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Searching For The Murphy Diamond Slide by, Riley Krudop This Whole Slide-Show Was Created By Riley Krudop And Annie Cleaver.

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1 Searching For The Murphy Diamond Slide by, Riley Krudop This Whole Slide-Show Was Created By Riley Krudop And Annie Cleaver

2 You pull up in the driveway in your new home, the yard is amazing and the neighborhood is small. You slowly walk into your new home with your dad, your mom, and your older sister Beatrice. Slide by Annie Cleaver

3 Slide By Riley Krudop You look around the house and decide to check out your new bedroom with Beatrice. But first, you look at every room in the house, marveled by its elegant, but quaint, beauty. You gradually walk upstairs to your room.

4 Slide By Annie Cleaver You’re sitting in your new room with your sister Beatrice, when your mom comes in. She asks if you can take some garden tools to Mrs. Roth, the neighbor next door. You don’t want to but you get up and walk to Mrs. Roth’s house anyway.

5 Slide By Riley Krudop When you walk to Mrs. Roth’s house She’s sitting on The front porch. She comes up to You and says hi. You two talk about Mr. Murphy who Used to own your House. She tells you About the hidden Diamond in your house. Soon your Mom calls you in.

6 The next morning, you go to school. All the kids make fun of your name. You feel horrible about yourself. Soon the bell rings and your super excited about leaving school for a while. Slide By Annie Cleaver

7 After school you go to Mrs. Roth's house again, you talk to her about the diamond. This continues for about a week, then you notice a boy walking towards you and Mrs. Roth. The boy’s name is Danny, he’s supposedly the coolest boy in the 8 th grade. Mrs. Roth seems to know him very well, and slowly Mrs. Roth and you begin telling him more about the diamond. Slide by Riley Krudop

8 You and Danny soon develop a plan to go to the police station where Danny’s dad works to find the Murphy Diamond case file. When you two go, you don’t find the files because they have codes instead of names. Then Danny’s dad comes in, you quickly come up with a clever lie about you trying to interview him, and he believes it! Both of you make it out of the station with not much info on the Murphy Diamond. Quickly, you head home. Slide By Annie Cleaver

9 The next morning you go to school and still get teased but this time about you being seen with Danny. After school you see Danny and another boy teasing a little kid. You walk over and stop them. Danny follows you again as you enter Mrs. Roth’s house. You two tell Danny more about the Murphy Diamond, and quickly Danny gets very involved in the mystery. Slide By Riley Krudop

10 You go home. The first time you start to look for the diamond is on a Saturday. Your parents left to go sight seeing, and your sister Beatrice went to a friends house. You think the diamond is outside, so you start to look. Then you see the boy, Danny, that you met yesterday coming towards you. Danny wants to look for the diamond, so you two start looking and find nothing. Slide by Annie Cleaver

11 Slide by Riley Krudop Once you see Danny you two decide to go to Mrs. Roth’s house. Mrs. Roth brings out snacks and a small piece of paper. One side says something from a poem, something that fights off darkness. You and Mrs. Roth thought it was medicine, you thought darkness was death. Then Danny thought of light, Mr. Murphy was very literal. You, Danny, and Mrs. Roth all thought it could be in one of the lights at the Netherfield’s house!

12 Once you go back home your parents have to go to a party and Beatrice is going to a sleepover, it’s the perfect time to look for the diamond. After they all leave you’re left alone. An hour later, Danny comes over to help look for the diamond. You two search all the lights inside the house. And when you search the one in Beatrice’s room the light breaks. You two find nothing in the house. You notice it’s almost time for your parents to come back so you rush Danny outside. Slide by Annie Cleaver

13 Slide By Riley Krudop You both finally go outside and remember the porch light. You hear your parents car coming into the driveway, Danny quickly boosts you on his shoulder and you unscrew the light bulb. You lower the glass and inside is the diamond! Danny says you should give it to him for safe keeping. So you hand it to him and he sprints home. You can’t wait to talk to Mrs. Roth about it!

14 The next day after school you try to find Danny so you can go to Mrs. Roth’s house. You see him with his friend who was making fun of the little boy. You invite him over and he says in a bit, but you ask for the diamond. He starts to hesitate then claims that he mailed it to his mom because she needed money. Your so mad at him. But you let it go and you two walk to Mrs. Roth’s house. Slide By Annie Cleaver BUS

15 You two walk to Mrs. Roth’s house and when she asks if you found it Danny says yes. Then you explain that he sent it to his mom. Mrs. Roth looks disappointed, but she understands we couldn’t do anything with it. Very soon you show Danny the necklace and the spot where the diamond would have gone. Danny becomes very frustrated with himself but he gets over it. Then you all go inside Mrs. Roth’s house. Slide By Riley Krudop

16 Slide By Annie Cleaver When you get inside Mrs. Roth’s house Danny starts to stares at the pictures on the wall. Mrs. Roth says that that’s her only daughter, Anna. Then Danny said no, that’s my mom. Mrs. Roth starts to argue and says you must be mistaken that’s my little Anna, then suddenly it hits you, Mrs. Roth is... Danny’s Grandma!!!

17 The next morning you go to school, the teasing has settled down and occasionally you get made fun of but not often, straight after school you go to see Mrs. Roth, she has a package, it’s from Anna, Mrs. Roth’s daughter and Danny’s mom. They opened the package and inside was the diamond, Anna had sent it back! There was a picture of Danny as a baby and a note for Mrs. Roth. Mrs. Roth invites you both over and your family for dinner. Slide by Riley Krudop

18 Slide by Annie Cleaver Afterwards you decide to read a William Shakespeare book that your father has. After all you were named after one of the characters in his plays. You become very intrigued by his writing. In the end, you become a new person, you’re less shy, you almost never get teased, and you made some new friends along the way like Danny and Mrs. Roth. You solved the greatest mystery ever, and your just the person next door. Shakespeare’s Writing WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

19 THE END!!! Slide by Riley Krudop

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