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Smartphones The Advancement of Mobile Technology in Emerging Markets Paul Lucier Research In Motion.

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1 Smartphones The Advancement of Mobile Technology in Emerging Markets Paul Lucier Research In Motion

2 Smartphone Growth Historical Technology Adoption Rates Smartphones have an upgradeable operating system and a platform for application development Global mobile penetration of 45% Massive growth expected globally Early data suggest that Smartphone adoption curve will mirror mobile adoption curve

3 Global RIM Facilities Americas Waterloo Campus RIM Northfield Atlanta, GA Boston, MA Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Halifax, NS Irving, TX Issaquah, WA Lincolnshire, IL Mexico City, Mexico Mississauga, ON Ottawa, ON Redwood City, CA Rolling Meadows, IL Sherman Oaks, CA Asia Pacific Beijing, CN Hong Kong, CN Shanghai, CN Singapore, SG Sydney, AU Tokyo, JP EMEA Berlin, DE Birmingham, UK Bochum, DE Brussels, BE Egham, UK Eschborn, DE Glasgow, UK Madrid, ES Milan, IT Paris, FR Rome, IT Slough, UK 425 Distribution Partners in over 150+ Countries Currently Underway Turkey Africa Dubai Poland Russia

4 Carrier Applications Platform Smartphone Dynamics RIMs Carrier Centric Model Revenue Opportunities in Emerging Markets Carriers own relationship with Customers by owning application platform Need for Smartphone eco-system to be established locally (systems integration and consumer & business applications developers/extenders) Government regulations pose challenges to growth ManufacturerCarrier / OperatorCustomer Consumer Enterprise

5 BlackBerry Smartphones For Business & Consumers Always On. Always Connected.

6 BlackBerry: Purpose Built for Wireless BlackBerry Enterprise Server: Wireless Platform RIM distills complexity - Easy for Carrier to deliver a variety of applications Extending the Secured Corporate Environment to Wireless

7 BlackBerry ISV Partner Community – Industry Solutions Health Care & Life Sciences Government & Law Enforcement Manufacturing Financial Services Real Estate Professional Services

8 BlackBerry ISV Partner Community – Business Solutions Sales Force Automation Field Service Automation Fleet Management & Dispatch ERP – SCM, HR, Financials, CRM Unified Communications Business Intelligence IT Systems Management Document Management & Printing Security & Compliance

9 BlackBerry ISV Partner Community – Consumer Applications Music, Video and Multimedia Information & News Services Mapping & Navigation eCommerce Travel & Reference Guides Search, Messaging and Sharing Games and Entertainment

10 Bbbb bbb Case Study: Compania Argentina De Granos Vvvvvvvv Vvvvv Vvv Vvvvv V vvv Business Challenge: Compañia Argentina De Granos (CAGSA) wanted agricultural producers in Argentina to have a better way of communicating throughout the supply chain that affects the time to market for their crops Argentina is second largest country in South America (1 million square miles) with many agri-producers working daily in fields sometimes 125 miles from home but dependant on copper wire connections from home or satellite services Solution: CAGSA worked with their carrier, Telecom Personal, and a developer, Syncrologix Mobile Solutions, to adapt Syncrologixs SmartTasks application. Agricultural producers use the application on their BlackBerry® smartphones, which connects with CAGSAs ERP system, to arrange for grain pick ups, track shipments, request fertilizer and supply delivery and check market and weather conditions. Results: CAGSA is perceived as a market leader leap frogging many of their Western counterparts Agricultural producers are more loyal to CAGSA since the system makes them feel secure about their grain shipments Many agricultural producers use the BlackBerry smartphone for their families, instead of phones Offers a simple method to offer information and make wireless business transactions. The BlackBerry solution was accepted by agri-producers because it meant they could always be in touch. Not needing a wire to send an email or make a phone call was a huge advantage to them because they work in the middle of nowhere and had been totally disconnected until they got their BlackBerry smartphones. - Gaston Kauer, CIO, CTO, COO, CAGSA - An agricultural broker for agri-producers across Argentina, supplying a variety of information and services to this community of farmers

11 Thank you! Questions?

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