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The Celpay Solution Miyanda Mulambo Celpay Zambia Limited.

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1 The Celpay Solution Miyanda Mulambo Celpay Zambia Limited

2 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa2 Celpay..… facilitates banking services and payment solutions using cellular network infrastructure The Principle uses Mobile phone as basic instrument for payment instructions - Menu options for users to send payments to others - Money is taken from deposit accounts. No credit What is Celpay?

3 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa3 Transaction Flow GSM Network GSM Network Start: Payment Order Payment Confirmation, Balance Increase End: Payment Confirmation, Balance reduction Payment Gateway Payment Processing

4 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa4 Cellular Operators Banks Merchants MFWFA Account Holders What does Celpay do?

5 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa5 What does Celpay do? 3-channel electronic access to a bank account Mobile phones Internet Point of Sale Devices Partners with banks and Network Operators Facilitates electronic financial transactions Real time Mobile Safe Convenient Value added services/third party applications Individual electronic auto top-up Wholesale airtime distribution Stock ordering Telephone recharge Payment requests/Bill payments Payroll payments Corporate distribution payments facilities

6 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa6 Celpay Features Real-time with instantaneous account update Cash equivalent – wireless cash: sender cannot reverse transaction Detailed records are available for each transaction Inter-operable across banks and operators Affordable, easy to use and Simple solution (SMS & Handset based -no additional equipment) Fully automated financial solution with full audit trail and reporting functionality Real time 24/7 distribution solution that Facilitates a hierarchical distribution model (if desired) Including financial settlement Bank level security minimizes losses and fraud

7 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa7 Celpay Corporate Partners BP Zambia PlcMultichoice Zambia Zambian Breweries PlcZambia Bottlers Ltd Celtel Zambia Ltd Total Zambia Ltd Chilanga Cement Plc SEEDCO INTERNATIONAL ZAMBIA LTD Seedco Zambia Ltd

8 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa8 Celpay Partner Banks

9 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa9 Celpay Services to Customers Replace scratch-cards with fully electronic airtime vending system Pay at the till Pay bills at home Auto airtime purchase Bill payments at Celpay Pay Points Low cost services Payroll Instant, remote disbursement of funds Fuel allowances Mobile recharge Take cash out of distribution Payment confirmation Carry less cash Buy what you want, when you want Safe & convenient Track spending Affordable banking services Easy to distribute allowances Track usage precisely Save time and money Provide employees with banking services Save time Increase safety Reduce cash management costs Improve reconciliation process Reduce theft Never run-out of airtime Minimise distribution costs Sales 24/7 Eliminate scratch-card costs CONSUMERS EMPLOYERS CORPORATES NETWORKS ServicesBenefits

10 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa10 Celpay Services to Customers POS Devices Mobile Banking infrastructure Track spending Real time Payment Reduced cash management and fraud Greater security Remote bill presentation and payment authorization High quality record management Distribution management Increase in deposits from new accounts Reduced cash management Lower cost of servicing new clients (unbanked) Able to offer new products to existing clients Able to test market for m-commerce with minimal investment risk MERCHANTS BANKS ServicesBenefits

11 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa11 Celpay Successes Primary successes in B2B transactions with customers such as Zambian Breweries Plc, Zambia Bottlers Ltd, Heineken, Coca Cola, Total, BP, Mobile operators Celpay has brought previously unbanked informal traders to the forecourt of the bank. C2B adoption mainly through Multi-choice and other corporates Over 100 POS devices in Zambia and 75 POS devices in DRC accepting payments from mobile phones POS used for cash collection (C2B) and payouts ( cash back) Direct prepaid Top up from phones P2P payments showing some adoption Exploring payroll opportunities Celpay and its distribution network act as a payment platform to pay out ~$45 mil in cash to 75k demobilized combatants. This a World Bank sponsored project in the DRC Product well received by both formal and informal players

12 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa12 Celpay Successes – Transaction Throughput

13 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa13 Initiatives to Service the Unbanked Investing in a Cash Point network Celpay subscribers will be able to have Celpay-enabled bank account and withdraw cash at a cash point Partnership with Zampost as the anchor cash point Initiative awaiting BOZ approval This will form backbone for payroll to those receiving their pay in cash IT will afford the ordinary person to have a savings at very low cost Also looking at Remittances

14 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa14 Market Opportunity Appropriate in markets with limited POS & banking infrastructure - new generation payment instrument Alternative to making heavy infrastructure investment for ATMs and debit cards - creates pervasive network Augments existing accounts to enable wireless transactions

15 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa15 Legal Status Celpay is an IT service provider for banks Banks must undertake the opening of accounts Consumers/merchants have no credit – debit balances only Funds in the accounts belongs to Celpay subscribers and merchants, not to Celpay Banks provide the link to the ECH

16 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa16 Economic Impact Celpay moves cash from general circulation into the banking system Celpay formalizes previously informal transactions, creating a reliable audit trail Celpay enables banks to offer very low cost services to a new customer base Celpay facilitates banks cross-selling mainstream banking services Celpay frees individuals from wasteful travel, standing in line, and money counting to pay bills

17 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa17 Challenges Lack of Direct Integration with Bank Systems Celpay system sitting outside bank systems has posed a challenge of Celpay having to do the banks job of selling and marketing financial solutions Account opening process Account opening process is a hindrance to most people opening bank accounts especially For the banked this entails going over the same process of account opening to have access to Celpay Depositing Going to the bank to deposit has always been a deterrent for most people to take up Celpay Cash Point services should help to address this challenge

18 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa18 Celpay Vision Banks …. –Setup cash-points network to increase proximity from cash deposits & withdrawals perspective ; –Brand the product & offer it as value added services to existing & new customers ; –Take care of cash collection; Celpay... –Act as an enabler; –Support GSM Operators & Partner Banks marketing & sales teams; –Deal with reconciliation & reporting;

19 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa19 Celpay Security Authorization: –Allows multiple Account Handlers access without jeopardizing security; –Keeps track of whom has authorized which transaction; Data encryption: –Allow highly secure data encryption through 3DES; Authentication: –Supports five digits Personal Identification Number (PIN); –Customer must also have in his possession the registered SIM card to use the PIN; –All money movements are fully logged and can be examined for suspect behavior; Non repudiation capability: –The customer cannot deny having made a payment;

20 Celpay Making Finance Work For Africa20 Celpay - Banking for All

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