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Upgrades/Patches: Create Test Plans

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1 Upgrades/Patches: Create Test Plans
10th Anniversary Upgrades/Patches: Create Test Plans Carol Grey Systems Analyst, Drexel University

2 General Announcements
Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered ….. Thank you for your cooperation

3 Introduction You’re going about your day-to-day business
Banner is running smoothly…

4 Introduction (cont.) When all of a sudden… Here it comes again...
Another Upgrade and More Patches!!!! What do you do now???

5 Introduction (cont.) Help is on the way!

6 Introduction (cont.) Establish a Pre-Developed Project Plan
Save Time and Effort Get the Right Players involved Keep from Reinventing the Wheel Establish a Routine that Everyone can Follow Help Ensure that Upgrades and Patches are handled in a Timely manner and Work for your Institution

7 Agenda Drexel University – who we are and how we are organized
What Drexel University does to plan, design, test, and implement Banner upgrades and patches Focus will be on the Banner Student module Sample Test Plan

8 Drexel University

9 Drexel University Private non-sectarian university (1891) 4 Campuses:
60-acre Main Campus, a mile from downtown Philadelphia, PA Center City Campus in downtown Philadelphia Medical School Campus Sacramento, CA 13 Colleges and Schools

10 Drexel University (cont.)
Two calendars: Semester and Quarter Student population (Fall ) 13,500 Undergraduate Co-op Program 7,100 Graduate and Professional students

11 Drexel University (cont.)
Implemented Banner in Summer 1999 Main campus converted from home grown system Other campuses from SIS Plus Early Adopter of Banner 8

12 Drexel University (cont.)
Current Banner Modules Accounts Receivable 8.1 Finance 8.2 Financial Aid 8.4.2 General 8.2 Human Resources 8.2 Position Control 8.2 Student 8.2 Banner Self Service for all of the above

13 Drexel University (cont.)
Current Modules (cont.) Luminis Portal FSA Atlas/Sevis Degree Works Workflow Purchased ODS/EDW, but not implemented

14 Drexel Administrative Units
Information Resources & Technology (IRT) Core Enterprise Systems (CES) Finance, HR, Student Information, Database Information, Data Warehouses Database Administrators Core Enterprise Systems Engineers (i.e., Programmers) Systems Administrators

15 Drexel Administrative Units
Information Resources & Technology (cont.) Instructional Technology and Campus Outreach Academic Web Development, End User Support and Training, Administrative User Support, Equipment Support, Voice/Telephones Core Technology Infrastructure Networking, Systems, Operations, Technical Services

16 Drexel Administrative Units
Academic Information and Systems (AIS) Systems Analysts (i.e., Admissions, Student, Financial Aid) Part of Provost’s Office Manage and maintain student software systems Ensure the data integrity Write, manage, and maintain reports Manage student systems-related projects Serve as Liaison between IRT and other Administrative and Academic Departments

17 Drexel Administrative Units
Administrative Areas Supported by AIS Enrollment Management Registrar’s Office Student Resource Center Financial Aid Office Residential Living Student Support Services Disability Services Study Abroad Career Development Center

18 Drexel Administrative Units
Academic Areas Supported by AIS Deans Offices Academic Departments Academic Program Offices

19 Drexel Administrative Units
Communications Bi-Weekly Meetings AIS and administrative support area representatives AIS and CES systems analysts, DBAs, Associate VP for Administrative Systems Weekly Meetings AIS Staff and Sub-groups Ticketing System used by all of IRT and AIS Tracking projects, end user requests

20 Project Plan

21 Identify Each Phase of the Project
Select Project Leader Requirements Phase Design Phase Testing Phase Training Phase Implementation

22 Requirements Phase Define Project Scope Major/Minor Upgrade vs. Patch
Upgrade: 7.x to 8.x or 8.1 to 8.2 Defect Correction Patches Is the Upgrade or Patch needed? Part of a regulatory release? Does it affect current business processes? Are there cross-functional dependencies? e.g., General and Student must be upgraded at same time

23 Requirements Phase (cont.)
Determine what, if any, new functionality to include in testing and implementation Determine Defect Corrections to include Identify Resources Needed Departments, Offices, Personnel

24 Project Scope Perform Technical Review Banner Product Calendar
Read/Follow Conversion and Upgrade Documentation on the Customer Support Center Download Software and Documentation Technical Upgrade Guides Analyze Customized and Integration Code Analyze Batch and Real-time Integration Points 3rd Party Products

25 Project Scope (cont.) Perform Functional Review
Banner Product Calendar Upgrade documentation downloaded from the Customer Support Center Release Guides, Patch README FILES Listings on BPOST, BSTUDENT, BGENERAL LISTSERV REFCARD

26 Design Phase Install Upgrade and/or Patches in Test Instance(s)
Create Test Environment Matching Current Banner Production Environment Create an Overview Document Summarize What’s New and/or Different Compare Old to New Forms and Processes

27 Design Phase (cont.) Develop Plan for Specific Upgrade or Patch
Include New/Changed Forms, Processes, Procedures Include Defect Resolutions Identify Known Issues Review Security Changes Forms, Processes, Roles, Classes, APIs Reports

28 Design Phase (cont.) Determine if Customized or Home-Grown Forms, Jobs or Processes affected Create or Adjust as needed Install in Test Database(s) Determine if 3rd Party (Peripheral or Add-on) Software Affected and Adjust as Needed e.g., Resource 25, Reporting Tool, Scanning Software, BbVista, Production Manager, AppWorks, DegreeWorks, Luminis Portal, Touchnet

29 Testing Phase Establish a Schedule/Time-Frame Work Collaboratively
Progress Reports and/or Meetings Work Collaboratively Don’t even try to do it all yourself! Get users involved in testing Remember to include INB, Banner Self-Serve, and any 3rd Party Software

30 Testing Phase (cont.) Forms, Processes, Reports to Be Reviewed and Tested Spreadsheet Column Headers Category e.g., General Student, Clearinghouse, Scheduling Tasks Create person, take from recruit through graduation Test forms, jobs, reports using pre-selected ids Tested By Comments

31 Testing Phase (cont.) Student System Areas / Processes Tested
General Person General Student (Learner) Registration Fee Assessment1 Clearinghouse Enrollment Verification Catalog and Sections Transfer Articulation 1Note: Responsibility of another department

32 Testing Phase (cont.) Student System Areas / Processes Tested Grading
Academic History Graduate Student Tracking Award Degrees (Outcome) Transcripts Location Management CAPP Athletic Compliance Faculty Load

33 Major/Minor Update or Patch
BANNER AREA UPGRADE OR PATCH DEFECTS PROCESSES AFFECTED DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM AND/OR RESULUTION TESTER'S INITIALS COMMENTS Catalog Patch #1-4SXOLR SCADETL You could not perform a Remove Record on the last record in the Equivalent Course block. Class Schedule #1-I44Y2 SSASECT Sometimes maximum seat number could not be updated for unreserved seats General Person #1-4NTK62 SPAIDEN GOAMTCH allowed creation of bad ID with use of the literal NEXT as value for the SPRIDEN_ID, causing an error. General Student Upgrade #1-2TPMBL SGASTDN User could create new record by scrolling to end of list and entering new data; now must use duplicate key as should be #1-54AI0D SGASTDQ, SHQTERM Enter ID number and criteria (e.g, level, college), Next Block, waited long time; Enter just ID number, Next Block, data populated quickly. Academic History #1-4T1IL4 SHAMDEG, SOKMAUD If 3-character grad status codes, Invalid outcome graduation status code error #1-2YONIQ SHAPCMP When the GPA on SHAGPAR was greater than two (2), an Oracle error displayed, and data could not be saved. Overall #1-56OIXQ SOKLCU1 The backfill was not always correctly updating the SGBSTDN future terms.

34 Testing Phase (cont.) What If Something Doesn’t Work User Error
Something Not Installed Correctly Known Issue Develop Work-Around Create contact with SunGard Customer Support Show Stopper

35 Sample Test Plan

36 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
Based on Banner Student 8.2 Upgrade (Includes some Drexel Ad-Ons and Modifications) *SZ… Home Grown forms/processes

37 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
GENERAL PERSON Review and Make changes to the different Tabs (SPAIDEN) Review SOADDRQ Review GOAEMAL Review SPAEMRG Review SPATELE

38 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
GENERAL STUDENT – Learner: Review Curriculum Status Forms Create/Update General Student record 1 major, 1 minor, 1 concentration Secondary curriculum, 1 major, 1 concentration Change Major in same program, different program Check Curriculum Summary Form (SOILCUR) after changes

39 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
GENERAL STUDENT – Learner (cont.) Check Curriculum window, Curriculum summary, FOS summary blocks from SGASTDN Review Additional Student Info (SGASADD) Review Backfill Process Continuant Term Rules/Processing (SOACTRM, SHRTYPE)

40 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
GENERAL STUDENT – Learner (cont.) Test New General Learner Mass Entry (SGAMSTU) Test New Mass Entry Audit (SOAMAUD) Expected Graduation Process (Drexel created) Student Inactivation Process (Drexel created) Activities Roll Process (Drexel created) Sports Roll Process (Drexel created)

41 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
GENERAL STUDENT – Learner (cont.) Population Selection Setup population selection (GLRSLCT) Extract the Population (GLBDATA) Saved Output Review (GLAEXTR, GLIEXTR) Cohort Load Process (SGRCHRT)

42 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
REGISTRATION: Review STVESTS and STVRSTS Set Up SOATERM, SFAESTS and SFARSTS Set Up and Test New SFAMHRS Min/Max Hrs Register individual students using SFAREGS Block or Batch Registration Process (combination Drexel Ad-On and Banner processes) Assess Time Status (SFRTMST) Review Registration Audit (SFASTCA)

43 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
REGISTRATION (cont.): Title IV Processes Withdraw Pending Status Change (SFRNOWD) Withdrawn Student Report (SFRWDRL) Student Withdrawal (SFAWDRL) Review/Test New Registration Restrictions (SCARRES and SSARRES) Review/Test New Registration Error Messages Table (SFRRMSG) and Form (SFARMSG)

44 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
REGISTRATION (cont.): Test New Registration Mass Entry (SFAMREG) Test New Batch Update Process Mass Entry (SORMEBP) Review New Mass Entry Audit (SOAMAUD)

45 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
REGISTRATION (cont.): Review New Waitlist Automation Enhancement Review New Automated Waitlist Term Control form (SOAWLTC) Review New Waitlist Automation Section Control form (SSAWLSC) Waitlist by CRN Test New Batch Waitlist Notification job (SFRBWLP)

46 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
REGISTRATION (cont.): Time Ticketing Registration Group Control Form (SFARCTL) Time Ticketing Registration Group Rules* Registration Priority Control Form (SFARCTT) Student Registration Group Query (SFIRGRP) Run Time Ticket Assignment Process* *Drexel Ad-On

47 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
REGISTRATION (cont.): Review various Registration Reports Examples: Unsatisfied Links Report (SFRLINK) Fee Assessment Report (SFRFEES) Batch Waitlist Notification Process (SFRBWLP) Registration Admin Messages Report (SFRRGAM) Withdrawn Student Report (SFRWDRL)

48 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
CLEARINGHOUSE: Clearinghouse Extract Report (SFRNSLC) NSLDS SSCR Process (SFRSSCR) ENROLLMENT VERIFICATION: Enrollment Verification Type Codes (STVEPRT) Enrollment Verification Request Rules (SFAERPT) Enrollment Verification Request Form (SFARQST) Enrollment Verification Request Status (SFARQSS) Enrollment Verification Report (SFRENRL)

49 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
CATALOG and COURSE SECTIONS: Create/Modify Courses at the catalog level Review Course Detail Information (SCADETL) Create/Modify Course Sections Test prerequisites and co-requisites Change course credits, schedule type Change instructional method, grade mode Create variable credit course Create Cross-list (SSAXLST) Change room assignment

50 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
CATALOG and COURSE SECTIONS: Create/Review Restrictions (SCARRES, SSARRES) Test changes to section after enrollment New Course Catalog Data Extract Process (SCRCATE) New Transfer Catalog Data Import Process (SHRTCIM) New SSASECT Enhanced Reserved Seat Rules Roll course sections from one term to another (SSRROLL)

51 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
TRANSFER ARTICULATION: Add courses to transfer institution catalog (SHATATC) Articulate a transfer institution course (SHATATR) Add a school to STVSGBI/SOASBGI/SOABGTA Transfer Grade Code Maintenance (SHATGRD) Enter students’ transfer courses on SHATRNS Articulate courses on SHATAEQ

52 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
TRANSFER ARTICULATION (cont.): Job sub: Transfer Equivalency Worksheet (SHRTAEQ) Review SHATRNS and SHATERM College Board Advanced Placement (AP)

53 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
GRADING and ACADEMIC HISTORY: Changes to Class Attendance Roster Form (SFAALST) Review New Display of Incomplete Grades Test New Incomplete Grade Processing Automation Enhancement New Grade collection Process and Rules New Incomplete Grade Rules Form (SHAINCG) New Automated Processing of Incomplete Grades New Incomplete Grade Process (SHRCINC)

54 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
GRADING and ACADEMIC HISTORY (cont.): Assign Grades to Classes Roll Grades from Class List (Grade Roll to Learner Outcome) Test New Roll Learner to Outcome Process (SHRROUT) Change Grades in Academic History Check Term Header record creation Review New Grade Conversion and Substitution Process

55 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
GRADING and ACADEMIC HISTORY (cont.): Roll Grades to Academic History (SHRROLL) Repeat/Equivalent Course Check Report (SHRRPTS) GPA Calculation (Individual) Run GPA Calc Process (SHRCGPA) ACADEMIC STANDING: Calculate Academic Standing (SHRASTD) Calculate Dean's List

56 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
GRADUATE STUDENT TRACKING: Non-Course Requirements( SHANCRS) Multiple Advisors (SGAADVR) Committee/Service form (SHACOMI) Qualifying Papers (SHAQPNO)

57 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
AWARD DEGREES (Outcome): Manual Roll of Learner Curricula (SGASTDN, SFAREGS) to SHADEGR From Curriculum Tabs From New Graduation Application (SHAGAPP) Review Academic History Control (SHACTRL) Award degrees in SHADEGR (Outcome) Diploma Name (SHADIPL)

58 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
AWARD DEGREES (Outcome): Review Re-designed Graduation Mass Entry Process Mass Entry Graduation (SHAMDEG) Mass Update Diploma (SHAMUDI) Mass Entry Ceremony Attendance (SHAMCAT) Mass Entry Diploma (SHAMDIP) Mass Update Ceremony Attendance (SHAMUCA)

59 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
TRANSCRIPTS: Transcript Name Source Table (STVTRNS) Transcript Request Form (SHARQTC) Transcript Type Form (SHATPRT) Academic Transcript Process (SHRTRTC) Transcript Population Creation (SHRTPOP) Transcript Status (SHARQTS) Transcript Comments (SHATCMT)

60 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
TRANSCRIPTS (cont.): Review Online Transcript Request Forms Web Self-Service Options Validation (STVWSSO) Web transcript Request Rules (SHAWTRR)

61 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
LOCATION MANAGEMENT & HOUSING: Create Dorm and Meal Application (SLARMAP) Create Roommate Application (SLARMAT) Assign Rooms (SLARASG) Assign Phones (SPAPASG) Assign Meal Plans (SLAMASG) Create Events (SLAEVNT) Run Assignment Roll Process (SLRROLL)

62 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
CURRICULUM, ADVISING & PROGRAM PLANNING (CAPP) Multiple Advisors (SGAADVR) Student Attribute Codes (STVATTS) SORLCUR Curriculum SORLFOS Fields of Study Review/Test New Current Indicator Enhancement Curriculum Rules Control (SOACTRL) Review/Test Current Indicator Conversion to Current Code on Curriculum Tables

63 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
CAPP (cont.) Review Curriculum Rules (SOACURR) Insert new Program, Major, Concentration Major, Minor, Concentrations (STVMAJR) Program Requirements (SMAPROG) Area Library (SMAALIB) Area Requirements (SMAAREA) Group Library (SMAGLIB) Group Requirements (SMAGROP)

64 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
CAPP (cont.) Add new program to SOAXREF, SOAXCUR through SOACURR Run Compliance Report and Print Review Compliance Report in INB Review Compliance Report on BSS Compliance Request Activity (SMACACT) Run Compliance Purge Process (SMPCPRG)

65 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
ATHLETIC COMPLIANCE Setup Validation Tables: Student Activity Code Validation Form (STVACTC) Comment Type Code Validation Form (STVCMTT) Degree Completion Change Reason (STVDCPR) Eligibility Code Validation Form (STVELIG) Athletic Qualifier Status Validation (STVSAQS) Athletic Attribute Validation Form (STVSAAT) Athletic Academic Eligibility Validation (STVSAEL)

66 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
ATHLETIC COMPLIANCE (cont.) Validation Tables (cont): Originator Validation Form (STVORIG) Athletic Competition Reason Validation (STVSARE) Athletic Residency Exception Validation(STVSARX) Athlete Transfer Status Validation (STVSATR) Sport Status Code Validation Form (STVSPST)

67 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
ATHLETIC COMPLIANCE (cont.) Test Athletic Compliance Form (SGASPRT) Review/Test new Athletic Compliance Inquiry Form (SGISPRT) Review/Test New Mass Entry Athletic Compliance Form (SGAMSPT)

68 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
FACULTY LOAD Faculty Load Term Control Form (SIATERM) Faculty/Advisor Information (SIAANST) Faculty Assignment (SIAASGN) Faculty Workload Contract FTE Form (SIACFTE) Faculty Workload Term Rules Form (SIAFLRT) Faculty Contract Analysis Form (SIACONA) Faculty Workload Contract Rules Form (SIAFLRC) Faculty Load Contract Analysis Report (SIRCTAL) Faculty Personnel Form (SIAFPER)

69 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
BANNERWEB FOR STUDENT Review Personal Information Tab View/Update Address(es) and Phone(s) View/Update Emergency Contacts View and Update (New) Race and Ethnicity Review Student Tab Student Academic Status Information Screen General Student Information Advisor

70 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
BANNERWEB FOR STUDENT (cont.) Registration Review look up classes pages Review messages for closed classes, pre-reqs, readmit needed Register for classes Register for Linked Courses Update Variable Credits Review Degree Audit as Student

71 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
BANNERWEB FOR STUDENT (cont.) Enrollment Verification Request Review Transcript Request Transcript Create Graduation Application

72 Sample Upgrade Test Plan
BANNERWEB FOR ADVISORS/FACULTY Review Class Lists Faculty Grading on Web Review a Student’s Information Run Compliance Report for a Student BANNER SELF-SERVICE WEB TAILOR Customize a Web Menu or Procedure Customize a Set of Information Text

73 Training Phase

74 Training Phase (cont.) Develop Training Materials
Documentation, Visual Aids, Videos, Online Help Provide End User Training Classes, One-on-One, Online Presentations Communication s, Website, Links, Summaries of What’s New

75 Implementation Phase Install Upgrade and/or Patch into Production
Verify that System is working Send out Communication Inform End Users of What’s New or Changed Conduct Post-Implementation Review

76 And Finally… You’re going about your day-to-day business
Banner is running smoothly

77 A Job Well Done!

78 Summary Create an overall Project Plan
Download Releases, Patches, and Documentation Perform a Functional and Technical Review Create one or more Test Instances Design Specific Test Plan Determine if Home-Grown Processes Affected Test, Test, and Test Some More!!!

79 Summary (cont.) Train End Users Provide Documentation
Implement the Upgrade and/or Patches Conduct a Post-Implementation Review Be ready to do it all again next time!

80 Open to the Floor Questions Comments

81 Thank You! Carol Grey Systems Analyst
Drexel University Philadelphia, PA

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