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10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009 Job Scheduling Without UC4 (Approx) Dave Curran, Principal Consultant SunGard HE.

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1 10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009 Job Scheduling Without UC4 (Approx) Dave Curran, Principal Consultant SunGard HE

2 Before we start…. Please turn off cell phones or change to silent mode Please jot down questions and hold until end of section

3 My Background Philadelphia, PA Native and Resident BS, De Sales University, PA R.O.T.C/Commissioned at Lehigh University M.B.A, Oklahoma City University, OK Former Director of Financial Aid University of Texas at San Antonio, TX My Current and Former Financial Aid & Self-Service Implementations Georgetown University (FM/IM INAS, Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Medical and International; School of Foreign Service Doha, Qatar) Brown University (FM/IM INAS, Undergraduate,Graduate and Medical) Temple University (Undergraduate,Graduate, Law and Medical) Villanova University (FM/IM INAS, Undergraduate,Graduate)

4 Agenda Concept: What is a Job Stream Overview & Perspective: Cron Scripts Banner Set up: GTVSDAX – Object Access to the Rescue Banner Day-to-Day Processing Questions & Answers

5 Job Stream: UC4 A Job stream is a series of jobs which run in sequence. Financial Aid job typically have some type of 2-step process: GLDATA and some other process Example here is for Batch Posting the Banner Year in College value on RNANAxx and creating an end-user report.

6 Overview- What is Cron? Actually it is called Cron Daemon Cron is an automatic task machine. You use it on your Unix or Linux operating systems for doing some tasks at specific intervals with out individual intervention every time. You set the clock and forget; The cron daemon runs the work for you….like a backup. At Issue – FA Popsels with Dynamic Variables on GLBDATA do not work well with this process!

7 GLRSLCT/GLBDATA Cron scripting can run this…Simple Parms

8 …but this…not so easily Many FA Popsels have Dymanic Parms which need to be populated when the Popsel is executed.

9 GTVSDAX: Object Access What Is Object: Access? Object: Access is a Banner Baseline technical architecture designed to meet user ad hoc reporting needs. Object: Access includes a number of logical views that contain information on the most used portions of each Banner product. What Is a View? Several logical views have been created within Banner. These views form the framework of Object: Access by bringing related information to one location as described above. Each view contains several fields of related information from various Banner tables. A single view can include up to 255 pieces of information (usually fields from Banner tables). **Using GTVSDAX, you can tell the Object: Access views which values of a field you want to appear on your reports

10 GTVSDAX: Translation Concept A translation concept is used to a name to an Internal Code value on GTVSDAX. A translation concept further allows you to map multiple External Code values to the same Internal Code value. There is no limit to the number of entries you can have on GTVSDAX for a translation concept.

11 Example of Translation Concept: We could take this concept and build Odd/Even Year and Term values.

12 Aid Year Example…

13 Term Example:

14 Putting it all together….Before"

15 Using GTVSDAX…

16 End Result… One group of Population Selection without any hard coded Term or Aid Year specific Variables Would eliminate any annual New Year Roll (ROPROLL) Maintenance to the Population Selection Definition Rules Form (GLRSLCT).

17 Possible uses… Mainly for Population selections: Tracking and Batch Posting Budget Assignment Packaging Group Processing Grant Awarding Loan Origination Pretty much any Banner process which requires a Qualification (popsel) prior to running a major process

18 February 13, 2014 Questions?

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