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After the Film Notes Sexually Transmitted Infections.

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1 After the Film Notes Sexually Transmitted Infections

2 After the Film 1. Name 5 activities that are at NO RISK for pregnancy or STI/HIV? Massage Kissing Hugging Masturbating Dry Humping Holding Hand Etc.

3 After the Film 2. STIs can be asymptomatic but what are 5 signs of an STI? Discharge Burning during urination Genital itching Abdominal pain Skin changes around genitals

4 After the Film 3. Which body parts get tested for STIs? Penis Vagina Anus Mouth

5 After the Film 4. What are 2 body fluids that are not a risk for HIV? Sweat Saliva Tears Urine

6 After the Film 5. What is the fastest growing group of people contracting HIV? 15-24 year old heterosexual females

7 After the Film 6. What are 4 things to look for on a male condom package? Expiry date Lubed or non-lubed or nonoxynol 9 Helps protect against STIs and HIV No holes or tears

8 After the Film 7. What are 3 things that can destroy a latex condom? Vaseline Oil Hand Lotion Grease Heat Friction Sharp Things

9 After the Film 8. How do you make a dental/sex dam? Take out condom check expiry date, guarantee, type and holes Rip open package Rip off rubber ring Make a tear down side Make sure to keep each person’s fluids on their own side

10 … Add ons What is the most common STI in Manitoba? What STI is associated with burning when you pee? What STI can be transmitted through sharing clothes or towels? Once you have had an STI and been treated for it you can’t get it again. TRUE / FALSE

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