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African Praise Songs nhetembo dzemadzinza (Praise Song)

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1 African Praise Songs nhetembo dzemadzinza (Praise Song)
Different tribes and regions have different names for the praise song. This one is from the Shona of Zimbabwe

2 What are African Praise Songs?

3 African Praise Songs African names carry stories of who you are, where you're coming from, and what you've been through, so that you and others can "know" you.

4 African Praise Songs If you were born in Africa, you may be taught a self-naming chant, which might tell some of the details of your life. Such as… Where you were born Who your family is What you look like Important experiences in your life Among many others

5 They Can Be Brief! Born under a cloudy sky The second among three
Green and blonde Lover of animals Nikki

6 They Can Be Long! Matt’s Praise poem I am the son of John and Debbie.
Brother to one sister. Born into a family of immigrants. While only 5’,7”, I sit center stage amongst the crowd. I’m athletic but artistic, strong but understanding. Friendly, shy, intelligent, and strong willed. Blessed with courageous parents, diligently saving the world, who constantly guide me to do the right thing. I love my family, pets and drum sticks. There’s much that I know, yet so much to learn. I will be successful, I will survive, and I can achieve anything.

7 Writing Praise Poems While Praise Poems are traditionally about people, they can also be used to descriptively write about about other nouns. You could write a praise poem about… An animal Nature A pen, pencil or piece of paper A friend And many, many more. Your imagination is your limit!

8 You Can Write About…

9 Parts of the Body Arm and Hand Arm, shoulder is big Arm, separates at the elbow Fist is small Fingers lengthy Palm is striated Fingers, each with three phalanges.

10 Abilities or Disabilities
Blindness Morning darkness, evening darkness            Always, always.

11 Animals Starting life small and wee Bushy tail, bushy tail
Jumping from tree to tree Finding nuts, happy and glee In winter nestled, very cozy Notice the repeating line. This also makes a poem a response poem. One group or person could read the main lines and the other group or person could respond with the repeating line.

12 Let’s Get Started!

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