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Tuition Account Refunds through Direct Deposit

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Tuition Account Refunds through Direct Deposit Carold Boyer-Yancy, Director Student Service Center Diane Scutti, Manager of Accounting Operations Office.

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1 Tuition Account Refunds through Direct Deposit
Carold Boyer-Yancy, Director Student Service Center Diane Scutti, Manager of Accounting Operations Office of Financial Affairs Saint Joseph’s University

2 Reasons for Direct Deposit
Students needing immediate access to their funds Eliminate checks that are lost in the mail Avoid delays caused by the USPO Accounts Payable and the Student Service Center have less checks to process Help students avoid check cashing fees Provide improved service for our students Carold

3 Implementation of Direct Deposit
Develop a method to gather, monitor and change student banking information On-line to make the process as easy as possible for AP and the SSC Payroll did not want us to impact their direct deposit information on GXADIRD Diane- When we decided to do this we had three things in mind. Concerned about the difficulty of gathering all this information, the frequency of student’s changing their accounts. Also, there is usually only one refund a semester so how could it be done quickly. Did not want to impact greatly the workload of the SSC and AP staff Payroll was concerned with us changing their priorities or bank information they had previously set up

4 Diane-A method to gather information was developed on our self-service(My SJU) for our students to enter/confirm pre-existing or change their bank information

5 Diane, Provided copy of a check so they would understand routing vs. bank account number

6 Diane Bank routing comes from a drop down box. If student’s routing does not appear they need to bring a voided check to the SSC. Account # is entered, select checking or savings. If they already are on direct deposit(all students who work on campus are required to have direct deposit so there information will default in.

7 Diane does not contain bank information because of security. But students do get a message on the MY SJU with bank and routing # to confirm.

8 Diane GXADIRD form is updated immediately
AP the student sets up is a priority 0 Payroll remains at 1 If AP/Payroll are both at priority 1, AP moves up to priority 0. If student changes, the cancelled AP moves to the next available priority skipping over all the payroll priorities and the new AP moves to priority 0.

9 Banner Process Update TSADETC (Detail Code Control Form) Carold

10 Carold

11 Banner Process, cont. SSC submits refunds to AP in the normal manner
Student receives an electronic when the direct deposit has been processed A check register was developed(FZBCHKR) for the SSC to help them identify checks vs. direct deposit Carold

12 Getting the word out…. Email Brochure Posters
A brochure with every refund check To date 748 students have signed up for direct deposit! Carold

13 Expectations Student entering bank information multiple times
Rejections-no pre-noting and incorrect information entered Routing number not on validation list Increase in s to SSC alias Purging policy-getting students off of Direct Deposit once they have graduated Diane We built in pop-up box after we went live. Information has already been entered Set up method with your banking information to receive this information daily. Voided check to SSC SJU will be 6 mos. After they graduate

14 Positive Feedback from both Students and Employees!
Benefits Positive Feedback from both Students and Employees! Carold

15 Future Efforts More advertising Orientation Open House Mandatory
Parent reimbursement Carold

16 Tuition Account Refunds through Direct Deposit
Thank you for attending Questions????? Carold Boyer-Yancy, Diane Scutti, Carold






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