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Business Advisory Boards In Our Schools. What Is A Business Advisory Board?

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1 Business Advisory Boards In Our Schools

2 What Is A Business Advisory Board?

3 A group of business leaders, community leaders, political leaders and educators working together for the betterment of the students within a specific school and or schools.

4 The History Of BABs In Anne Arundel County

5 The first board was formed at Glen Burnie High School by Leadership Anne Arundel as their class project in 1997. The board made many accomplishments within a short period of time. These accomplishment quickly drew the attention of the Superintendent and the Board of Education, as well as the local press and politicians. The second board was formed in mid 1998 at North County High School. This board took a different approach. They encompassed the entire feeder system.

6 Also in late 1999 Annapolis Senior High and Meade High School started boards. Since the school year 2000-2001 boards have been formed at Broadneck High School and Old Mill High School. Chesapeake and Northeast High Schools do not have BAB.

7 Whats In It For The School?

8 Expert help on a variety of school projects An understanding of what business is looking for in the areas of workforce readiness so educators can incorporate this into their curriculum An understanding of how business really operates A look into the future A powerful force within the community Doors can open for various grants Money can be raised for various school projects The sky's the limit

9 Whats In It For Businesses?

10 A stronger future workforce An inside track to employee recruitment An understanding of how to motivate each new generation of students Community involvement Public relations In-house training and motivation for their employees A form of positive advertisement Giving back to the community from which you take

11 How Does A Business Advisory Board Function?

12 The board meets once a month and function very similar to the board of directors for any business or organization The board is a mix of: Educators from within the school, Community College, Career Connections etc. Local business leaders Local community leaders Politicians Student The board develops its own by-laws of operation The board elects its own leadership and leadership structure The board listens to the various needs of the school and then decides on a project and or projects to work on

13 The board sets up committees and sub-committees to oversee each project from start to completion The board develops its who philosophy on how a project will be completed The board brainstorms and gives input on all aspects of school operations from curriculum changes to maintenance The board honors students and teachers for various accomplishments The board seeks positive publicity for the school The chair of the board interfaces with the school principle and or school delegate

14 Important Elements Of A Successful Board

15 Get the right mix of board members being heavier on business members Politicians are important to the board success There should be no limit on board seats Flexibility in everything you do Always have something for board members to do Dont get bogged down in administrative functions Involve faculty, students and parents Choose strong leadership, not volunteers

16 Demonstrate strong leadership from the schools standpoint Communicate….Communicate….Communicate Assign a secretary from your staff to take minutes Get the Principal involved Have a short student presentation at each meeting Praise…Praise…Praise Have an agenda and follow it Make it fun!

17 How To Form A Business Advisory Board

18 Work through community organizations to get started Talk with politicians Get help from existing boards Work through services groups Get help from School Signature Plan Coordinator Talk with Community College personnel Talk with churches ALL OF THE ABOVE

19 Types Of Advisory Board Projects

20 Career FairsStay in School Mock InterviewsAttendance Mentoring ProgramsClean-up Beatification Programs Teacher Training Reading ProgramsText Books GrantsIncentive Programs Job ShadowingTeacher Motivation ComputersRecognition Programs Awards ProgramsLet your imagination run

21 The Future Of Business Advisory Boards

22 One in every school All boards unite for common lobby County wide board County wide programs New ways of teaching New educational concepts A computerized system Consistence in student preparation

23 Questions

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