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1 Erosion

2 Definition Erosion is the picking up and carrying away of pieces of weathered rock.

3 Erosion happens when the crust is exposed to:
Water Wind Ice

4 Water Erosion Moving water can push and carry things along with it.
Helped to create the Grand Canyon Causes beaches to disappear in the U.S. Forms deltas Most common type of erosion

5 Water Erosion

6 The Grand Canyon

7 The Grand Canyon

8 Wind Erosion Wind picks up small particles and moves them.
Can deposit sand in large piles called sand dunes. Great factor in the 1930’s Dust Bowl

9 Wind Erosion

10 Wind Erosion

11 Glacial Erosion Glaciers wear away the land as they move over it; ice freezes onto rock and scrapes away the surfaces. How the Great Lakes were formed Least common type of erosion.

12 Glacial Erosion

13 Glacial Erosion

14 Name That Source of Erosion

15 What type of Erosion?

16 Glacial!

17 What type of erosion?

18 Water!

19 What type of erosion?

20 Wind!

21 What type of erosion?

22 Glacial

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