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Brooklyn Park Elementary School Science Fair 2011.

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1 Brooklyn Park Elementary School Science Fair 2011

2 Important Dates February 10 Project Idea due March 30 Completed Project due Science Fair Set-Up April 10 - 13 Science Fair April 10 Open House (4 – 6 PM) April 13 Last day for Science Fair (Winners announced and projects sent home.) May 16 County Science Fair (held at Severna Park Middle School) May 17 County Celebrations and Awards (5 – 6 PM)

3 Things to Remember Project should stand on its own. Write students name on the BACK of the board, please. Projects must include a written report. All parts of the scientific method should be VISABLE on the board and clearly labeled. Projects should be neat and organized (can be hand written)

4 Things to Remember Projects will be evaluated using the Science Fair Project Evaluation Form included in the packet. – use as a guide

5 Things to Remember You may use the Experiment Write-Up included in the packet or create your own.

6 Things to Remember All materials should be displayed ON THE BOARD. – You may draw pictures or take photographs of the results. – The only thing that can be separate from the materials is the Observation Log.

7 These items are NOT approved for use in any part of the science project. mold bacteria cigarettes or other tobacco products alcohol household bleach, dry ice, liquid nitrogen medicine (over the counter and prescription) science lab chemicals vertebrate animals (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, rodents, etc.)

8 Here are some examples from last year…






14 Questions

15 Thank for you for coming! We appreciate your support.

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