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April 2-5 Orlando, Florida Making Open Enrollment Work For You One Universitys Approach to Implementing Online Open Enrollment Presented by: Susan Hill,

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1 April 2-5 Orlando, Florida Making Open Enrollment Work For You One Universitys Approach to Implementing Online Open Enrollment Presented by: Susan Hill, Jodi Kaelin, Lisa Valosky PA BUG Conference November 22, 2005

2 Evaluation Code XXX 2 Agenda - Topics of Discussion Where We Were Where We Ended Up How We Got There Banner Tables Self Service Views Reporting Communication Plan Technical Questions

3 April 2-5 Orlando, Florida Where We Were

4 Evaluation Code XXX 4 Where We Were Significant initial mailing to all FT employees Separate benefit statement process – required several days to generate, package and deliver Change requests (plan/payroll benefit deductions) sent back to HR and manually entered to banner

5 April 2-5 Orlando, Florida Where We Ended Up

6 Evaluation Code XXX 6 Where We Ended Up Online process for; Employee Benefit Statements Open Enrollment for Medical Dental Life Insurance Total Compensation Statement (future) Eliminated manual payroll data entry of benefit deduction changes Eliminated printed benefits statements – decreased man hours in preparing and disseminating statements Provided automatic confirmation of new elections Web based access to current information from any PC

7 April 2-5 Orlando, Florida How We Got There

8 Evaluation Code XXX 8 How We Got There – Initial Project Planning End User Perspective Duplication of current process online so as to decrease confusion and ensure participation Intuitive and easy to use Target Audience From line staff to VPs Not all have PC access Communication Plan Begin early Provide clear and detailed instructions Provide feedback during the process Benefits Statement Used to begin process and confirm elections following completion of Open Enrollment

9 Evaluation Code XXX 9 How We Got There – Module Modification, Implementation Plan Required Modifications to SCT deliverables Assessed baseline and determined formatting requirements, module modifications Benefit Statement (sorts, formats, life insurance calculation based on age, etc.) Open Enrollment (crosswalk table, life insurance calculation logic, format changes, email confirmations, infotext, removed cost comparison) Validation and Rules Crosswalk Table developed in-house - which EEs can see which benefits Implementation Plan Developed a project plan as constant work in progress

10 Evaluation Code XXX 10 Open Enrollment as Delivered – Too Many Choices!

11 Evaluation Code XXX 11 Crosswalk Table Started here Define Eclss (ie: Regular EE, Service, Union, 9 Month, Faculty) Define associated Benefit Plan Codes (ie: Employee Only, Family, Employee & Spouse)

12 Evaluation Code XXX 12 Crosswalk Table - PVVEBCT Entered into Banner Include parameters to account for differences in # of pays, plans available, etc.

13 April 2-5 Orlando, Florida Banner Forms

14 Evaluation Code XXX 14 Banner Forms PTRBCAT Turn on Open Enrollment Set up Dates Set up Benefit Statement PTRBDPG Set up benefit groups We used MB (Miscellaneous) as FB (Flexible Benefits) would not allow inclusion of Life Insurance M odule PVVEBCT (Custom Form) Crosswalk table

15 Evaluation Code XXX 15

16 Evaluation Code XXX 16

17 Evaluation Code XXX 17

18 Evaluation Code XXX 18

19 Evaluation Code XXX 19

20 Evaluation Code XXX 20

21 Evaluation Code XXX 21

22 Evaluation Code XXX 22

23 Evaluation Code XXX 23

24 April 2-5 Orlando, Florida Self Service Views

25 Evaluation Code XXX 25 Self Service Views Added Infotext on most pages Included links to detailed instructions This is what the end users will see

26 Evaluation Code XXX 26

27 Evaluation Code XXX 27

28 Evaluation Code XXX 28

29 Evaluation Code XXX 29

30 Evaluation Code XXX 30

31 Evaluation Code XXX 31

32 Evaluation Code XXX 32

33 Evaluation Code XXX 33

34 Evaluation Code XXX 34

35 Evaluation Code XXX 35

36 Evaluation Code XXX 36

37 Evaluation Code XXX 37

38 April 2-5 Orlando, Florida Reporting Using Oracle Discoverer

39 Evaluation Code XXX 39

40 Evaluation Code XXX 40 Communication Plan Email announcements prior to Open Enrollment to explain new Online process Postings on University homepage, News & Events, article in Staff Newspaper, HR Website Email reminders for those who have accessed, but not completed Open Enrollment Annual Benefits Fair – Kiosks available for employees to complete Open Enrollment Help Sessions – 2 Kiosks available on campus everyday for 2 weeks

41 Evaluation Code XXX 41 Summary Summarize the key points you want your audience to remember

42 Evaluation Code XXX 42 Email Communications – Stored in Infotext to allow for easy edits

43 Evaluation Code XXX 43 Summary Summarize the key points you want your audience to remember

44 Evaluation Code XXX 44 Instructions: - Benefit Statement - Open Enrollment - Help Sessions

45 Evaluation Code XXX 45 Summary Summarize the key points you want your audience to remember

46 Evaluation Code XXX 46 Communication Plan – Help Sessions

47 Evaluation Code XXX 47 Technical – Whats Involved Benefits Statement SCTs bwpkebst became bvpkebst Sorted benefits (health, dental, etc) Computation for life insurance premiums based on age Additional info text Format changes Open Enrollment SCTs bwpkdcmn became bvpkdcmn Added logic/function to compute life premiums based upon age Format changes bwpkdupd became bvpkdupd Added logic for life insurance coverage selection and computation of premiums based upon age and coverage amount desired

48 Evaluation Code XXX 48 Technical – Contd Bwpkdofn became bvpkdofn Added email confirmation upon successful completion of the process Using text stored in info text pwklib became pvklib Added a new procedure to include a VU cross walk table for selection of allowable benefits based upon employee class of employee Bwpkdoen became bvpkdoen Required to modify to access VU modules (bvpks) Changed descriptions from Miscellaneous to Villanova University

49 Evaluation Code XXX 49 VUs cross walk-table was key to benefits selection PVVEBCT Cross walk table was created for selection of benefits based upon ecls, organization, pay factor (for faculty) and ptrbdpl_codes permissable for that ecls, org, and/or pay factor Form PVVEBCT was created to allow data entry

50 Evaluation Code XXX 50 THE FACTS: (YES IT DOES INDEED WORK) Logic for selection of allowable benefits (from ptrbdcn): select * from ptrbcdn where ptrbcdn_bcat_code = bcat_code and ((ptrbcdn_end_date is null and nvl(in_date,sysdate) >= ptrbcdn_begin_date) or (nvl(in_date,sysdate) between ptrbcdn_begin_date and ptrbcdn_end and exists (select 'X From pwrempl a, pvvebct b, ptrbdpl c where a.pwrempl_pidm = pidm and a.pwrempl_ecls_code = b.PVVEBCT_EclS_CODE and a.pwrempl_contract_type = 'P' and b.PVVEBCT_BTYPE = c.ptrbdpl_code and ((a.pwrempl_factor = b.pvvebct_factor) or (a.pwrempl_factor != nvl(b.pvvebct_factor,0) and not exists (select 'X' from pvvebct xxx, pwrempl yyy where yyy.pwrempl_ecls_code = xxx.pvvebct_ecls_code and yyy.pwrempl_factor = xxx.pvvebct_factor and yyy.pwrempl_pidm = a.pwrempl_pidm and yyy.pwrempl_contract_type = 'P'))) and ((a.pwrempl_orgn_code_home = b.pvvebct_orgn_code) or (a.pwrempl_orgn_code_home != nvl(b.pvvebct_orgn_code,' *') and not exists (select 'X' from pvvebct x, pwrempl y where y.pwrempl_ecls_code = x.pvvebct_ecls_code and y.pwrempl_orgn_code_home = x.pvvebct_orgn_code and y.pwrempl_pidm = a.pwrempl_pidm and y.pwrempl_contract_type = 'P')))

51 Evaluation Code XXX 51 Lessons Learned – Advice to Others PDPLIFE – No! Clean up Eclss prior to project planning Plan for those without PC access Have a plan for those unaware of their passwords/ log ins Communicate, communicate, communicate Education and Training – especially in HR. People need to know how to use the product in order to help others Allow sufficient time for unforeseen modifications and testing Understand the validation/rule tables and processes

52 Evaluation Code XXX 52 Summary Start early and plan ahead! It took us about 6 months from project plan to implementation/completion Online module saves many HR man hours, many trees and simplifies the manual process Online Open Enrollment received positive feedback

53 Evaluation Code XXX 53 Thank You! Questions?

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