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The Progressive Movement

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1 The Progressive Movement
Chapter 10 Test review The Progressive Movement

2 Terms to know muckrakers Socially conscious writers who dramatized the need for reform; revealed the “poop” of society settlement house community center that provided social services to the urban poor; Square Deal Theodore Roosevelt’s plan to keep the wealthy from taking advantage of the poor; he wanted fair government Federal Reserve Act A law that placed federal banks under the control of the Federal Reserve Board Naturalist Novel A novel that honestly portrays human misery and struggles of common people

3 Terms to know Clayton Antitrust Act Strengthened the Sherman Antitrust Act by spelling out specific things businesses couldn’t do WCTU Women’s Christian Temperance Movement; group of women who worked to end sales, distribution, production of alcohol NAWSA National American Woman Suffrage Association; worked for women’s suffrage by lobbying Congress and using the referendum process to change laws NAACP A group which helps obtain political and social justice for African Americans; used the courts to challenge unfair laws

4 Terms to know Urban League Aid poor African Americans in obtaining education, housing, clothes and food Federal Trade Commission (FTC) monitors business practices that could lead to a monopoly such as false advertising, and dishonest labeling NCL National Consumers League Labeled “goods produced under fair, safe and healthy working conditions” and urged women to buy them The Jungle Book written by Upton Sinclair; about Chicago stockyards and meat packing factories and the immigrants who worked at them

5 People to know Woodrow Wilson Progressive president who worked to make business practices fair in the US; he attacked the “triple wall of privilege” (banks, trusts, tariffs) Margaret Sanger opened the country’s first birth control clinic W.E.B. Dubois Leader who urged African Americans to demand their rights; opposed Booker T. Washington Walter Rauschenbusch formed the Social Gospel; wrote Christianity and the Social Gospel

6 People to know Gifford Pinchot Led the Division of Forestry under President Theodore Roosevelt Booker T. Washington Told African Americans to move slowly toward progress Jane Addams opened Hull House (a settlement house) in 1889;

7 Concepts In the 1902 coal miners’ strike, how did Roosevelt respond? Threatened to send federal troops and have the federal government take over the mines Which president(s) wanted to place strict government control on corporations? Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson What did Progressives think was causing the social and political problems of the time? urbanization and industrialization

8 Concepts Why were hundreds of members of the National Women’s Party arrested? (Alice Paul) Picketed and protested outside of the White House What ethnic group did the Anti-Defamation League work for? Jewish What caused the Republican Party to split during the election of 1912? A battle between Teddy Roosevelt and William Taft

9 Concepts Under which act placed national banks under the control of the Federal Reserve Board? Federal Reserve Act What types of customs did the Progressives want new immigrants to follow which was the reason they promoted Americanization efforts? White, middle-class, Protestant ways of life What group of people was most affected by the Dawes Act? (section 3)

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