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Chapters 6 and 7 Crossing the Border Photos from:

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1 Chapters 6 and 7 Crossing the Border Photos from:

2 Example Picture San Ysidro Checkpoint This checkpoint is the main border gate for Tijuana. This checkpoint averages 40,000 commuters daily.

3 Picture 1 San Ysidro Border The border itself is delineated by an imposing metal barricade fence about 20 feet high. A good way to view the fence from the U.S. side is to take the I-5 freeway exit for the Border Field State Park. (Referred to by some visitors as "California's Ugliest State Park." ) Border Field State Park"California's Ugliest State Park.

4 Picture 2 Garita Otay(Otay Mesa Port-of-Entry) This border gate is used mainly for day travelers

5 Picture 3 Mexican child found begging near Mexican- US border. The child is leaning against one of the concrete barricades at the border.

6 Picture 4 Immigration police(la migra) searching the shore of the Rio Grande.

7 Picture 5 Mexican illegal immigrants awaiting deportation. American Immigration Police are on constant patrol of the border.

8 Picture 6 Mexican immigrants attempting to hide in the back of a truck. This truck was stopped at the San Ysidro border checkpoint.

9 Picture 7 Mexican field workers walking to work in the southern fields of California

10 Picture 8 A tourist store found close the to border. This stores business is day travelers from the US.

11 Journal Pick one of the pictures to use as a setting in a short narrative story

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