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1 Supreme Court of Albania 1 The Presentation of Albania.

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1 1 Supreme Court of Albania 1 The Presentation of Albania

2 2 Supreme Court of Albania 2 Reforms in Albanian judiciary Reforms in judiciary began in the early 1990s. Reforms are inseparable part of progressive changes in economic, political, institutional and social life. Reforms include: - constitutional and legal aspect - financial aspect - institutional - structural - functional - work practices - conduct - mentality

3 3 Supreme Court of Albania 3 Reforms in Albanian judiciary cont. Legal ground of reforms: Constitution of 1998 Laws on: Organization and functioning of judiciary. Supreme Court Constitutional Court High Council of Justice The Office of Prosecutor The Office for Administration of Judicial Budget New Law on National Judicial Conference Amendments to the Law on Magistrates School

4 4 Supreme Court of Albania 4 Magistrates School It is dependent to judiciary and prosecutors office It assures: - initial training - continues training It aims to serve as a scientific center for the judiciary Measures taken to guarantee: - development - sustainability

5 5 Supreme Court of Albania 5 Albanian Judiciary – progress made Albanian Judiciary : Stands on a sound bases Poses proper mechanisms to implement western standards Factors of the achievements: - political will and awareness by Parliament; - positive role by Ministry of Justice in law drafting; Judiciary itself is active part in reforming the system Long-standing and continues assistance of international institutions.

6 6 Supreme Court of Albania 6 Albanian Judiciary – Major problems and challenges Many challenges to transform practices and mentality of the past. Major problems regarding: - independence - judicial efficiency - judicial accountability

7 7 Supreme Court of Albania 7 PROTECTING JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE Judiciary is attacked collectively by politicians for: - corruption - hindering of the progress Negative impact: - lower public trust and confidence

8 8 Supreme Court of Albania 8 Judicial independence Presidents initiative: - to ask politician to retain from general negative actions - to ask reporting cases of improper conduct or corruption to Inspectorate of High Council of Justice To avoid the role of Ministry of Justice aiming to control the judicial activity

9 9 Supreme Court of Albania 9 JUDICIAL EFFICENCY Problems related to judicial efficiency: significant progress to improve standards for evaluating effectiveness of judicial system : - numerical - functional - scientific

10 10 Supreme Court of Albania 10 Judicial Efficiency cont. Perspective: medium - term long – term Judicial buildings and other infrastructure. Reconstruction and renovation projects have improved the situation Assistance from: European Commission Other donors State funds

11 11 Supreme Court of Albania 11 Projects on Judicial Infrastructure A number of courts still have insufficient courtrooms Investments planned or underway. A master – plan for judicial infrastructure Euralius initiative of the European Commission Work done for developing IT programs. The pilot project of World Bank for court and case management (ICMIS) Future program of World Bank and European Commission that would extend ICMIS

12 12 Supreme Court of Albania 12 Some Priorities PRIORITIES Implementation of new law on N.J.C. To give the judicial administration, including qualified IT personnel: - the proper civil service protections - pay that other employees of state administration enjoy. To improve the process of selecting candidates for the judicial post

13 13 Supreme Court of Albania 13 Some Priorities cont. New rules of H.C.J on appointments and promotions Publication on the Internet of the candidates and data about them Public comments would welcomed Effective fight against corruption Joint efforts of: - High Council of Justice - Ministry of Justice -National Judicial Conference Implementation of the Code of Judicial Ethic Efforts to investigate and try cases of corruption effectively

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