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Development Data Platform Vilas Mandlekar DECDG e-DevelopmentThematic Group March 24, 2005.

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1 Development Data Platform Vilas Mandlekar DECDG e-DevelopmentThematic Group March 24, 2005

2 What is the Development Data Platform (DDP)? What is its relevance to countries, e-development, regional organizations ? Quick demo of DDP Q & A Agenda

3 What is DDP ? DDP is a web based platform for data analysis, presentation and dissemination, released in November 2004 Successor to the SIMA family of applications, which are still used in the Bank and outside, but will be phased out DDP is used in the Bank as a data service Retrieve and report both time series (macro) and survey (micro) data Prepare web reports, charts and maps Powerful features to customize and manage reports Secured access Query system and data repository

4 What is DDP ? DDP can become part of any business process requiring data dissemination/monitoring and analysis Built primarily for development data/statistics, for use in the Bank and also by development practitioners Side benefit of DDP It is a software tool or a product Can be given to any country/organization for use with their own data

5 What is DDP ? Data content -- DDP designed for storing and accessing Multi-dimensional data (Examples: Time series (macro) or Survey (micro) data) DDP currently has time series data on socio-economic, trade, finance etc. for many countries /sub-national entities (Examples)Examples Source notes, footnotes, methodological notes Survey data – i.e. responses to survey questionnaires (Examples)Examples Meta data, questionnaire descriptions, other documents

6 What is DDP ? DDP Features DDP is web based – currently on the intranet and internet Provides data publishing and dissemination features by other units in the Bank [Examples]Examples Reports, charts and maps can be prepared by users and saved in DDP [Examples]Examples Analysis –growth rates, trends, custom indicators etc.

7 What is DDP ? DDP Features (contd) Branding -- Other units can put their data into DDP and use DDP engine for dissemination and creating their own departmental data site [Examples]Examples Integrates with other systems Provides significant cost savings in publishing data reports/charts/maps on the web by content experts Search on surveys by topics/countries, survey data download [Examples]Examples Security Bank staff use the passkey to access DDP External secured access Security mechanism for survey

8 What is its relevance ? Experience with SIMA as a development data repository Tremendous appetite amongst Bank staff and development practitioners for data Usage stats – 45% of external traffic to the Bank is for data (Chart)Chart Numbers speak louder than descriptions Establish targets for development indicators as in MDGs DDP can help in monitoring progress on development indicators DDP can be a tool for data dissemination in countries. Legislations in countries require data dissemination Statistical capacity building

9 In conclusion.. DDP is a data service DDP is a solution for data access and dissemination Since its release in Nov 2004 Used in ICT, AFR, DECRG, LAC, ECA and DECPG for disseminating their data QEDS was released in partnership with IMF MDG tool for data monitoring External demand -- in discussion with AfDB for implementation of DDP

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