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8th UNDG ITF Progress Report (1 January to 30 June 2008 with an update to 31 December 2008) Presentation to the IRFFI Donor Committee Naples, Italy, 18.

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Presentation on theme: "8th UNDG ITF Progress Report (1 January to 30 June 2008 with an update to 31 December 2008) Presentation to the IRFFI Donor Committee Naples, Italy, 18."— Presentation transcript:

1 8th UNDG ITF Progress Report (1 January to 30 June 2008 with an update to 31 December 2008) Presentation to the IRFFI Donor Committee Naples, Italy, 18 February 2009 1

2 Highlights through December 2008 Significant Approval Activity – 136 million in new projects Donor contributions of $33.97 million from the EC, Turkey, Italy for a total of $1.33 billion deposited Restructuring of Iraq UNCT Coordination Structure com- pleted new modalities for project review/approval in practice UNCTAD signed MOU New Narrative Sector Reports introduced into the consolidated six-month progress report Scanteam evaluation and UNBoA assessment finalized IRFFI Closure processes 2

3 Project Approval Status January-June 2008: 6 new projects/ 1 JP approved SectorsProjects ApprovedTransferred (000s) Education WATSAN Health/Nutrition 2 joint programmes$ 5,585 Housing/Shelter Food Security/Agriculture 1 project$ 3,000 Protection 1 project$ 5,150 Governance 3 projects$12,650 Economic Development TOTAL2 JP & 5 Projects $26,385 3

4 Project Approval Status July-December 2008: 12 new projects/5 JP approved SectorsProjects ApprovedTransferred (000s) Education 1 joint programme$12,461 WATSAN 1 joint programme$ 4,720 Health/Nutrition 1 joint programme$11,918 Housing/Shelter 1 joint programme$ 2,987 Food Security/Agriculture 3 projects$10,232 Protection 1 project (ERF)$15,000 Governance 8 projects$40,586 Economic Development 1 joint programme$12,000 TOTAL 5 JP & 12 Projects $109,904 Approved & Committed $ 132,124

5 Approved Funding & Sector Distribution (As of 31 December 2008) 5

6 Donor Deposits January to June 2008 contributions: EC $ 2.2 million Turkey$ 8.8 million Total:$11.0 million July to December 2008 contributions: Italy$ 9.45 million 6

7 Donor Deposits by Sector (as of 31 March 2008) 7

8 Source & Use of Funds (as of 30 June 2008) 8 Available Balance as of 31 December 2008:$ 135,000 million

9 Agency Commitments & Disbursements (as of 31 December 2008) Agency Commitment % Disbursement % ESCWA 8776 FAO 8072 ILO 3733 UNDP 7163 UNEP 10099 UNESCO 7768 UNFPA 6550 UN- HABITAT 7670 Agency Commitment % Disbursement % UNHCR 10099 UNICEF 8064 UNIDO 5748 UNIFEM 74 UNOPS 8074 WFP 9893 WHO 8876 Average7769 9

10 Sector Commitment/Disbursement Rates 10

11 Project Implementation Status (as of 31 December 2008) 158 total projects/joint programmes 28 total Joint Programmes (180 individual agency projects) 77 operationally closed projects (49% of total) 11

12 Awards by Country: – Volume: Iraq: 1,399 awards($162,985,613 ) Jordan: 431 awards ($25,151,772) UK: 146 awards ($59,415,511) – Amount: Iraq: $162,985,613 (1,399 awards) Japan: $69,329,692 (31 awards) UK: $59,415,511 (146 awards) Value of Awards $ 609,595,106 million Number of Awards 2,806 total 12 Procurement Update (as of 31 December 2008)

13 New Sector Report Format New narrative Sector Reports include: Summary of operating context unique to SOT Challenges encountered by SOT Coverage and Counterparts Project Implementation Status by Outcome Summary of results 13

14 Ongoing Implementation Challenges July-Dec 2004 200520062007Jan-June 2008 Insecurity Insecurity & Mobility InSecurity Lack /absence of Timely Decision Making / Uncertainty about Leadership Change / Difficulties in Decision Making Frequent changes in senior government and coordination between national/ local government Prolonged Political Transition Policy Development Cost Increases Cost escalation Capacity Development Lack of Operational Funding for Basic Services Lack of operational funding in basic social services & miniseries (MoH/MoED) Individual and Institutional Capacity Availability of Adequate funding Communication Difficulties Communications Paucity of Reliable Data Project Monitoring 14

15 Sector: Education Comprehensive rehabilitation of 68 schools Water and sanitation facilities in 68 schools benefiting 64,244 children 100,000 person-days of local employment 17,718 students enrolled in Accelerated Learning Programme Early childhood development kits to 577 kindergartens - 107 grade one primary schools - 61 nurseries - in 15 governorates Supplementary learning materials reprinted/distributed Curricula in Arabic, English, math and science, & e-learning modules developed. 34 Iraqi Network Academies established in 29 localities in five regions. 10 active projects 15 closed projects Total funding $189.16 million (17%) $152.98 million (81%) contract commitments $125.21 million (66%) contract disbursements 15

16 Sector: Water & Sanitation More than 1.5 million Iraqis benefiting from improved safe water & 500,000 from access to safe solid/liquid waste disposal. Increased access to improved sanitation for 155,000 inhabitants of Kirkuk. Increased access to proper sanitation for nearly 400,000 inhabitants in Basrah. Increased access to safe drinking water for 225,000 inhabitants in Wasit. Rehabilitation of Baghdad water treatment plant in final stages with a capacity of 10 million gallons /daily serving approximately 400,000 inhabitants. The MoMPW and Basrah Governorate master plans Integrated Solid Waste Management developed. 25 local officials in MoMPW trained in solid waste management, 1,092 MMPW laboratory staff in all governorates trained, and 4,000 community leaders trained on hygiene education. 8 active projects 7closed proojects 4 joint programmes Total funding $68.45 million (6%) $57.08 million (83% ) in contract commitments $43.44 million (63%) contract disbursements 16

17 Sector: Health & Nutrition Implementation of the Integrated Management of Child Health Strategy (IMCI) in six governorates, including training of 108 health professionals. Construction and rehabilitation of Primary Health Care (PHC) facilities benefiting 226,500. Rehabilitation and equipping of Basrah maternity ward completed and handed over, and 10 ambulances provided. A 10-day mop-up immunization campaign targeting 250,000 children with measles or MMR vaccines in high-risk areas in the three governorates. 13 active projects 8 closed projects 5 joint programmes Total funding $161.20 million (15%) $129.14 million (80%) in contract commitments $101.70 million (63%) in disbursements. 17

18 Sector: Housing & Shelter Housing strategies developed in Erbil, Babylon and Najaf through a consultative process. 961 loans value of US $2,549,910 disbursed through Community Housing Fund. 23 master trainers trained in housing policies and strategies, building materials and construction, and GIS for real estate development. Non-food items and shelter kits provided to 35,000 families (66 percent of 2008 target). Rehabilitation of 65 houses in Hay Al- Maghreb-Baghdad, benefiting about 455 people, Construction of one public hospital, one youth centre and one primary health centre. Shelter conditions of IDPs assessed by monitoring partners in all 18 governorates and geo-referenced information widely published. 1 active project 2 closed project Total funding $24.55 million (2%) $24.55 million (100 %) contract commitments $22.06 million (90 %) contract disbursements 18

19 Sector: Agriculture & Food Security 181 pumping stations and a pumping station asset database completed. Spare parts procured and installations completed for six pumping stations, providing irrigation benefiting 43,000 people. 28 training courses conducted, benefiting approximately 1,100 poor and marginalized persons; 1,509 vulnerable beneficiaries trained in food-related professions. Review of the National Seed Policy. A post-food distribution monitoring system and associated database implemented in 18 governorates. Training of trainers for 18 COSIT and KRSO staff on monitoring and evaluation systems. 14 active projects 5 closed projects 2 joint programmes Total funding $132.29 million (12 %) $100.93 million (76%) contract commitments $89.76 million (68%) contract disbursements 19

20 Sector: Protection 27 participants from ministries trained in a human rights-based approach to programming, and 16 MoDM trainers trained in human rights -international humanitarian law. 28 lawyers trained in human rights standards, criminal justice and detainees rights, 540 civil society actors, academics and university teachers on peace building topics. A total of 57 events (29 workshops, 6 trainings, 22 information campaigns) organised by various Protection and Assistance Centres (PACs), which dispatched Mobile Teams to address the legal needs of 11,825 (40 percent of them women) IDPs, returnees, refugees, asylum-seekers and vulnerable community members. 8,521 cases and 3,055 quick protection queries solved by the PAC network. 6.77 million square meters of contaminated land made safe for use by local communities in Basrah and mine risk education provided to 75,000 school children and 52,000 community members in Missan, Thi Qar and Basrah. 10,558 Palestinians in Baghdad registered jointly by MoDM and Ministry of Interior (MoI), and 83 cases (347 persons) submitted for resettlement as of 30 June. 5 active projects 5 closed projects 1 joint programme Total funding $41.61 million (4 %) $31.96 million (77 %) contract commitments $31.06 million (75 %) contract disbursements 20

21 Sector: Governance Right to Live in Safety campaign produced Study visits to South Africa for two groups of Iraqi business leaders and NGOs. A declaration of principles on the legal framework for NGOs in Iraq adopted A Human Rights Report covering 2007 delivered, Ratification by the GoI of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) The Provincial Powers Law enacted The 2007 budget process completed jointly by the Council of Representatives Finance Committee, the Ministries of Finance and Planning and the Board of Supreme Audit in April. 12 active projects 13 closed projects 3joint programmes Total funding $261.89 million (24 %) $224.94 million (86 %) contract commitments $214.40 million (82 %) contract disbursements. 21 Sector: Governance Support

22 Establishment of three technical planning units in in Basrah, enhancing local development planning capacities, conflict management and gender mainstreaming. A Temporary Income Assistance Fund to support vulnerable and poor groups livelihoods, a Local Development Fund to support community infrastructure projects, a Rural Recovery Fund providing micro grants to local farmers, and the implementation of labour-intensive schemes by local authorities to assist in income generation for the poor. Samarra shrine urgent preventative work, cleaning of site and classification of materials is complete and reconstruction works is progressing well, Upgrading and replacement of power plant facility spare parts in Mussaib, Mossul and Taji. Completion of rehabilitation works on the Taji Power Station Unit No 1 and 6, providing for the production of 16-18 megawatts of electricity. Completion and handover of the Rehabilitation of the Umm Qasr distribution network and installation of small diesel generators in Southern Iraq. 15 active projects 7 closed projects 2 joint programmes Total funding $231.70 million (21 %) $162.55 million (70 %) contract commitments $138.34 million (60 %) contract disbursements 22 Sector: Economic Reform & Diversification

23 Future Priorities 1.Alignment of UNDG ITF Reporting Timelines 2.Roll out of Web Based Reporting Portal 3.Orderly Closure of UNDG ITF: 23

24 1. Alignment of UNDG ITF Reporting Timelines Sixth month consolidated Progress Reports (30 April annually) Monthly financial commitments & disbursements Annual consolidated Progress Reports (30 May annually) Quarterly financial commitments, & disbursements including posting of contract awards 24

25 2. MDTF Reporting Portal MDTF Office administers over 22 MDTFs/JP and receives reports from 35 Agencies in 70 countries – challenge is manual consolidation & main- taining standards Portal replaces manual process with user-friendly online reporting system Benefit all stakeholders with access anytime to all data/information 25 Rollout is 2009

26 3. Orderly Closure of UNDG ITF Continue to ensure the successful, meaningful implementation of over $746 million currently in circulation, which includes $135 million available for new projects Ensure compliance with final reporting obligations Lessons Learned, Utilize Lessons Learned, as the first MDTF to be established and first to close, to strengthen the MDTF mechanism and the UNs future contributions to Iraq Utilize previous evaluations and audits that contribute to knowledge development, for example ……… 26

27 Independent evaluation by PWC (2006) stated: – There is overall compliance with IRFFI ToR, MoU and Steering committee ToR. – The MDTF Office has exceeded their compliance requirements and taken initiatives to enhance transparency and public reporting. – The MDTF Office took highly innovative steps to ensure transparency and disclosure of information through the public website, which can be classified as a best practice in development. Independent evaluation by Scanteam, Norway (2004-06) stated: – High level of transparency and risk reduction, given the monitoring and financial management systems in place by the Administrators. – MDTF are a best practice in complex post-crises situations, offering advantages over bi-lateral funding. – High level of activity despite poor field conditions and as a result the Delivery of tangible physical goods, which provided normalization of conditions improved the lives of the beneficiaries particularly in the areas of education, healthcare services, some infrastructure and short-term employment creation. Report of the UN Board of Auditors (2007) stated: – The MDTF Office has undertaken certain positive steps beyond its duties specified in the MOU and LOU. These steps serve to improve transparency of operations particularly in a difficult operating environment such as Iraq. – The MDTF Offices public website posting of a range of information and data on the operations of the UNDG ITF, such as detailed contract award data, was cited as an example. EC Verification Mission (2008) stated: – No notable non-compliance issues with the role of the MDTF Office Administrative Agent. 27 Highlights of Evaluation Results to Date

28 UNDG ITF Thank You 28

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