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1 Weathering

2 Definition Weathering is the breakdown of materials of the Earth’s crust into smaller pieces. (sediment) No movement is involved. Surface or near surface process.

3 Weathering happens when the crust is exposed to:
Water Wind Ice

4 Water Water can break down the crust in many ways.
Water can dissolve some minerals right out of the crust. Moving Water can make pieces of rock bang into each other. Small chips can break off the surface of the rock. This causes the rock to get smaller and rounder. The churning water of streams can wear down big pieces of rock into small round pebbles.

5 WATER AT WORK: Ever so slowly, water has worn away the base of this rock in Barbados. Over time, water can sculpt rock into amazing shapes.

6 Water and acid created this beautiful underground room at Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The park is also home to the nation's deepest cave. It is called Lechuguilla Cave.

7 Ice When water freezes it expands and takes up more space.
Water freezing in cracks in rock, expands the rock. The force of the expanding rock is so great that it can split the rock apart.

8 Ice

9 Wind Wind is moving air. The wind blows sand and other broken bits of rock all over the Earth’s surface. These particles also wear away the rock.

10 Wind

11 Wind

12 Name That Type of Weathering

13 What type of weathering?

14 Water!

15 What type of weathering?

16 Water and Wind!

17 What type of weathering?

18 Ice!

19 What type of weathering?

20 Plant?!

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