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10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009 Year Around Pell Dave Curran, Principal Consultant.

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1 10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009 Year Around Pell Dave Curran, Principal Consultant

2 Before we start…. Please turn off cell phones or change to silent mode Please jot down questions and hold until end of section

3 My Background Philadelphia, PA Native and Resident BS, De Sales University, PA R.O.T.C/Commissioned at Lehigh University M.B.A, Oklahoma City University, OK Former Director of Financial Aid University of Texas at San Antonio, TX My Current and Former Financial Aid & Self-Service Implementations Georgetown University (FM/IM INAS, Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Medical and International; School of Foreign Service Doha, Qatar) Brown University (FM/IM INAS, Undergraduate,Graduate and Medical) Temple University (Undergraduate,Graduate, Law and Medical) Villanova University (FM/IM INAS, Undergraduate,Graduate)

4 Agenda Year Around Pell Overview Banner Set up Banner Day-to-Day Processing Question and Answer

5 Year Round Pell is a Nickname Old Law A Pell recipient will receive up to ONE scheduled award in an award year New Law A Pell recipient will receive up to TWO scheduled awards in an award year Effective 2009-10 award year funds 5

6 Year Round Pell The Statute : The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008 authorized the awarding of up to two Federal Pell Grants within an academic year. Banner 7.14.1/8.4.2 addresses Phase 1 which allows up to 200% of a scheduled Federal Pell Grant award within an academic year.

7 7 Year-Round Pell Grant Students may receive up to two scheduled Pell Grants during an award year For receipt of the first scheduled award, student may be at any enrollment status For receipt of any money beyond the first scheduled award, student must be enrolled at least half-time RPEDISB has been updated to verify that a student is enrolled at least 1/2 time prior to disbursing Pell funds from a second Pell award within an aid year.

8 8 Term-Based Calculation Before Year-Round Pell Grant Old Rule: One Scheduled Award per Award Year Students Scheduled Award is $4,000 in both award years Spring 2010 $2,000 Summer 2010 $2,000 Fall 2009 $2,000 Fall 2010 $2,000 2009-10 Award Year 2010-11 Award Year Spring 2011 $0.00 100% 2009-10 100% 2010-11

9 9 Term-Based Year-Round Pell Grant Spring 2010 $2,000 Fall 2010 $2,000 Fall 2009 $2,000 Spring 2011 $2,000 2009-10 Award Year 2010-11 Award Year Summer 2011 $2,000 Summer 2010 $2,000 150% 2009-10 AY 150% 2010-11 AY New Rule: Up to Two Scheduled Awards per Award Year Students Scheduled Award is $4,000 in both award years

10 10 Term-Based Year-Round Pell Grant New Rule: Up to Two Scheduled Awards per Award Year Students Scheduled Award is $4,000 for the award year Fall 2009 $2,000 Summer 2010 $2,000 Summer 2009 $2,000 2009-10 Award Year Spring 2010 $2,000 200% 2009-10 AY

11 Banner Setup RTVAPRD

12 Banner Setup (cont…) RFRDEFA

13 Banner Results… RPAAWRD

14 Banner Results RPEPEL will set the New Pell and Loan Tab Additional Eligb. Indicator if applicable so it can be reported to COD. Not updateable by hand!

15 Banner Results…


17 17 Two Scheduled Awards Per Award Year Pell funds are linked to an award year G5 must know what years funds are being drawn down Student must be eligible for that years funds Pell eligible ISIR Effective July 1, 2009

18 Year-Round Pell Grant Effective with the 2009-2010 award year 09/10 maximum scheduled award is $5,350 Schools will continue to calculate the payment using scheduled award for award year Schools will be able to pay a student up to a maximum of 200% of the scheduled award for the award year 18

19 Year-Round Pell Summer Mini-Sessions Standard term programs using Pell formula 1 or 2 count the summer term as a standard term May consist of mini-summer terms/sessions which are combined and handled like a standard term Full-time for the combined summer terms/sessions must be defined as 12 credits Length of summer terms/sessions does not matter 19

20 Year-Round Pell Summer Mini-Sessions School with standard terms has 4 summer mini-sessions Session I:May 4 – June 5 Session II:May 18 - June 19 Session III:June 8 – July 10 Session IV: July 6 – Aug 7 School combines all 4 sessions into one 14 week summer term (May 4 – Aug 7) Summer is a crossover payment period Students may take courses in any session and still are enrolled in the combined summer term 20

21 Year-Round Pell Summer Mini-Sessions Student A enrolls only in Sessions I and II May 4 – June 19 Student B enrolls only in Sessions III and IV June 8 - August 7 Student C enrolls only in Session IV All are considered to be enrolled in combined term that starts May 4 and ends August 7 Assuming valid ISIR for both 09/10 and 10/11, may be paid Pell from either award year 21

22 22 May 18 to June 19 May 4 to Jun 5 Student A: Attends only Sessions I and II July 6 to Aug 7 June 8 to July 1 All mini-sessions combined as one standard term Student B: Attends only Sessions III and IV 09-10 award year July 1, 2009 10-11 award year All mini-sessions combined as one standard term July 6 to Aug 7 All mini-sessions combined as one standard term Student C: Attends only Session IV 22

23 COD and Year-Round Pell New field added to COD record Additional Eligibility Indicator (AEI) Once the RPEPELL process has awarded the student beyond 100% of the scheduled award, the Additional Eligibility Indicator (RORSTAT_ADD_PELL_ELIG_IND) field is set to Y. AEI student will not trigger POP MRR but will trigger concurrent enrollment MRR 23

24 NPRM - Year Round Pell To receive a second scheduled award, student must Successfully complete credit or clock hours of the first academic year in the award year Enroll in an eligible program leading to a bachelors or associate degree or other recognized educational credential Enroll at least as a half-time student 24

25 NPRM - Year Round Pell School may waive requirement to complete hours of the academic year Must be due to circumstances beyond the students control Must be determined and documented on individual basis May include circumstances such as illness or classes not offered Does not include withdrawing to avoid a grade or failing to register for offered class 25

26 NPRM - Year Round Pell: Transfers Assume completed first academic year if received all of first Scheduled Award at prior institution If less than first Scheduled Award was received, assumption that student completed the same ratio of the academic year as the % of Pell received 26

27 NPRM - Year Round Pell: Crossovers Full-time or three-quarter-time Must assign a crossover payment period to award year in which student receives greater payment at time payment is initially calculated Must reassign if subsequent information shows greater payment would result Half-time or less May assign to either year Must assign if student requests to maximize benefits over 2 award years 27

28 NPRM - Year Round Pell: Payment from Second Award Payment for payment period is greater than balance of first Scheduled award Payment is remaining amount of first Scheduled Award plus an amount from second Scheduled Award for the balance of the payment 28

29 Maximum Duration of Eligibility Limits Pell eligibility to 18 semesters Department equivalent is 9 scheduled awards Applies only to students who are first-time Pell recipients in the 2008-2009 award year or after Students enrolled less than full-time will be assessed at the fractional enrollment status 29

30 Maximum Duration of Eligibility COD will track student usage Percentage used available in COD and NSLDS beginning July 2009 and will appear on the ISIR beginning in 2010-2011 30

31 Maximum Duration of Eligibility 31 Fall 2009 TQT Fall 2010 HT Summer 2014 FT Fall 2014 FT Spring 2015 FT Fall 2008 FT Spring 2009 FT Spring 2010 TQT Summer 2010 TQT Students Pell disbursements basedPercentage Used on enrollment status per payment period 787.5% = 100% Summer 2011 HT Fall 2011 HT Fall 2015 FT Summer 2015 FT 200% Spring 2016 FT Summer 2016 FT Fall 2016 FT 112.5% 75% 150% Spring 2017 FT Summer 2017 FT 150% = = = = = 2008-09 2009-10 2014-15 2010-11 2015-16 2016-17

32 Maximum Pell Eligibility For Dependents of Military Personnel Killed in Iraq/Afghanistan Effective 2009-2010 only for those who have Pell eligible EFC on processed FAFSA COD website: Post 9-11 Deceased Veteran Dependent Indicator: Schools update there!! 32

33 February 13, 2014 Questions?

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