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“Smart Power Utilities in Telecom Business” Success story of

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1 “Smart Power Utilities in Telecom Business” Success story of
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd Presented by T.K Wali, Executive Director S.Subramanian, Dy.General Manager

2 1.0 POWERGRID at a Glance

3 1.1 POWERGRID at a glance Listed Company with public holding of 13.64%
and balance by Government of India Central Transmission Utility of the country since 1998 Conferred with Navratna status in May, 2008 Carries about 45% of Country’s electric power POWERGRID is one of the largest Transmission Utility in the World 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

4 Transformation capacity
1.2 POWERGRID at a glance Transmission Lines > 73,400 Ckm Sub-stations 124 Nos +800kV HVDC system under construction Power being carried > 325 BUs System availability > 99% Transformation capacity > 82,100 MVA 1200kV UHV AC system under development Employees 8200 Telecom network > 22,000 km Gross Assets US$ 8.77 Bn Turnover (FY ) US$ 1.53 Bn Net Profit (FY ) US$ 368 Mn 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

Development of Central Sector Transmission System Consultancy National & International Grid Management Telecom Generation Linked Grid Strengthening Inter-regional links International links Establishment of modern Load Despatch Centres Real-time Grid Operation Optimum scheduling & despatch Energy accounting including settlements Owns & Operate Fibre optic cable network Licenses – NLDO, ISP and IP-I Providing Leased circuits & Internet services Transmission Load Dispatch & Communication Distribution Telecom 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

6 1.4 POWERGRID – Growth Profile
Circuit Kms. Turnover & Profit (Rs. Crore) Growth in Last 17 Years Assets Growth % Turnover % Profit % Circuit Kilometer % Manpower % Manpower (Employees) Asset Base (Rs. Crore) 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK 6

7 1.5 Towards Green Environment
mtr 50 mtr 4 - 5 mtr approx Environment, Social Policies and Procedures (ESPP) based on principles of Avoidance, Minimization and Mitigation Specially designed high rise / multi circuit / Compact towers to avoid / reduce cutting of trees Total Forest involvement reduced from 6% to 1.35% after implementation of ESPP since 1998 Timely project implementation without any rehabilitation & resettlement disputes Selected by The World Bank for Use of Country System Conferred “Green Award 2006” by The World Bank for promoting environmental sustainability Social Accountability Standard (SA-8001:2001) certified 220 KV line upgraded with 400/220 KV multi-circuit line in Jaldapara Sanctuary without felling of single tree 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK 7

8 POWERGRID’s Consultancy Services
POWERGRID is providing consultancy services to various National & International clients in the field of Power Transmission, Grid management and Telecom Providing total solution in transmission project execution from concept to commissioning, using in-house expertise Providing consultancy services in Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Nigeria, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal Executed more than 250 numbers of consultancy assignments for various national and international clients 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK 8

9 2.0 POWERGRID’s foray into Telecom Business

10 2.1 Diversification & Creation of Telecom N/W
POWERGRID initially laid Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) on its transmission lines for Grid Management Diversified into Telecom with the brand name to utilize spare capacity of OPGW installed for Grid Monitoring & with an incremental investment Created Telecom backbone N/W of 22,000 Kms covering 120 cities on 12 / 24 fiber OPGW 320 Gbps DWDM system and SDH access N/W All equipment & Fibres are international standards compliant (ITU-T). 4 Regional & National level NOCs with dedicated NMS for monitoring of the network on 24 X 7 basis 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

11 2.2 Advantages of OPGW Network
OPGW is installed on Power Transmission Lines which serves twin purposes. i.e for Earthing & Communication. Overhead Telecom Network is sturdy, secure, reliable, free from rodent menace, theft and vandalism. Right of Way (ROW) readily available on transmission lines No hindrance to environment & forests Faster Roll-out. Mostly Live line installation Availability of Telecom Network over Transmission system % 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK


2.4 POWERGRID’s Transmission Network & Telecom N/W POWER TRANSMISSION N/W 73,400 Ckm 22000 Km 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

14 3.0 Project Cost & Financing

15 3.1. Project Cost & Funding Approved Project cost US$ 222.5 Mn
World Bank funding US$ 91 Mn (Project funded under IBRD-I, II & III by the World Bank) 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

16 4.0 Licensing & Regulatory issues

17 4.1 Regulatory Requirements
Telecom Sector Perspective: National Telecom Policy 1999 Allowed the usage of backbone network of Power Transmission Companies / Railways etc. for national long distance communication IT Task Force of GOI recommended Railways, SEBs, POWERGRID permitted to ease the excess/spare capacity for data transmission to DoT/ Telecom licensee etc. POWERGRID’s Entry in Telecom Memorandum & Articles of Association has been amended to include Telecom as a business unit Obtained Telecom Licenses(Initially “Infrastructure provider”(IP) in 2002 and migrated to NLD (National Long Distance) in 2006) 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

18 4.2 Regulatory Requirements & Benefits
Power Sector Perspective: Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) prescribed Revenue share on per Km / Per annum for utilising Transmission infrastructure for Telecom purpose Value addition to the existing transmission infrastructure and generates additional revenue to the core business Major communication needs of captive requirements for Grid Management, LAN ,VoIP & Video Conferencing are met with reliability, security & cost effective. 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

19 5.0 Tariff Mechanism & Revenue Stream

20 5.1 Tariff Mechanism for Telecom Services
PoP of Customer 1 in Chandigarh Ceiling Tariff for various capacity levels & Distances notified by the Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI) Various operators to compete within the ceiling tariff notified by Regulator. 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

21 5.2 POWERGRID’s Performance vis-à-vis Consultant's Projections
Figures US$ in Mn 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

22 6.0 Service Offerings & Market Scenario

23 Bandwidth Services offered
6.1 POWERGRID’s OFFERINGS Bandwidth Services offered Applications of Bandwidth End to End bandwidth Ethernet Private Leased Line Internet Services MPLS / VPN Services Voice & Data Video Conferencing Banking & Financial services Tele-medicine Digital Libraries Data Centres State Wide Area Networks Corporate VPNs Distance Education 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

24 6.2 Potential Market / Customers
Carriers – Major Telcos ISPs providing bulk bandwidths to other ISPs. Retailers – ISPs selling to end customers directly Corporate , MNCs & Enterprise customers IT / ITES companies & Software Technology parks Govt Organisations BPOs / KPOs Defence Services Media & Entertainment Services Sector(Education,Health care) POWERGRID’s customers include incumbent operator BSNL, Global players Verizon Business, Cable & Wireless etc.Discussion on with AT&T , BT & Google. 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

25 7.0 Road ahead…

26 7.1 Opportunities in Telecom
Data Centers - Market size 1.3 Mn sqft. (2007) & growing at 30% to reach 5.1 Mn Sqft. in (as per Global Telecom Consultant Gartner) Additional Requirement from National E-Governance (NEGP) Plan for creation of State Data Centers for States Data Centres to consolidate services, applications and infrastructure and ensure efficient electronic delivery of services to common man -Tower Infrastructure Business -Total market size approx 1.5 lakh Towers or US$ 1630Mn 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK


28 POWERGRID’s Consultancy Services
Turnkey execution of projects Project feasibility and system planning Sub-transmission, Distribution & Rural Electrification Establishment of Unified Load Despatch & Communication Systems Environment Impact Assessment and Social Impact Studies Optical Fibre Telecom Network Setting up of Oil Testing Laboratories and Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics of Equipment Quality Assurance and Inspection Services Up-rating and up-grading of existing transmission lines Real Time Grid Operation for Optimum Scheduling & Despatch Residual Life Assessment of Equipment Design, Procurement, Engineering, Construction, O&M of transmission lines and substations 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK NEXT 28 28

29 International Business
POWERGRID has an exclusive International Business Dept to undertake consultancy assignments. Some of the projects are Dubai : Consultancy assignment from Dubai electricity & Water authority (DEWA) for 2 Nos 400KV GIS sub-stations and associated transmission lines in consortium with M/s Sigma Enterprises Afganistan project US$90Mn - Completed in Jan 2009 Engineering consultancy to AEAI & MEW , Afganistan Nigeria Consultanct to Power Holding Company of Nigeria for review and updation of Telecommunication and substation automation system Nepal 220KV line for Nepal electricity authority US$ 22 Million Myanmar 230KV Transmission project in Myanmar ( 230 KV line – 300 miles, 66KV line 50 miles, 230KV S/S – 1 No, 3 Nos 230/66/11KV S/S & one 66/11KV S/s Vietnam, China, Kenya, Ethiopia,Uzbekistan, Afganistan & Bangladesh : EoIs submitted for garnering business for various projects Back 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

30 Ceiling Tariff as per TRAI notification dt 21st April 2005
ILLUSTRATIVE Tariff Bandwidth Pricing: Leased Lines: Based on TRAI Notified Rates (April 2005 Base) Chargeable distance 1.25 times aerial distance Tariff cap 500Km TRAI Tariff: Pre-revised tariff vis-à-vis as per the revised TRAI tariff, the ceiling of prices for various capacity levels >500 Kms. are as follows: Capacity Ceiling Tariff as per TRAI notification dt 21st April 2005 On going market rates E1 (2 Mbps) 8.5 Lakhs / year 3-45 Lakhs / year DS3 (45 Mbps) 61.59 Lakhs/ year 25-30 Lakhs/ year STM1(155 Mbps) 1.652 Crores / year 60-70 Lakhs / year Back 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

31 Telecom Licenses with POWERGRID
In 2001 POWERGRID obtained Infrastructure Provider category II (IP-II) License from DoT which permits to provide end-to-end bandwidth to Telecom Service providers In 2002 POWERGRID also registered as Infrastructure Provider category I (IP-I) to provide dark fiber, leasing of infrastructure etc. In 2003, POWERGRID obtained Internet Service Provider (ISP) Category “A” License to facilitate providing internet services across the country. In 2006 POWERGRID migrated from IP-II to National Long Distance Operator (NLDO) by obtaining license from Govt of India to increase its business horizon to provide Voice, bandwidth to Govt Depts and Corporate and value added services Next 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

32 Features of Telecom Licenses
IP-I ( Infra structure Provider Category –I) No Formal License Required. Only Registration with DoT To provide dark fibres, Right Of way, duct space, towers & buildings Processing Fee Rs.5000/- No revenue sharing to DoT NLD: National Long Distance Operations Licensee has right to carry inter circle traffic excluding intra circle traffic except where such carriage is with mutual agreement with Fixed service providers. License Fee Rs 2.5 Cr (US$ O.54Mn) Initially it was Rs 100Cr (US$ 22Mn) which was reduced in 2006 to facilitate more competition) Bank Guarantee Rs 20 Cr (US$ 0.43Mn) Revenue Share to DoT 6% ( Out of this 5% goes to Universal Services Obligation (USO) fund to support rural penetration) Back 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

33 Verizon Our Customers Major Telecom Service Providers & ISPs Next


35 Data Centers Reliable Connectivity at POWERGRID stations
POWERGRID’s Infrastructure available across the country Broadband Connectivity Infrastructure Reliable Power supply Know-How & Technical Support POWERGRID to enter into Strategic Partnerships Locating the Data Centers at Substations Next 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

36 Data Centres Data center capacity in India expected to reach 5.1 million square feet by Projected to grow 31 percent from 2007 to 2012, according to Gartner, Inc. POWERGRID is in a uniquely advantageous position to serve the Data centre market as POWERGRID has access to / owns Sufficient land/ Secure Sites Access to highly reliable quality power Telecom connectivity at its grid substations. Datacenter would cater the growing needs of Government, PSUs, Banks and Disaster Recovery Centres. Large Corporate clients can also be catered through such facilities. IBM,BT & WIPRO expressed interest in setting up Data centres in association with POWERGRID. POWERGRID envisages to build 2 nos data centres each comprising 30,000 sqft. of raised floor to cater to Data centre as Main & Disaster Recovery centres back 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

37 Rural coverage through POWEGRID Towers
According to COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India), in the next three years 0.2 million towers may be needed for mobile and internet coverage requiring an investment of USD 16.2 billion POWERGRID owns more than 1.5 lakhs (0.15 million) Towers and some of these present an excellent opportunity to serve as ready infra for mounting the telecom antennas. POWERGRID’s Tower may be suitable for providing rural connectivity for GSM/CDMA and/or WiMAX For this purpose, each tower has to be made suitable for housing the Telecom eqpt by providing AC Power/ Backup Power/ Auxiliary Power and installation of Air conditioned portable cabins (Shelters). Next 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

38 POWERGRID’s Towers for Rural Telecom

1 2 1 2 3 4 DOUBLE CIRCUIT TOWER MULTI CIRCUIT TOWER (45 m. High) (70 m. High) 28-Mar-17 Next SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

40 Compact Tower / Pole Type Towers
Compact 765 kV tower Pole Type 400 kV Tower Back 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK

Rated Consistently “EXCELLENT” against MoU with Govt of India since “National Awards for Meritorious Performance” instituted by Govt. of India IEEMA Power Awards 2009 “Star” Public Sector Company Award for by Business Standard. “INFOCOM CMAI National Telecom Award 2009” for “Utilities Providing Best Telecom Infrastructure” A W R D S 28-Mar-17 SDN FORUM - WORLD BANK 41

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