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Welcome to 2 nd Grade at Hilltop Elementary 2011 - 2012 Ms. HasteMs. Ignacio Ms. SowaMr. Towers.

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1 Welcome to 2 nd Grade at Hilltop Elementary 2011 - 2012 Ms. HasteMs. Ignacio Ms. SowaMr. Towers

2 The 3 Main Academic Areas Language Arts - Treasures/MSC Mathematics - enVision Math/MSC Science/Social Studies - AACPS Curriculum

3 Anne Arundel County Public Schools K-5 Core Reading Program

4 Oral Language Phonemic Awareness Phonics Fluency Vocabulary Comprehension Writing

5 Student Books

6 Authentic Literature Award winning classics & current literature Multi-cultural selections Biographies & autobiographies Non-fiction selections

7 Talk Read Write Talk, Read, Write--Everyday Anne Arundel County Public Schools Office of Elementary Reading/Language Arts

8 Leveled Readers in EACH Classroom Students, teachers, and parents have online access to over 7000 different leveled readers

9 Approaching On ELL Beyond All leveled readers teach the same: Theme Vocabulary Comprehension skill/strategy Phonics – primary grades Thinking Maps Every week, everyday, your child will read text on his/her reading level Leveled Readers

10 Full Week of Expository Reading and Writing Additional Non-Fiction Reading Texts are linked to core instruction by theme and enduring understanding question to deepen knowledge and comprehension. Selections are geared to Science and Social Studies topics with real world applications.

11 Every Day Learn in a whole class setting Interact and practice in small groups with the classroom teacher Talk about what he/she is reading with a partner or small group Independently practice what has been learned Visit and engage in interactive learning centers to build skills Children have the opportunity to:

12 Focus Wall Connections beyond the classroom Cultural Arts Media Technology Real World

13 Supplemental Components

14 Technology Online access to grade level materials –Student anthology –Leveled readers –Games –Review activities Students will be issued usernames and passwords soon.

15 Second Grade Treasures Units Smart Strart (5-10 Day Review) Unit 1: Friends and Family –What makes a good friend? Unit 2: Community Heroes –What heroes live in our community? Unit 3: Lets Create –How do people express themselves in creative ways? Unit 4: Better Together –How is working together better than alone? Unit 5: Growing and Changing –How do animals grow and change as they grow? Unit 6: The World Around Us –How do we learn about nature?

16 Treasures Writing Process Day 1: Focus and Plan for writing Day 2: Pre-write using Thinking Maps and Draft Day 3: Focus on a writing trait/grammar Day 4: Revise and Proofread Day 5: Publish Writing

17 enVision Mathematics Components Daily Spiral Review/Problem of the Day The Lesson –Interactive Learning (introduce concept, use of manipulatives) –Whole-Class Guided Practice –Independent Practice –Problem Solving –Intervention Group or Reinforcement Centers/Games Fact Practice Homework (Re-teaching, Practice, Enrichment, or Problem Solving) Topic Tests Benchmark Assessments

18 enVision Math – Online Component View the text book Explore Lessons, Videos, Activities Use on-line math tools and manipulatives Pintables Log on to: –Use the following information to get into the Math Classroom Childs Username: SIF Number (lunch number) Childs Password: SIF number (lunch number)

19 Social Studies Units 1 st Quarter: Unit 1: Where We Live: A Study of the Earth 2 nd Quarter: Unit 2: How We Live: A Study of People Making Choices 3 rd Quarter: Unit 3: Living Together: A Study of Cultures Unit 4: Living History: A Study of How Things Change 4 th Quarter: Unit 5: Our Country Today

20 Science Units Chemistry: (1 st Quarter) Physics and Environmental Science (2 nd Quarter) Earth/Space Science (3 rd Quarter) Life Science (4 th Quarter)

21 2 nd Grade Fieldtrips (tentative ideas) Fieldtrips and related costs are being considered and planned at this time. –National Aquarium – Baltimore (October 26 th ) *Information about this trip will be sent home soon. –Myerhoff Symphony Orchestra – Baltimore (December 2) –Maryland Science Center – Baltimore (Spring) –We will consider other field trips if we have the opportunity to go.

22 Homework Daily Math Practice (Re-teach, Practice, Enrichment, or Problem Solving) Daily Spelling Reading Log Science/Social Studies (as necessary) Other (to be announced) For Spelling: Day 1: Write the words 3 times each. Day 2: Alphabetical ( abc ) order Day 3: Use words 1-8 in sentences. Day 4: Use words 9-15 in sentences. Study for Your Test! Day 5: None (see the attached Spelling HW sample) * Some students may receive a challenge list if he/she passes spelling pre-test

23 Hilltops 4 Rs Program I will show RESPECT for: Myself (Have A Positive Attitude, Be Successful, Try Your Best) Others (Keep Hands & Feet to Yourself, Use Good Manners, Converse Politely) Learning (Complete Class Work & Homework, Participate, Ask For Help) Property (Care for Learning Materials, Keep Things Neat & Tidy, Ask Before Taking) Earn star bucks for special prizes and activities throughout the year.

24 What Happens if a School Rule/Routine is Broken? Green: Everyone starts on the color green. Yellow: Verbal Warning Pink: Lose Half of Recess. Red: Lose All of Recess and Complete a Think Sheet. Purple: Minor Incident Report and a phone call home **Parents must sign the agenda sheet nightly.**

25 Scholastic News The second grade will be utilizing a subscription to this magazine for each child (provided by Title I). The benefits of Scholastic News are… –Provides skill practice in a number of areas of reading instruction (phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension) –The articles and activities are current and engaging.

26 Please Contact Us! If you have any questions or concerns about your child…Please feel free to get in touch. –Hilltop – 410/222-6409 –Ms. Haste – –Ms. Ignacio – –Ms. Sowa – –Mr. Towers –

27 Thank You For Coming Tonight!! It is going to be a WONDERFUL year!!

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