002 Alumni Directory and SCT Banner Presenters: Gerald A. Lennon Willa Johnson Ostrosky Lehigh University.

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1 PABUG 2002 Alumni Directory and SCT Banner Presenters: Gerald A. Lennon Willa Johnson Ostrosky Lehigh University

2 Introduction Managing an Alumni Directory (The Who, What, When) Who will do what by when Establishing deadlines Establishing data entry standards Establishing the Lehigh brand Establishing the team with members from both Lehigh & PCI

3 Topics of Discussion Mission statement Objectives Overview Project plan Data processing & the team Utilizing the data Next time…

4 Mission Statement To provide the most accurate and comprehensive directory possible. We are committed to create an online community to serve Lehighs alumni better.

5 Objectives As a team we have dedicated ourselves to three objectives: We will be accurate. We will be on time. We will exceed all expectations.

6 Overview What data to include in the directory What data do we want to gather or verify (lost alumni, deceased, bad email addresses, prospect information, affinity groups, interests/hobbies, reunion interest) What information are others gathering?

7 Data Processing How does data get back into Banner Automatic entry via interface – Attitudinal responses Manual entry - Personal information Combination/review process - Addresses What resources are needed Two teams - Different skill sets Sufficient work stations

8 Data Processing, cont. What reports are needed Controls - Verify number of Banner records updated with each upload Data entry Error Statistics – PCIs & Lehighs

9 Data Processing, cont. What does the team need? Flexibility, fun & food!! Moral builders - Gifts, t-shirts, snacks Recognition Organization of staff and surveys Support from supervisors/team leaders

10 Utilizing the Data Who needs what information, when and how? Its more than a directory! Research - Comparing self-reported financial data to our capacity ratings Planned giving - Who has Lehigh in will; who wants planned giving information Career services - Mentoring interests & company connections

11 Project Plan Project Kick-off Preparation Lehigh - Mark-up rough drafts of survey, letters (for email and regular mail), and scripts (for telemarketing) Lehigh - Approval of data to be extracted and reports to be printed Lehigh - Extract validation tables Lehigh & PCI -Testing of extract file Lehigh - Extract data file for first mailing

12 Project Plan, cont. Preparation PCI - Data Enhancement Third party lost alumni searches Electronically verifies email addresses Supplies bad email addresses back to Lehigh Lehigh - Approval of the online update site Lehigh - Approval of survey & email letter PCI - Email to all good email addresses

13 Project Plan, cont. First Survey Mailing Lehigh - Remove bad email addresses from Banner. PCI - Begin search for lost alumni Lehigh - New data file corrections from first survey mailing for telemarketing. (return mail) Lehigh & PCI - Approval of layouts for returning data, reports, and the size of each batch returned

14 Project Plan, cont. Telemarketing PCI - Phoning begins PCI - Start of weekly data returns to Lehigh Lehigh - Updates to Banner one batch/day Lehigh - Manual updates begin PCI - Postcard mailing for inbound phoning Lehigh - New data file for second survey mailing; add new graduates and updates.

15 Project Plan, cont. Second Survey Mailings Lehigh - Approval of survey PCI - Mailing postcard reminders PCI & Lehigh - Weekly electronic data returns continue Lehigh - Approval of images, videos and audio files Lehigh - Sample files for CD with general formatting guidelines Lehigh - New data file for book production Lehigh - Sample pages returned to PCI

16 Project Plan, cont. Proofing the Directory PCI - Page and CD proofs returned to Lehigh PCI - Final data returns to Lehigh Lehigh - Automatic updates to Banner continue Lehigh - Manual updates continue Lehigh - Corrected page and CD proofs returned to PCI Lehigh - Approval of cover and introductory material Lehigh - Final extract file to PCI

17 Project Plan, cont. Final Pages PCI - Final directory pages to Lehigh for sign- off Lehigh - Sign-off on final pages returned to PCI

18 Project Plan, cont. Fulfillment PCI - Print directories PCI - Mailing of directories Softbound Hardbound CD-ROM editions Lehigh - Final updates to Banner Lehigh - Manual updates continue Lehigh - Prepare launch of online community

19 Next time… Include technical & functional personnel in survey design Review validation tables ATVSICC (Standard Industrial Code) ATVDOTT (Occupations) Have lost alums as separate file Have data returns start sooner Specific team rewards for specific goals

20 Summary Our alums reached out to Lehigh with overwhelming response to this project Goals have been reached Expectations were exceeded Management is delighted with results Significantly higher directory sales than average for PCI

21 Summary, cont. Our best resource throughout this project? DEDICATED STAFF!!!

22 PDF Files, Banner Forms Alumni Directory

23 Show Extended Search




27 Existing Home

28 Existing Home Directory

29 Telephone Numbers

30 Email

31 Inactivate the Address


33 Roll Address from DH to HO

34 Roll Phone Type and Address Type

35 Roll email

36 Validation (ATVPRCD)



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