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Fall Parent Open House 2014 First Grade Information.

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1 Fall Parent Open House 2014 First Grade Information

2 Meet the First Grade Teachers Katie Abshire Kelsey Morgan Marilyn Robertson Veronica Trevino Annette Young

3 Teacher Expectations What do we expect of ourselves? To create a classroom environment where students are academically engaged and socially comfortable. To have all students successfully pass to second grade. To work as a team with parents in the best interest of their child. To instill a love of learning and confidence in all students.

4 Student Expectations What do we expect of your child? To respect others in the classroom and treat each other with kindness. To take responsibility for his/her educational advancement (completing class assignments and homework, asking questions, being engaged).

5 Parent Expectations What do we ask of you as a parent? To check their child’s backpack nightly for important papers or assignments. Please sign agenda book nightly. To aid their child in completing homework assignments. To have their child read and to sign their child’s reading log nightly. To visit the class websites weekly and contact us with any questions or concerns.

6 What does the reading block look like? -Phonics instruction -Shared reading of poetry or big book -Sight words and spelling words practice -Whole group reading skills instruction - Daily, flexible, small group reading instruction for students in need of certain skills. (PRIDE time) - Daily reading stations to reinforce concepts

7 What does the writing block look like? Whole group skills lesson Writing in a student journal about personal stories or teacher selected topic. Teacher conferencing Sharing either in partners or whole group Grammar and handwriting instruction * Writing journals can be viewed on the Parent conference day and anytime throughout the year. Please contact your child’s teacher and the journal can be sent home for the evening.

8 Whole group instruction Assignments or projects Vocabulary Instruction Incorporation into reading and writing topics. What does the social studies block look like?

9 What does the math block look like? Whole group and small group instruction Math stations to practice and review concepts. Math skills practice journals. Hands-on practice or assignments Math District Common Assessments or Campus Common Assessments +/- daily practice problems and weekly math facts tests given throughout the year.

10 What does the science block look like? Science thinking map journals Whole group instruction Small group instruction Vocabulary instruction Assignments, projects, and labs Online virtual field trips

11 Homework Your child records his/her homework daily in an agenda book. If it is difficult to read, please check the class website for the assignment. All homework is to be completed nightly and returned in the homework folder. Very soon, a reading log and books will be added to your child’s Homework Folder. After your child has read to you, please initial the reading log. Please keep the books in the folder, we use them daily at school. Weekly folders come home on Wednesdays. Please sign and have your child return the folder the next day. All homework and information pertaining to assignments is located on our websites. Weekly sight words will be posted on the websites. Please leave the sight word flash cards in the folder.

12 Classroom Consequences and Rewards At Lemm, we expect success! First Grade Expectations: Follow directions the first time. Respect others and their property. Speak one person at a time. Raise your hand and wait to be called on. Be prepared with supplies and other materials. Color Ladder All clips begin on green. Clips are moved up for positive choices and down for poor choices. Rewards Treasure box, happy notes home, happy visits to the Principals, reward coupons. Consequences: Notes home, phone calls home, loss of privileges, resetting/cooling off.

13 Other Information Lunch: You are welcome to eat with your child any day that you would like! Parents sit with their child at the designated parent tables. After lunch, please turn in your visitors pass to the front office on your way out. There are many students with food allergies at Lemm. Please remind your child not to share food with others. Changes to afternoon transportation: Please send a note to your child’s teacher that morning about any changes. If you become aware of a change during school, please call the front office and they will contact us immediately. Absences: Students with 0 absences for the semester are entered into a drawing to win a bike! If your child must be absent, please send a parent note, email, or doctor’s note and we can turn them into the registrar. Students must be fever free for 24 hours (without medicine) in order to return to school. Labeling your child’s things: Please label your child ‘s name (or family) on all jackets and loose clothing. The lost and found grows substantially in the winter months and we are aware that jackets are expensive! Extra clothing: If your child is prone to accidents, please place a plastic bag in the bottom of their backpack with a change of clothes. If your child is prone to being cold, he/she may leave a light jacket in the classroom. Boxtops: Please collect the boxtops from items. Our school holds various collection contests. The money raised by boxtops goes directly to our school!

14 Upcoming Dates Sept. 25 th Bouncing Bears Fun Night Sept. 26 th Fall Pictures Oct. 13 th Parent-Teacher Conference Day * Please sign up for a conference time.

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