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Higher Education & Knowledge Economy Leveraging Strengths & Opportunities Arun Nigavekar.

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1 Higher Education & Knowledge Economy Leveraging Strengths & Opportunities Arun Nigavekar

2 9/11/04worldbank2 21st Century There is Link between Knowledge and Education and hence Premium for Relevant and Quality Education.

3 UGCs New Initiatives Making Degree more Relevant and that of Quality

4 9/11/04worldbank4 The New Learning Paradigm Create Seamless Education Environment. What does This means? 1.Blend Conventional & Distance Learning system. 2.Blend Face-to-Face, Video Conferencing, Multi-media and e-Learning.

5 9/11/04worldbank5 The Purpose Redefine and Reemphasize the meaning of 1.Learning and 2.Understanding. This would bring new strength to Education-Knowledge-Economy link.

6 9/11/04worldbank6 Enhancing Relevance Clubbed Education. Degree + Utility Oriented Education in Parallel Mode. 3+1 Structure, Last Year in Allied Professional Subject. Two Degrees at the end of Four Years.

7 9/11/04worldbank7 Enhancing Quality ICT is integrated in Teaching and R & D. Intensive Teacher Training through Academic Staff Colleges & University Departments. Created UGCINFONET; Connectivity to Universities & Colleges.

8 Economy & Jobs Knowledge to Wealth

9 9/11/04worldbank9 Economy : Shift The composition of GDP is under going a change. Shift towards Service Sector. Almost 60 to 70 % of GDP, in developed nations, is linked to Service Sector.

10 9/11/04worldbank10 Ageing Countries Developed Countries face ; 1.Reduced Fertility Rate : 1.3 or less. 2.Improved Life Style : Live Longer. Effect : 1.More Senior Citizens. 2.Reduced Work Force.

11 9/11/04worldbank11 Indian Economy GDP composition is changing. Service Sector is on rise. Job/Entrepreneurship spectrum is widening & variety is expanding.

12 9/11/04worldbank12 Few Projections 1.Indian IT/ITeS market (Y 2012)* IT Exports 55 Billion $. ITeS Exports 64 Billion $. Domestic IT Services 29 Billion $. 2.AIMA projection : Y 2020. 40 Million jobs, 200 Billion $ Annual Revenue with 5.5% GDP Growth. * Dept. IT, GoI, 2003.

13 9/11/04worldbank13 What is in Demand? A new economic environment require Knowledge Empowered Men & Women. Graduates with sound fundamentals, Good analytical abilities, Clear logic and Allied & Appropriate Utility Skills.

14 9/11/04worldbank14 NSTEDB : Institutional Mechanism Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC). Science & Technology Development (STED) Project. Science & Technology Development Parks (STEP). Technology Business Incubators (TBI).

15 9/11/04worldbank15 EDC : Objectives 1.Create entrepreneurial culture. 2.Foster better linkages : Academic Institutions, Industries & R and D Institutions. 3.Promote Small & Medium Enterprise. Functions are defined to fulfill the Objectives.

16 9/11/04worldbank16 UGCINFONET Infrastructure Communication Backbone : 8 Mbps to be upgraded to 1 Gbps. Varied band width given to Universities : 528 Kbps to 2Mbps. Campus LAN. Free access to Students & Teachers.

17 9/11/04worldbank17 NASSCOM Members involved in core and BPO business. Global Presence. Expanding Indian Market. India specific outsourcing. Looking for Skilled human power at various levels.

18 9/11/04worldbank18 UGC, DST & NASSCOM Knowledge based enterprises through EDCs on campuses & in colleges : 40 in 2004-05. IBM knowledge factory, Bangalore & UGC : e-content development incubators : 5 educational multimedia resource centers. IBM & UGC : e-content enterprise in CEC, New Delhi. Intel & Microsoft : teacher training, e- content.

19 9/11/04worldbank19 Benefits Degrees, especially General Degrees, become Relevant. Capacity Building in Youths : Conversion of Knowledge to Wealth. Earn while Learn. Industries get access to continuous source of fresh & fertile minds.

20 9/11/04worldbank20 Target Twenty five Campuses. Few Autonomous Colleges/ Colleges with Potential for Excellence. Thrust at Remote Areas. Apart from boosting Entrepreneurship, there would be geographic economic advantage spread.

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