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Swarthmore College Open Enrollment Our Way November 21, 2006 Presented by: Katie Bourne, ITS Theresa Handley, HR Ed Siegle, ITS.

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1 Swarthmore College Open Enrollment Our Way November 21, 2006 Presented by: Katie Bourne, ITS Theresa Handley, HR Ed Siegle, ITS

2 2 Open Enrollment Drudgery Before Web Open Enrollment

3 3 The Planning Began February 2005 Visit with our colleagues at Lehigh University Lots of valuable information March – August 2005 Planning continues through the spring and summer Tons of modifications to the product Is this the way we want to go?

4 4 A New Direction Late August 2005 Eureka! We decide on a different approach Time is short; only a month until Open Enrollment begins Will it work? Testing begins. The process is better than anticipated!

5 5 Open Enrollment Process Log on to employee self-service (mySwarthmore) Click on link to Open Enrollment Read instructions and answer a few questions Make selections Complete Open Enrollment Receive e-mail confirmation

6 6 Log on to mySwarthmore

7 7 Click on Open Enrollment

8 8 Read Instructions and Check Current Benefits

9 9 Read Instructions and Answer Questions

10 10 Make Selections and Submit

11 11 Read Instructions to Set Up Spending Account, Add Dependents, and Recalculate

12 12 Verify Choices, Start Over, or Finish Open Enrollment

13 13 Open Enrollment Selections for Swat Employee 0007286 as of October 12, 2006 Benefit year November 1, 2006 through October 31, 2007 Code BenefitTier Your Amount Per Paycheck College Amt per paycheck (or Coverage amt for LTD/LTX) AHCFlex Spending Plan Health CareN/A80.00.00 HDPUnited Concordia DentalFamily30.74.00 HOCDavis VisionFamily4.49.00 HPCHealth Plan Personal ChoiceFamily651.79914.22 You have.00 per paycheck remaining benefit bank credit Dependent First Name Dependent Middle Initial Dependent Last Name Dependent Relationship Dependent Birthdate(s) SwatN/ASpouseHusband07-NOV-50 SwatN/ADependentChild17-NOV-86 SwatN/ADependentChild29-JAN-89 Please contact Theresa Handley at or at x8652 if the above confirmation is E-mail Confirmation of Choices

14 14 Exceptions We have a group of exceptional employees that cannot enroll on-line. Domestic partners Grandfathered part time employees with full time benefits Faculty traveling to and living in France

15 15 On-Line Participation 2005 72% of those eligible to complete on-line did so 2006 78% of those eligible to complete on-line did so

16 16 Swarthmore Open Enrollment behind the Scenes Employee selects Medical choices go into table PWTOENR Employee selects LTD or LTX choices go into table PWTOENR Employee selects Flex Spending choices go into table PWTOENR, dependents go into table PDRBENE Employee selects COMPLETE & has the choice to START OVER Benefits may be re-entered FINISH Benefits are locked in; Employee entered on OE_COMPLETE;* Employee receives email confirmation. *at this point Administrator can reset the tables if the Employee wants to make changes.

17 17 Banner Open Enrollment Set-up (1) PTRBDCABenefits and Deductions Rules Example Healthcare Code: HKP

18 18 Banner Open Enrollment Set-up (2) PTRBDCA Web Information Change Web Description or Web Information URL if needed:

19 19 Banner Open Enrollment Set-up (3) PTRBDCA Definition of Benefits and Deduction Plans Enter New Rates in PTRBDCA

20 20 Banner Open Enrollment Set-up (4) Make sure all benefits eligible employees have email usernames in GOREMAL

21 21 Swarthmore Open Enrollment Objects 2 Population Selections: OE_CONTROLPopulation Selection of benefits eligible employees excluding exceptions OE_EXCEPTIONSPopulation Selection of benefits eligible employees ineligible to do Open Enrollment online 3 Tables: PWTOENR --table used for holding Open Enrollment Selections OE_COMPLETE--table used for holding Employee pidms when Selections are complete PLAN_AMOUNTS--holds new healthcare rates and benefit information 2 Views: OE_BENEFITS --a view for displaying previous years benefits OE_EMAIL_VIEW --a view that uses PWTOENR and PLAN_AMOUNTS for displaying new benefit choices on web and also for sending confirmation emails 6 Functions: Fs_oe_get_leftover Fs_get_bbc_amt Fs_get_ltdx_premium Fs_get_ltd_salary Fs_get_bbc Fs_oe_email_ftpt

22 22 Swarthmore Open Enrollment Once Open Enrollment is completed--before the first Payroll of the New Benefit Year-- Scripts are run to populate the following 5 production tables with the new Benefits and Amounts: PDRBDEDEmployee Deduction Repeating Base Table PDRDEDNEmployee Deduction Repeating Table PERDHISEmployee Deduction History Repeating Table PDRFBALEmployee Flexible Benefits Balance Table NBREARNEmployee Default Earnings Code Table 7 Packaged procedures are used for processing Open Enrollment selections: A script is run to create the table OE_NO_CHANGE – employees who did not change healthcare OE_HEALTH_FT if new or changed healthcare for full-time ees --add to tables OE_HEALTH_PTif new or changed healthcare for part-time ees --add to tables OE_DIFF_HCif had hc last year but not this year –insert termination records OE_PROCESS_LTDXif new LTD/LTDX –-add to tables OE_DIFF_LTDXif had LTD last year but changed to LTX – insert termination LTD OE_PROCESS_FLEXadd flex with new begin and end dates to tables OE_PROCESS_BBC add bbc (leftover spending amounts) to earnings table

23 23 Enhancements for 2006 Administrators site Ability to reset enrollment if employee needed to change selections Ability to by-pass PIN and password and assist employee with enrollment Ability to default those that didnt complete on-line enrollment E-mail updates targeted only those employees that hadnt completed enrollment; less annoying for those that had Processing additions Added Banner ID and benefit codes to e-mail confirmation making Payrolls part a bit easier; added name and ID to e-mail subject line

24 24 Administrators Site

25 25 Enrollment Reset

26 26 Proxy

27 27 Status Report

28 28 Cultural Change In previous years, Open Enrollment deadline meant seeing/meeting with approximately 150 - 200 employees completing paper enrollment. This year, the process changed. We dealt mostly with e-mail and phone calls on deadline day … much less stressful and time consuming.

29 29 A Sampling of Comments from Employees Wow, the on-line system was incredibly easy. Congratulations to you all for coming up with it. Thanks. Open enrollment was very quick and easy. I liked the use of the different colors, it made it easy to understand. Congrats!! BRAVO...........! Does that make life simple or what? Great move. Just wanted to let you know that I found the on-line enrollment very clear and easy. I especially appreciated the ability to be able to go back and change options prior to hitting the last button. Thank you! I just want to thank you for designing an online open enrollment process that was so quick and simple to navigate!! You and your team have done a wonderful job.

30 30 Our Mascot and Motto Manageable for both ITS and HR Intuitive to the end user Logical code design allows for future modifications Lots of positive feedback from the end-users Independent of the SCT OE piece Ease of use, anybody can do it

31 31 Open Enrollment Glee After Web Open Enrollment

32 32 Questions/Comments/Ideas

33 33 Contact Information Katie Bourne, Theresa Handley, Ed Siegle,

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