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IBM The Spoken Web IBM India Research Lab IBM IBM India Research Lab Rest of the Pyramid: Design Point Population Purchasing Power Adapted from The Fortune.

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2 IBM The Spoken Web IBM India Research Lab

3 IBM IBM India Research Lab Rest of the Pyramid: Design Point Population Purchasing Power Adapted from The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid by C.K. Prahalad. 75-100M IT Usage Rest of the Pyramid > $20,000 1.5-1.7B$1500-$20000 $1500 < $1500 4B Design for this market, migrate Innovations in BOP markets can reverse the flow of concepts, ideas, and methods. Therefore, for an MNC that aims to stay ahead of the curve, experimenting in BOP markets is increasingly critical. It is no longer an option, C.K. Prahalad, The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid Innovative solutions that provide higher margins High volume solutions that provide high return on capital Target population at this Design point: ~ $1500/year income group Urban micro businessmen Shop keepers, taxiwalas/auto rickshaws, plumbers, milkman, working class people, tiffin service Small rural businessmen fisherman, farmers, brokers, money lenders, rental equipment suppliers Consumers Lower middle class income group

4 IBM IBM India Research Lab Observations Impact of WWW is limited Only a small percentage of human population (barely 17% of worlds population has access to Internet [IWS]) Why ? Affordability Of the other 83%, about 53% of the population lives below USD 2 per day [WPDS] Accessbility A significant portion of the remaining 30% is semi-literate or illiterate Relevance Information and services on WWW are not very relevant for this section of the population

5 IBM IBM India Research Lab Observations Current focus of many is on bringing PCs to the masses An average person on the street does not need a PC, but needs access to information Fisherman needs weather info before heading out to sea Farmer needs to look up commodity prices Milkman needs to know if the homeowner is in town Computer literacy is not enough Know what to look for Know how to access it Know how to use it Enable a billion users to access Information Technology by Providing low cost highly available access to network based applications Developing and deploying highly scalable solutions hosted on the network Radically simplifying IT access mechanisms Proposing an information ecosystem model to address information needs of population

6 IBM IBM India Research Lab Our Axioms Given the mobile penetration, the phone should be the platform. Given the literacy issues, speech is a compelling medium.

7 IBM IBM India Research Lab A VoiceSite is: A voice driven application hosted in the network and created by subscribers themselves Consists of a set of interconnected VoicePages (eg vxml files) Accessed by calling up the associated phone number and interacting with its underlying application flow through a telephony interface Analogous to websites in the World Wide Web Introducing VoiceSites

8 IBM IBM India Research Lab We need an easy VoiceSite creation mechanism for our targets (plumbers, electricians, shop owners, …) Analogous to an easy HTML page maker for the WWW. VoiGen Is a voice driven generator of voice driven applications. Enables individual phone subscribers to create and offer their own customized voice driven data services. VoiGen: VoiceSite Creation Made Easy Just by talking with VoiGen, a user can create his own personalised VoiceSite

9 IBM IBM India Research Lab VoiServ Call VoiServ to create VoiceSite VoiServ: Caller: Please say your name Sam Please specify your profession Plumber Please record your welcome message Hi my name is Sam, and I am a plumber. Please find information regarding my services on my VoiceSite. Please enter your working hours 9 am to 7 pm Please specify your service charges I charge 5 dollars an hour Would you like to offer appointment scheduling services? Yes Would you like to publish your information in yellow pages? Yes Do you accept jobs while you are away from your home location? Yes Please say your home location South Delhi Would you like to provide some references for your work? Yes Please say the name and phone number of your references You can talk to Jack about my work. His number is 41292100 You have now created your voice site successfully. Users can now access your voice site through your phone number. Thank you for using this system. Calendaring Service Database VoiceSite Location Tracker Presence Server IMS Yellow Page Service Yellow Pages Server WWW YellowPages Website VoiGen

10 IBM IBM India Research Lab Voice Browser Callers/ End -Customers Small Business Subscribers (offering business Voice sites with data services) Home Phone Subscribers (hosting personal Voice-site) Web Interface Voice Interface Subscriber VXML Repository VoiceSites (VXML) VXML Services Registry RDC Registry Personal Call Business Call Speech Technology (ASR + TTS) Service Descriptions Voice Site Hosting Engine Dialog Components (VXML) Dialog Components (VXML) Voigen VoiceSite Templates Voice Browser RDC Repository VXML Speech Technology (ASR + TTS) VXML Web Server Voice Site Creator RDC Repository SOAP-HTTP/ SQL/ SIP Services Repository

11 IBM IBM India Research Lab Small user study – Plumber VoiceSite Methodology for survey Electricians/Plumbers/Carpenters make a call to VoiGen and create their voice sites We ask the subjects about the usability of the VoiGen system 12 subjects surveyed for technology validation 10 were able to create the voice site successfully (within 4 minutes) There were usability issues with respect to conversation flow, speech recognition accuracy Everyone realised that this technology can have tremendous impact Since this technology does not require the end-user to own any costs in terms of devices, it has a low acceptance barrier Carpenters/ Electricians make a call to VoiGen to generate their voice sites The voice sites are automatically deployed in the system People call these voice sites to schedule time with the specialists

12 IBM IBM India Research Lab VoiKiosk for the rural population Kiosk-operator gathers local information from various sources: 1.Makes phone calls to get train schedule 2.Gets movie list for today 3.Gets blackout timings from electricity office 4.Gets weather information through internet 5.Gets visitor list (doctors, etc.) by officials from panchayat Kiosk-operator uploads information through a phone Voigen & VoiKiosk Voigen builds a voice interface for people to access information through a phone Villagers call the VoiceSite to get information on electricity-blackout timings, train schedule, weather prediction, movie listing, doctor-visit, etc. Service delivery to villagers through (mobile) phones by a voice interface

13 IBM IBM India Research Lab What is the Spoken Web? The Spoken Web is a world wide web in the telecom network, where people can host and browse VoiceSites, traverse VoiLinks, even conduct business transactions, all just by talking over the existing telephone network. The Spoken Web will interoperate with the existing WWW. The Spoken Web will interoperate with Next Generation Networks too.

14 IBM IBM India Research Lab The Spoken Web Voice Site 2226 6333 4129 2265 6875 4319 1256 484 437 VoiLink SurfLink (phone call) Contextual Call Transfer SurfLink (phone call) Back Button VoiceSites VoiLinks SurfLinks Browsing Search Transactions

15 IBM India Research Lab Spoken Web Elements Entities VoiceSites are voice applications analogous to websites created through a voice interface over telephone (PSTN) or a web interface are accessible over the telephone and hyperlinked to other VoiceSites via VoiLinks. URL/Address equivalent is a Phone number. VoiLinks Hyperlinks that link one VoiceSite to another. May be static or dynamic. SurfLinks The link existing while a user is connected and interacting with a VoiceSite. Tools T-Web Browser A browser that lets you browse the Telecom Web. T-Web Search Technology Search on the T-Web. Enablers VoiGen The system that lets you create your own VoiceSite simply by talking to it (or through a Web Interface). HSTP (Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol) Analogous to HTTP The technology that enables transactions, workflows and browsing on the Telecom Web.

16 IBM India Research Lab Spoken Web for Health Care Opportunity description Current and Future Ecosystem IBM's Proposed Business Design : value creation, strategic control, brand & coverage participation, risks Why should we do this? Proposed time lines Telemedicine/ consultation and primary health services can be provided in the rural and semi urban areas Insurance companies can use Spoken Web to provide insurance products in rural areas Potential Partners can include – Healthcare Providers, Medical Device companies, Internet Service Providers, Telemedicine Software providers, Medical Insurance companies and Pharmacies. Also government. Tele Consultation & promotive healthcare drives through Spoken Web Primary Health care provision, Tele Medication and Tele Prescription First Mover Advantage – initially pilot case studies in media then publish standards Mobile model hasnt been tried yet; will be novel Possibility of working at the backbone of NHDN IBM can provide a National Asset Can help to generate revenue at the Bottom of the Pyramid For IBM to be known as the healthcare solution provider Depending on the interest from partner, integration, scale & timelines would vary

17 IBM India Research Lab Scenarios for Health Care Using her cell phone, the patient calls her "Voice Site" on a 'regular' basis, and responds to the pre-established set of questions based on her diagnosis and baseline data already established - using her telephone (cell or landline). Patient's Care Manager Coordinator is "automatically" or "regularly" notified of patients updates to their status/record Care Manager Coordinator responds to patient over " Voice Site" (via phone to the Voice Site) to communicate her progress/basic adjustments, based on prompted questions, etc. Patient calls her Voice Site again to provide updates to her records Care Management Coordinator notices a minor but concerning anomaly in patient update and contacts physician for consultation.

18 IBM India Research Lab Scenarios for Health Care Patients can make a vlog (voice blog) entry, about how some medicine or a certain activity helped improve their condition. Whenever Sanjay feels like it, he logs into the voicesite to hear peoples experiences. He is particularly fond of Garimas vlogs and follows her vlogs regularly. Whenever Garimas vlogsite is updated, Sanjay gets an alert. The vlogs are separated by category and are placed in a last-in, first-out order within a category. Care taker exchanges More relevant when nurses/doctors are exchanging tips with each other. Links to a pharmacy voicesite.

19 IBM IBM India Research Lab Spoken Web enables multiple business opportunities New source of revenue opportunity for telecom operators Creation and hosting voicesites Payments and financial transactions SMBs and microbusinesses can leverage the T-Web Examples Microbusiness Voicesite VoiceSite Personalisation Rural Voikiosk Anyone with a mobile handset can become a T-Web enabled microbusiness voicesite owner and accessor, and also conduct transactions on the T-Web

20 IBM IBM India Research Lab Spoken Web enables multiple business opportunities VOISERV Voice Site Creation/ Configuration Nishas VoiceSite Nisha (Subscriber) Boss Friend Sis Dad Sales-agent Sorry, dont recognize ur no. Pls. specify the purpose Press 1 if sales call Press 2 for personal call Press 3 to talk2me with PIN Press 4 for Others Hi Sheen, I shall be in office after meeting with Grandlays. - Press 1 for the rest of the days schedule - Press 2 for last meeting minutes wiki. - Press 3 to reach me urgently Hey dude, You havent spoken to me in weeks. We went for gr8 trip to Himalayas. - Press 1 for my Audio Blog - Press 2 to join the outing this weekend. - Press 3 for my free time today Hearty Congrats on your new born. Cant come right now. Pls. record my nieces voice after the prompt. Hi Dad ! Welcome back from the Conference. I paid back all my education loan. Press 1 to chat with me on instant messaging

21 IBM IBM India Research Lab HSTP – HyperSpeech Transfer Protocol Hyperspeech a voice fragment in a voice application that is a hyperlink to another voice fragment in another voice application Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol (HSTP) a protocol to seamlessly connect telephony voice applications supports browsing operations such as back and forward supports transactional operations such as online payments (may span across organizations) Telephony Stack Telephony Stack Web Services Stack HSTP Voice Application User Web Services Stack HSTP Internet Telecom Network Voice Call over Telecom Network Voice Application SS7 HTTP

22 IBM IBM India Research Lab HSTP: Enabling Transactions Tele-online Bill-payment Service Provider (Airtel, LIC, Electricity Board) 1. Calls to pay a bill Bank Account Or Retailers Wallet Or Credit Card Payment IVR 2. Amount to be charged, Account to be credited 3. Call transferred. User enters credit card information here (Railway reservation application doesnt need to know the users credit card info. This prevents unnecessary sharing of sensitive information) 4. Transaction results 5. Call transferred back Other scenarios include 1.Tele-railway reservation system 2.Tele-shopping A Voice Workflow is a workflow defined across multiple IVRs in which task control transfer is triggered as well as user input is gathered through a voice driven interface (for example, a phone call)

23 IBM IBM India Research Lab Awaz Otlo Pilot Statistics Pilot Launch: Dec 24, 2008 Report Summary (as of March 31, 2010) Total number of calls received = 43106 Services Accessed Question & Answers19259 Announcements6265 Radio Programs6433 Input modes DTMF11204 Voice664

24 IBM IBM India Research Lab Andhra Pilot Statistics Pilot Launch: May 23, 2008 Report Summary (ended on Jan 28, 2009) Total number of calls received = 114782 Number of unique callers = 6509 Total time spent = 2135 hours Average call time spent = 0 hours, 1 min, and 14 seconds. Maximum call duration = 0 hours, 49 min, and 40 seconds. Minimum call duration = 0 hours, 0 min, and 0 seconds. Number of calls to Ashwini Center = 8399 Number of calls to Health Center = 14216 Number of calls to V-Agri = 13881 Number of calls to Professional Services = 37112

25 IBM Thank you!

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